How was the weekend

Happy Halloween everyone! Another week has come to an end and I am so excited about everything this new week will bring us. But first I want to tell you about my last weekend:

Since it’s Halloween INTERNeX met up at a bar downtown last Saturday and had a costume contest where the candidates had the chance to win a pitcher or a shot for the best costume. It was hard for us to decide so we all won a shot, haha 😉 It was so cool to see how Vancouver celebrates Halloween. Everyone wore cool costumes and looked like they were in an act or something 😉 We had some drinks and fries to snack on while having a nice time celebrating 🙂

Around 8pm we took the skytrain to Burnaby to experience a Halloween event known as ‘Pumpkins after Dark’. It took place next to a stadium in a big park. The event presented a huge amount of carved pumpkins in which well-known characters glow in the dark, it was like walking through a museum with some music and sound effects that fitted the carvings, some of which were quite spooky! It’s Canada’s award-winning outdoor event with over 6000 hand-carved pumpkins and it was definitely a cool experience. Today is the last chance to see them, so if you missed out, you should go and see it for yourself!

The rest of the weekend I was mostly in the area where I live. I was recommended to go to Main Street because of its shopping and great food, so I decided to go there. I found some second-hand stores along the street. I really love the small, cozy stores and I ended up buying a shirt 😉 If you are into second-hand shopping, please, let me know if you know any other second-hand stores here in Vancouver!  

I hope you had a great weekend, I can’t wait to hear all about it on Pub Night this Wednesday 🙂



How was the weekend?

Was your weekend as busy as mine? I feel like I need another one just to relax. 😀 But all the action was totally worth it!

It started on Friday after work. INTERNeX met to watch the Opening Night of ‘We Will Rock You!’ at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. Yes, the show was outside at the Malkin Bowl, so we enjoyed a bit of sunlight and later the night sky above us while watching an amazing show. The Musical features songs of the famous band ‘Queen’ and invited people to sing, clap, and interact which was really fun. We made our stay extra special by bringing some blankets and snacks for a picnic on the little hill. When it got dark the scenery lit up for a great ending! If you missed out on that, don’t be sad, there’s a lot more shows going on, so you have time to enjoy it yourself! I would definitely recommend it. Maybe you like their other show better? Next to ‘We Will Rock You!’, TUTS is also showing ‘Something Rotten!’.

On Saturday we had several groups go out for kayaking and paddle boarding at Deep Cove in North Vancouver. The weather was perfect with a cloudy sky and some sunlight shining through. It was the first time for most of us and in the beginning we were a little nervous to fall into the water, but we ended up staying dry(ish). I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the ocean and mountains with trees around us. We kayaked around little Islands and even saw a seal very close to us! It was a fabulous start into the day. Two hours of kayaking flew by and before we headed back downtown we strengthened ourselves with some coffee and doughnuts. 😉

Of course the day wasn’t over after that. In the afternoon we met to go to the Khatsalano street festival. A whole road was filled with vendors, food trucks, beer gardens and live music. It was really busy, but super exciting to walk around and check out all the different booths. After a while, we needed to go somewhere less crowded though, so we went to Kitsilano Beach where we had some food and drinks while watching the sunset.

The last day of the weekend was probably my favourite. INTERNeX went on a day trip to Victoria, BC’s capital on Vancouver Island. We were a small bus filled with 14 people and met very early in the morning to get as much time as possible in this beautiful city. On the ferry our tour guide Mike introduced us to a game called ‘man hunt’. One person is the hunter and has to count to 60 while the rest tries to hide. Then the hunter has to find everyone and catch them (no running though, only speed walking) to make them an ally and find more people together. We played this game on the ferry and it was super fun! Also a great way for waking up and killing time. 😀

Once we arrived in Victoria we did a small city tour on the bus, went to the colourful Fisherman’s wharf, then to a large pier where you have a wide view over the ocean and you don’t even feel like you’re in a city anymore. The highlight was on our walk back when we spotted an otter family walking around the logs on the sides of the pier. From here we went to grab lunch and enjoyed it at Beacon Hill Park which was beautiful. In our free time to walk around the city, Tim got a fun sketch of himself form a street artist. Camilo and I ran into a Mexican festival with traditional dancing on the street and then went on to see the little ally’s in Canadas oldest Chinatown. It was so pretty and very different from Vancouver’s Chinatown. In general Victoria seems more like a European city than a North American city. It has buildings in Victorian style, no high skyscrapers, lots of cute individual shops, pedestrian areas, etc.

If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely go. The journey is long but it’s worth it. We were lucky to have Mike with us, to show us the nicest spots and drive us around. 🙂

How was your weekend?

Let’s chat about it next pub night!


Laura 🙂

How was your Weekend?

The last full week before Christmas has started, so lets get it on. This is also the last official week, where Christmas music in the office is .. let’s say ,tolerated’. So go out and enjoy .. at last this is what will be doing!218cb3f5-0379-4f48-b44f-4828dfe17b5e.JPG

