The INTERNeX Volunteer Program!

Do you love animals? Have you ever wanted to help, rescue or rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals? You can do this when you join the INTERNeX Volunteer Program! With the volunteer program you will help orphaned wildlife in Canada, because they need help all year round. With the volunteer program you will help out a local community and immerse yourself into an amazing and historical culture!

Most of the volunteer locations are in the remote parts of Canada, so if you enjoy nature and being outdoors as well, this program is the right fit for you! You will see the most beautiful, breath taking views and places. It is also possible to volunteer in a big city for those who prefer that, such as Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary. In the cities you can volunteer at pet rescue centers, where you will have to take care of cats, dogs and other pets.

The volunteer program is not quite the perfect holiday program, because the volunteering work could be exhausting sometimes. However, helping and rescuing animals is definitely a rewarding experience in your life. The volunteer program is unpaid, but it is definitely worth the international experience you will get back!

Are you outgoing, flexible, hard working, physically fit, good at communicating with others and a Canada fan? Then you would fit perfectly in our volunteer program! Would you like more information about this program? Go to our website:

Make your Canada experience a unique one, go for INTERNeX!


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