What to do o the weekend?

The short week is already over, it’s FRIYAY! I know the weather hasn’t been the best but good news, this weekend is going to be sunny again!

Perfect weather for a little bit of Disc Golfing in Queen Elizabeth Park! It’s kind of like Mini Golf, but with discs (heavy frisbee’s), super fun. Last time only two people got hit by a disc. 😀 Jokes aside, it’s a great way to start your Saturday, plus Queen Elizabeth Park offers beautiful gardens with an amazing view over downtown, it’s definitely worth checking out. Remember to bring lots of water. 🙂 We are meeting 11am at the Disc Golf course in Queen Elizabeth Park!

The Vancouver Mural Festival started on August 4th with daily celebrations and over 30 new murals across the city. It will continue for 11 days and is an awesome way to discover Vancouver’s creative side with an incredible line-up of 150+ visual and performing artists. Vancouver Mural Festival will host daily mural tours, public talks, daily live performances at the all-new City Centre Festival Hub, plus a spectacular all-ages festival closing street party in downtown Vancouver, so if you like arts, you should definitely check it out!

If you’re more into sports, there’s a Baseball Game going on this Saturday and Sunday at The Net Bailey Stadium. The Vancouver Canadians are going to play against the Tri-City Dust Devils. Grab a hot dog, a beer and cheer on your team, get the whole stadium experience! On Saturday there’ll even be fireworks over the stadium. You could go after our Disc Golfing to have the ultimate sports day. 😉

Another cool event this weekend is the Brewhalla Beer and Music Festival in Port Moody. There will be more than 60 craft beers from local breweries, as well as performances from local musicians. The event will also bring in food trucks and other refreshments, like local cider, kombucha, seltzer, and wine. Festival-goers can also expect some fun activities like lawn games, as well as giveaways. It’s a great way to explore areas around Vancouver that are more rural.

I hope I see lots of you on Saturday! If not, enjoy your weekend and as always let me know how it was!


Laura 🙂

What to do on the weekend?

Another week is about to end… So, what does that mean? Yes, correct: Week + end = weekend! 🎉 And this time it’s double the fun, because we have the Monday off as well. So, get yourself ready for three days of weekend.

If you crave some good live music, you should definitely pay a visit to North Vancouver. This Saturday, you will find live music at two different locations: In the Shipbuilders’ Square you can listen to “The So Tight Band” from 5pm to 10pm and in Cates Park you get the chance to tap your feet along to the music of “Asi Somos”, “The Acoustic Ghosts” and “Symentha”.

It won’t be too hot on Saturday, so you can also spend your time going for a 43548823282_5c37cc6a14_nbeautiful hike. Recommended hiking trails are in Deep Cove, Lynn Canyon Park, Lighthouse Park, or if you dare, the Grouse Grind. In case the $15 for the Grouse Mountain Gondola down scare you from hiking up there, I have good news for you: The BCMC trail allows you to hike down as well, but be aware that it’s a very steep slope, so it’s not the most advisable.

In the evening, you should not miss out on the Celebration of Light. The team from South Korea is hosting the firework show of the evening. 🎆🎇

If you’d rather dance, instead of just listening to music, you should come to Robson Square Salsa. As indicated in the name of the event, it’s at Robson Square. Come at 3pm and enjoy four hours of Salsa dancing. You don’t need to have any prior experience and you can also just come and watch. Don’t worry, it takes place every week. So if you enjoy it, come back the following week and build up on what you’ve learnt.

Yes, this weekend we have one extra day. Time to just do whatever we want to. Good news for that day: The weather, which had a little setback the past days, will get better38041918_10156414332729647_7304010023389102080_nagain. So, just grab your friends and spend an easy day at the beach. Vancouver has a lot of beaches to offer, so even if you think you’ve seen them all, you might find a new one. The most popular ones are: Kitsilano Beach, Sunset Beach, English Bay, Second and Third Beach. But there is one in Deep Cove and at CRAB park as well. They’re small, but definitely worth a visit.

I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend and have an amazing time doing whatever you decide to do! 🙂

See you either on Saturday for the Rockies Trip or latest on Wednesday at the Beaver Bar!

– Elisabeth

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PuB NiGHT Review: Dublin Calling Rooftop

‘Come sit on the roof with me – the drinks are cold and the friends are free’. Those words are written on a sign at Dublin Calling Rooftop, the location of yesterday’s pub night.

Dublin Calling Rooftop is definitely the place to be for a sunny night like yesterday. What a cozy atmosphere and lovely decoration in this pub located in the middle of busy Granville Street! Soon after our official start at 8pm, more and more of you found their way to our tables. Main topic of the night – next to the world cup, of course – was the upcoming camping trip. Everybody is excited for the big adventure on Vargas Island this weekend.