The weekend has been very active. Saturday morning the INTERNeX crew gathered in downtown for a very adventurous trip to the mountains. And by ‘in the morning’ I basically mean in the middle of the night, as it was still dark outside and not even coffee was working effectively against the jawning. Besides that it must have been very entertaining for outsiders to see us struggling with the heavy equipment making our way through downtown. Eventually we actually made it to the bus and headed towards Grouse Mountain.  The gondola took us all the way up the mountain and the first snow was to be seen. Some of us, maybe especially the Australian, bursted out in excitement by seeing the beautiful white wonderland. Apparently snow isn’t so common in down under ;-). Some of us decided it would be a better idea to rent out the equipment up the mountain, therefore the first stop has been the rental store. e9d56cc6-1562-4e4a-9770-2d28782ed431.JPGThose who rented there stuff in downtown waited outside, and decided to prepare for a little snowball attack to give the other ones a warm welcome as soon as they’d leave the rental store. Yes we know, this is incredibly grown up … :-D. As the waiting time turned out to be a lot longer than we expected, we ended up firing all the ammunition on each other. Of course we had enough time to even prepare a second round for the ones inside, which they clearly
551c1ff2-7294-4a7c-b782-a4d897f9a0da.JPGappreciated… not ;-D. 
Anyways we finally managed to get up the mountain, put on those skies and/or snowboards and more or less successfully went down the slopes. For lunch we treated ourselves with pizza and some other semi-healthy snacks and cool beer and ciders before we went back out in the snow. Also discovering the fact that snowboards are the perfect toboggans, was a lot of fun and apparently a pretty good way to get down a slope if you are struggling to do it the recommended way, with your feet on the board. We also discovered that exactly that is apparently undesirable … spoilsports! 2e84eeaa-bb73-4cd4-b21a-763c24ee89a9.JPG

After this very long and exhausting day we got into the shuttle back to downtown. What a fantastic day. I cannot wait to go again. 

Sunday I went on a little hike to the Quarry Rock and we actually enjoyed a stunning view from up there. As it was raining in North Vancouver and the sun shining in Vancouver, the sky looked breathtaking. So in case you haven’t been there – this is definelty a place to see! IMG_5034.JPG

So far so good. 

I hope you already bought your Secret Santa.
In case you don’t really know what a secret Santa is and it will be working, check out the blog tomorrow as an explanation will follow.

Have a fantastic start into the new week! 

Nadja x

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How was your Weekend?

Even long weekends come to an end eventually. 
So I hope you made the best out of your days off. Except for Saturday, even the weather was absolutely on our side. Which is the reason why we went hiking .. yes, on Saturday! But to be fair, I actually didn’t mind the weather very much. We were able to get some nice advantages out of it.
We met up in downtown to go all the way to the Lynn Canyon Park. After about one hour drive we finally reached our destination and started off with the most popular part of the park – the Suspension Bridge. As I mentioned – the weather was probably not the best weather to hike, however, this had a huge advantage, there weren’t loads of people around. Still – we did not manage to take pictures all alone on the Suspension Bride .. maybe next time ;-)! We actually had a beautiful walk through the forest, which seemed to be very mysterious, even magical because of the fog settling in. In fact, a beautiful view we wouldn’t have gotten on a sunny day. Inspired by the mystical environment we found ourself discussing any kind of possible movie plot, we could shoot in here. To be honest, I’d definitely love to see the movie we spoke about :-D. stones.jpg
A few hours later, all of our grumpily stomaches agreed on grabbing some food asap. 
We made our way to the sea bus station in North Vancouver, where a big food market provided the perfect choices for everyone. Our happy and exhausted group of people made their way back to Vancouver afterwards. And this time we took the Sea-bus, which was a first for some of us, including myself. 
After all, Thanks again guys I had a fantastic day! 
On Sunday I made my way to Kitsilano to visit a friend of mine. We made our way through many different cafes and pubs as the night got later. We even went to the beach to enjoy the last minutes of sun, since you never know when you’ll get to see her again. This sounds way more dramatic than I meant it to ;-D. Anyways, Sunday was also a nice shot to explore some of Vancouvers night life, since Monday was going to be a day off. And I actually had a great time out there. 
Monday was Remembrance Day, so I went out to see one of the ceremonies happening around Vancouver. It was a great experience and made me  think of how lucky we actually are. It’s always good to take a minute or two to think about the bigger things than just yourself and your very own little problems. I ended the day walking through the beautiful Stanley Park and a treat of sushi afterwards.
What a beautiful weekend. 
And even though the week just started, it’s already PuB-Night tomorrow. Isn’t that nice?! So I’ll see you all tomorrow at the Portside Pub, for further information don’t be shy to check out our Facebook Page :-). 
Please make sure to let us know if you want to join us for the hockey game (Canucks vs. Oilers) on 1st December. Tickets are only available till tomorrow. So click on “going” or send me a private message, to make sure you won’t miss out on this one! 
Can’t wait to see y’all! 
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What to do on the weekend?

Don’t have any plans for the weekend? Keep on reading, because here are some ideas as to what you can do in the next few days.

On Saturday there will be an outdoor Public Disco in Alley Oop from 2 pm to 10 pm. This outdoor daytime dance party will play music from up-and-coming artists and have dance performances. There will also be a fully licensed bar including beer from the Granville Islands Brewing. And even better, the entrance is free. More information at

Tomorrow, Vancouver’s largest consignment sale is happening, where you will be able to find awesome second hand clothing. The sale will be held at the Heritage Hall at 3102 Main street from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.


On Sunday you can join us for hike up the famous Grouse Grind. And once we reach the top, we can enjoy some beautiful views. We will meet at Burrard Station at 12.15 pm and take a bus from there. Or you can meet us at the beginning of the Grouse Grind hiking trail at 1.15 pm. The Skyride back down from Grouse Grind will be $15, also remember to bring water and snacks. I hope you decide to join us. More information at

On Sunday there will be the outdoor Japan Market Early Summer Fair at Robson Square from 11 am to 6 pm. You will be able to find crafts and Japanese merchandise as well as over a dozen food vendors. There will also be cultural workshops and perfomances. Admission by donation.

On Sunday is the Vancouver Writers Fest Book Sale Spectacular at the Heritage Hall starting at 11am. There you will be able to find thousands of books to purchase from the Vancouver Writers Fest archives from the past 30 years. One book will be $5 and you can purchase 5 for $20. Admission is free.

Enjoy your weekend!


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