Video of the week

Hee Guys,

Today’s video of the week shall give you an amazing overview of a small part of Whistler in summertime!

Whistlers is the most favourite winter and summer resort of the Vancouverites located around 125 KMm north from Vancouver. It even has been voted as one of the most top desination in North America! Furthermore in 2010 Whistler hosted several Alpine-events of the Olympic Games.

As you might know the PR-team is very busy with organising and 2-day trip to Whistler. As you can see in the movie whistler is very beautiful in the summer and there are many great activities that you can do! If you are interested then you should keep an eye on the blogs because more information about the trip will be posted very soon 🙂

If you have any suggestions for the video of the week, then please let us know by emailing to

Enjoy this beautiful summer day!


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