Testimonial from our own staff: Marien

The testimonial this week is  from Marien who works at INTERNeX. She is talking about herself and about her work at INTERNeX! Here is a little piece of the whole testimonial:

‘’I have worked for INTERNeX for three and a half years now!  Originally I am from Mexico and my last job was working in an international programs office at one of the main private universities in Mexico City. I was primarily responsible for student placements within their field of study and INTERNeX was actually one of our partners and that is how I came to meet Tim.  I started working for INTERNeX in August 2007 and my position here at INTERNeX has been the Hospitality Program Manager.

The INTERNeX staff is so amazing, because we are all so passionate about our work, the company and our candidates. This really sets us apart from all the others. Also, first and foremost our tailor-made placements. In this process we are focusing primarily on the participants and their personal goals and from there we find a suitable position for them. Another important and unique aspect of our company is our international team and relaxed work environment. We are all highly committed to this companies missions and values and we appreciate the fact that even though we have a substantial amount of systems and procedure in place, we are granted a considerable amount of freedom in which we can truly flourish. Given this room for innovation INTERNeX can always be one step ahead…”

If you are curious for her whole story, please go to our website to check it out.  Would like to have your testimonial online? Please write a story about your time in Canada and send your it to: pr@internexcanada.com


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