Candidate Exposé – Tess Mallens

20170624_135608I am Tess Mallens, 20 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I study International Event Management at NHTV Breda. I am in my third year now were we need to complete a 7 month during internship to finish the year.

I decided to come to Canada because I had to do an internship for my study programme and I wanted to do this abroad. When I was 17 years old I moved out to live in the city of my university. That was already a big step for me back then, but now I already survived that for three years now, so I guess it was time for a new challenge. I wanted to have a good placement, so I didn’t pick a country, but just an internship that suited my needs and that happened to be in Canada. Besides that my uncle also studied in Canada and I heard many great stories from him, so that also made the decision easier. So now I am interning at Internex itself as a PR-coordinator and I found it through the database of my university.

As a PR-coordinator I am responsible together with the other interns to make sure our candidates have a great time here in Canada. We organise pub nights, weekly events and monthly trips. We are there for the people when they need to get something from their chest, and just to create a great group of friends, who become kind of your family while you are here. I really like my work since I’ve met so many great people and learned a lot about their cultures. It is a fantastic and dynamic group and great to hang out with. I also really like my colleagues in the office and I am really into my projects. I develop the monthly videos and I built the new Candidate Exposé, so what you are reading now, is my project 🙂

For this internship I think you really need to be open-minded, a planner, have Tess Mallenscommunication skills and you need to be adaptable. You are working with people from different cultures, so they also communicate different. I think you have to be open-minded about their cultures and also adapt yourself to every person to make everybody comfortable. I know Dutch people, me included, are very direct so I needed to be careful with that. I guess I found my way through it though, and I learned a lot from it.


I live in a shared house in the Kitsilano / West Point Grey area, which are great neighbourhoods. I found it on Roomster, which is a platform to find rooms and apartments to rent. I am close to the beach and it takes me about half an hour to get downtown and work so I am very satisfied. I also get along really well with my housemates and I really can do my own thing there.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I arrived in Vancouver. I took a cab to my airbnb and after settling in a bit me and Danielle decided to walk into the city seeking for dinner. We didn’t know anything about the neighbourhoods yet so we walked on east hastings, a place you may rather avoid in the evening. I saw quite some homeless people, large buildings and it was dark. The only thing I thought was “What did I do, why did I come here”. Luckily the next day the sun was shining and we understood the neighbourhoods better. Once I walked in the financial district and around Canada Place, I already felt way better!

IMG-20170703-WA0022Because I organise the pub nights and activities myself, I attend most of them. I think they’re throughly great, since they give you the opportunity to meet other interns and young professionals really fast. Those people became my family during my time here. I think it is great Internex created this, since it would be really hard to get a group of friends when you’re just working in a company and only socialize with your colleagues. We get to explore fantastic places and create beautiful memories together.

surfing3I visited many places around here. I did many hikes and I am still planning to do a few more. My favourite trips were the Rockies trip, traveling with my parents around BC, experience Canada day in Victoria, snowboarding in Whistler and my trip to Tofino.

What I like most about Vancouver is the diversity of the city and its people. I am just never bored here and everywhere I go, somebody is in for a chat with you. People are really polite here, sometimes maybe a bit to polite in my opinion, and very understanding and accepting. I feel very welcome here and I just love the variety in Nature. I am really going to miss the mountains and the sea with its amazing beaches.

16144535_10202610003927059_1448813019_nSome difficulties I had while living here was the beginning of my stay, when I didn’t feel comfortable yet and I really had to adjust to the culture. Keeping up with my bank account was a difficulty as well, because you really run out of money fast in this city. Besides that I sometimes had to deal with home sickness, but that went quite fine. My friends made an amazing booklet for me where each of them wrote a story about me, accompanied with ridiculous pictures. They always get a smile on my face again with that, even though they are not here in person.

