Super Bowl Party – Experience IT Review

Yesterday we watched the Super Bowl at The New Oxford. It was great seeing all of you there and to share this great experience with you. Thank you all for coming!

The New Oxford is a really cool bar in Yaletown. The atmosphere is great and the service is really good. There are also many specials on food and drinks in the pub. Every Monday you can get a Guinness for $5 dollars and on Tuesdays you can get a beer for only $2! Just as many other places, they also organise the wings Wednesday. Besides that, there is a lot of great food. For instance, try the curry wurst with fries for only $8 combined with one of their many beers.

A few hours before the game, we met at the pub, so that we could talk, drink and eat a bit beforehand. Then finally the match started and everybody immediately focussed on the screen. As the Super Bowl mostly takes place at night at our home cou16508702_10202686809887160_8909482734697171864_nntry, it was a new experience for many of us. We did not know what to expect and some of us did not even know the rules of the game. Luckily, the internet exists and once we looked it up, it was so much easier to watch the game.

Unfortunately, the game had a commercial break every 5 minutes. Therefore, it took so much longer to watch the game then it would have taken without the breaks. During the breaks, there was a comedian hosting the event. You could win many prices with a free coupon. Even though we were with many people and therefore had more chance to win, we did not win any prices. There were prices like $25 dollars off your bill, free beers for a year and a Playstation. Some of us wanted to watch the halftime show very badly and when the time was finally there, everybody was amazed by the flying Lady Gaga, the fireworks and all the lights used during the show. It grabbed our attention for sure.

At the beginning it looked quite obvious which team was going to win. However, the Patriots surprised us and made a huge comeback. It was the first time in 51 years that the Super Bowl was extended. It was amazing that they were able to win the game after all.

I hope the Super Bowl met all of your expectations and that you all enjoyed it! I am looking forward to seeing all of you at PuB NiGHT on Wednesday again!

– Iris

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