For some it was the first, for others the last pub night. So, we signed some Canadian flags with lovely goodbye words and talked about all the Canadian adventures of the past months. Good chance for all newcomers to get some ideas for the upcoming weeks.

Signing Canadian flags is one tradition. The other one is called karaoke. So, after the glasses were emptied, some of us got on their way to Gastown. The (leftover) INTERNeX gang performed ‘500 miles’, Samuel finally got introduced to our way of karaoke and Rebecka said goodbye to the Met. That was another great Wednesday.

I hope you had a fun night as well and that you will join us again next week at Malone’s.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Kerstin

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What to do on the weekend?

The weather in Vancouver keeps surprising me. Looking up the forecast beforehand doesn’t help in most cases, because it is changing so quickly here. But what to plan for the weekend then? Here is the deal: Look out of your window in the morning and choose one of these ideas!

Sun is out! A great way to explore Vancouver is by bike. Most of you might not have a bike here, but renting one is affordable and easy. That is what I did last weekend and I really enjoyed it. There are many nice routes in and around the city. The one that is most famous is the route along the seawall in Stanley Park. You can ride all the way around the park or choose to shorten your path and ride through it. It is an easy route with a beautiful view that will take you about one hour of cycling.

sdrIf you have more time, I would recommend another option. This route starts at English Bay. From there, you cycle to Sunset Beach all the way to False Creek. There are bike lanes everywhere and the signs are pretty clear. Then, you will pass by Science World and Canada Place and continue to Kitsilano. This route you will take about two hours if you take it easy. Kits Beach is the perfect place to enjoy a little break before heading back to downtown. You can either go back directly via Burrard Bridge or you ride back the same route. On this way, you will see many different faces of Vancouver: parks, beaches and the city. There are many beautiful photo spots, so take your time for some stops throughout the way.

Cloudy and rainy! There are so many indoor activities in Vancouver, so it might be a difficult choice. Here are some of my favourites.

A rather short, but awesome activity is visiting Fly Over Canada. As the name already says, you get the feeling of literally flying over the country. No worries, you are actually sitting the entire time. Beautiful Canadian landscapes combined with brand-new cinema technology create a pretty cool experience.

If you want to be more active, what about jumping around for a bit? A trampoline park is a great place to spend some time on a rainy day. The Extreme Air Park has several locations in Vancouver. We just explored it last week with INTERNeX and everyone had a lot of fun.

Another place-to-be for such days, is Granville Island. You can easily spend some time walking around in the indoor food market where you can buy lots of fresh fruits and meals.

Whatever the weather will bring us this weekend, you are prepared. Enjoy your time in- or outdoors!– Kerstin

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Well, September is officially here! And it is full of amazing plans that we will show you in our weekly “What to do on the weekend”.

Vancouver always offers a large number of events, festivals, concerts, markets… maybe so many, for that is very easy to miss  something. Then, the next week arrives and you realized that you lost something that could have been very funny. But no worries, because every Thursday you will have the best selection of the Vancouver’s entertainment.


Of course, the main event this weekend is the party that we have at  HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach! And apparently, the weather will be OK!

To get there, we can meet at 3:30 PM at the closest bus stop, and you can check the best route for you in Google Maps (Get directions). The name is WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594). Then, we can go all together by foot. If you need to arrive later, the Hi-Vancouver location is this (MAP), you can go there on your own. If you have any problems, just call us!

Here you have the Mercedes’ number: +1 778 859 7626

  •  WHEN: Saturday, 7th September at 3:30 PM
  •  WHERE: Bus Stop WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594)

Luxury & Supercar Weekend

If you are completely in love with luxury cars, this weekend (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th) you have an appointment in the VanDusen Botanical Garden, with the world’s most expensive and priciest cars. And the priciest tickets too: single days tickets are $50, and the VIP tickets are $100 and include cocktails, wine and food.

Fiesta Mexico Independencia

One of the most important events inside the Mexico-Fest (September 5th-15th). This Saturday, in the Vancouver Convention Centre between 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, you will be able to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. Mariachis, food vendors, traditional Mexican dances and much more! Take a look to the schedule!


12:00 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

12:30 pm –  Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez

13:00 pm –  Rosario Flamenco

13:30 pm – Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

14:00 pm –  Sangre Morena

14:30 pm –  Alma de Mexico

15:00 pm –  Tren al Sur

16:00 pm –  Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

16:30 pm –  Mexico Vivo

17:15 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

17:30 pm –   El Grito Ceremony

18:00 pm –   LIO

19:00 pm –   Aleks Syntek in Concert

Well, I’m sure I’ve provided you with a bunch of ideas for this weekend! Take advantage of that!

Have fun!


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