The most memorable things I did here are snowboarding in Whistler with my colleague 20170304_112545Becky, the Rockies trip and a surf trip to Tofino with my friends. Whistler mountain is amazing, and I felt throughly grateful for being there. It is a dream that came through, and with good company it only makes the experience better. I also surfed two times in Tofino and I really have no words for that feeling. Especially the second time was amazing since the conditions were just great and I experienced a great weekend with friends, beautiful sunsets and breathtaking nature.

This trip definitely inspired me to travel more, and also to travel more by myself. I lived all by myself for seven months, miles apart from my familiar and save life. I can do anything now and I will explore the world. Next stop: I hope to see London really soon, I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet, South America is definitely on my list as well and I am thinking about southern Asia.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is say hi to all my family in the airport and then run to the first restaurant / cafetaria I see to order a “frikandel” and “patatje oorlog” (A frikandel is kind of a fried sausage but then ten times better than the thing you are imagining now, and patatje oorlog is fries with satay sauce, mayonaise and onions). Then during the week I hope to get spoiled by my mums’ dishes, a croissant with melted cheese, cheese in general and cheese onion chips. I guess I like cheese.

– Tess

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Candidate Exposé – Janel de Boer

Janel de Boer

I am Janel de Boer, 21 years old and I am from the Netherlands. Currently I am studying International Leisure Management in Breda, the Netherlands. I had to do an internship abroad for my university and I wanted to do that outside of Europe. I couldn’t go to South Africa or Asia, so I chose to go to Canada.

I found Internex through my university since they have a partnership, so the company was mentioned between all the internship partners. So now I am doing the practicum program here and I really like it!

I am placed at Internex itself as a PR-coordinator. I organise the pub nights, weekly events and monthly events. I really like it here as I get t make friends with the candidates and create an amazing time for them here in Vancouver. I think you need to be open-minded and have some organizational-, planning-, and marketing skills for this internship. I think this internship is really useful for my career goals. I learned to be a team leader and I learned how to organize and market events and a lot more!

In Vancouver I live in an apartment downtown. I really like it as it is close to everything Janel de Boer (words)and I live with a good friend of my, which is also really nice. In the beginning I was really overwhelmed as I arrived in the evening on Granville Street. In the evening it is really busy here with a lot of lights. The next day it was raining, like usual, but I really liked the big city feeling and the feeling of being in Canada. Now at the moment I think it is too big for me. I can live here for the several months I planned to, but I would never want to actually live in such a big city.

During my stay I have been to the Rockies, Tofino, Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna, Seattle, Squamish and Wisconsin. I also went skiing a lot and hiking in the beautiful parks around Vancouver.

What I like most is that everybody is really polite in Canada, you would never see that in the Netherlands. I also really like all the parks in Canada, the nature here is so beautiful.

Being in a different country is always really difficult. It is hard to be away from your family and friends for such a long time. Also the culture is different from the Netherlands and it is not always easy to adjust to it.

The most memorable thing of my stay here is the Rockies trip. It was an amazing weekend with great friends, parties, places and nature. This experience didn’t’ t really inspire me to travel more since I already wanted to travel more before I came here. I would really love to see a lot of the world and get to see all the different cultures. Asia and Africa are definitely parts of the world I want to see.

I worked for Internex and I would definitely recommend it to others. If you are doing your internship in another country it is always hard to find friends outside your company, but with Internex you get to know a lot of people and make a lot of friends.

When I get back home I will see my family at the airport and have a really amazing Dutch dinner with them. After that the weekend starts and I will see my friends again.

– Janel

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Upcoming Events: July

We are nearly at the end of June, which means it is time to inform you about our events in July! July is going to be a fun summer month! Let’s see what we have planned:

Tuesday, 1st of July
Vancouver welcomes July with a several festivals around town to celebrate Canada day. On Canada day the Canadians celebrate the ‘birth’ of their country. In 1867 three colonies were united into to one country; Canada. We will meet at 6.30pm on West Pender and Broughton Street and will make our way to the Parade, afterwards we are going to try to find our self a spot to watch the fireworks at 10pm.

