INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock!

When I asked around our INTERNeX candidates what they thought to be a culture shock to them, I found out that it was tipping. So you can imagine me, having lived in Canada for almost all my life, finding this hard to believe. For North Americans, it is so natural to tip whenever they get some kind of service, even if it’s optional. Should we really feel bad for tipping though? If you were in the server’s shoes, wouldn’t you want to get tips? It is common courtesy and tips are very appreciated in the service industry, especially in Canada.

However, at the same time, tipping is a choice. You won’t go to jail for not giving a tip to a waitress. And of course, why should you if the service was terrible? But personally, I think it’s courtesy!

When I went on a trip to Europe three summers ago, it was very different not having to tip the servers when I was at a restaurant. Even if I don’t think the server deserve any tips, I still want to give something…because I feel a little ‘bad’ if I don’t. Perhaps this is different in other places.

What do you think? Is tipping the right thing to do?

Happy Sunday!



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