INTERNeX Canada: From Sea to Sea you know the Canadian motto is “From Sea to Sea”? I think that is so perfect because Canada is surrounded by three oceans. The Pacific Ocean is right next to us on the west coast, the Atlantic Ocean is on the opposite end on the east coast and the Arctic Ocean is in the north surrounding the North West Territories and Nunavut.

We have the world’s longest coastline at 202 080 km and at 9 984 670 sq km, Canada is pretty darn big! The beautiful and diverse landscape includes mountains, lakes, glaciers and vast prairie lands allow the opportunities to experience many different outdoor activities and wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else.

More than just geography, it is really the people that make Canada as special as it is. Our Canadian identity has been shaped by the British, French and the First Nations people. More and more, our pop culture is heavily influenced by the Americans.

Canada is known for their multiculturalism, especially in the metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Where else can you find people from all over the world with different backgrounds and stories to tell?

This video inspired my passion for Canada, once again. Watch it!



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