Sunday, 6th of July
You are going to love this activity we have planned for you! We, here at INTERNeX, are super excited for this special activity. We are going to North Van to play a round of paintball!! How excited are you eh!? The cost will be around $30 – 35 and we will leave Vancouver at Waterfront around 1pm. More information will be revealed soon!

Saturday, 12th of July
After the paintball activity it is time to relax an bit and therefore we will go to the Khatsahlano festival. Khatsahlano is a free festival which is held on 4th Ave from Burrad to Mcdonald street. You can enjoy the 50 music bands, over 100 vendor markets and there are more then enough food trucks to satisfy you tummy. More information will follow soon.

Sunday, 20th of July
The summer is arrived in Vancouver so it’s time to tackle the Grouse Grind. The Grouse Grind is a very popular hike up to Grouse Mountain on North Vancouver, but also very exhausting, however once you are on the top you have a beautiful view over Vancouver and you definitely deserved your dinner!

Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th of July
The last weekend of July is time for another overnight stay. This time we will take the ferry to Vancouver Island and enjoy an overnight at Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful city with many gardens, sights and activities. It is the perfect getaway spot after a hectic week at work!

We are already excited for July and we hope we will see you all at our events and of course our weekly pub nights (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th of July)

 INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


Not Quite Ready to Say my Goodbyes…So Farewell INTERNeX!!

So I started at INTERNeX back at the end of November 2009 and I was taken on as the PR/Communications Intern. I had been looking for several months for opportunities within the work force but within my field of study, which is Communications. I was in my fourth year up at Simon Fraser University and had had little experience besides from survival jobs such as being a server at Joey’s on Broadway, cashier at Urban Outfitters, and so on. After years of working within the service industry I was ready to take on a new challenge and I had always been interested in doing an internship. After months and months of research with little to show for it I came across INTERNeX. They were offering an opportunity that just seemed to be exactly what I was looking for! After several interviews I was accepted and started work at their office the following week.

The first time I stepped into the office I was super nervous and everybody seemed to be quite involved in their own work. Tempted to just sit in front of my computer and get down to it, I recognized how important it was for me to get to know my coworkers because we would be working together for close to 6 months. So I realized how important it was for me to take myself out of my comfort zone and show the INTERNeX staff that I was there to be a part of their team. The first week was quite overwhelming because I had to get acquainted with all of systems and procedures in place within their social media networking tools and the company in general. But as the weeks went by i began to feel more and more comfortable in the office setting and actually started to feel like a member of the INTERNeX family.

(me sitting in the office @ my desk)

Everyday at the office was something new… and this aspect of my placement was very exciting for me and i welcomed this new change. Throughout a significant portion of my placement i was attending school as well, so i had to juggle a heavy course load and three days a week at the office. I was unsure as to whether i would be able to handle everything on my plate, but i actually began to look forward to my days at the office because it broke up my same old boring school schedule that i was getting tired of. I was learning about all these new social networking tools, such as twitter, facebook, twaitter, wordpress, flickr, etc and part of my job was planning events and trips! Cannot get much better than that!

(me at PuB NiGHT with some of the candidates)

As my placement progressed i was given more responsibility and was able to take on bigger projects. My placement lasted for a total of 6 months and in such a short amount of time i was able to learn so much from each and everyone in the office. Tomorrow is my last day and i can honestly say that i will miss INTERNeX terribly! I cannot begin to express how lucky i feel to have been given the chance to become  part of this company and meet such an amazing group of people from all over the world. Thank god i’ll still be able to drop by the office whenever i want and hopefully i can organize a great relationship between the cellar and INTERNeX so then i’ll never really have to say goodbye.

I just want to personally thank all of the members of the INTERNeX family; Patrick, Laura, Tim, Mina, Marien, Mayuko, Martina and of course Simon (the dungeon troll) and all the others who i never got the chance to meet, for making this an unforgettably life changing experience! So now its time to say ciao for now/L-boogie

For more information about all of the programs offered by INTERNeX please do not hesitate to contact us at the office:
INTERNeX International Exchange

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Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149