“See you later” – Danielle

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

After being a PR coordinator for INTERNeX for the last 7 months the time has come to say bye and go back home. It’s a really weird feeling having to say bye to something that I wish would never end, but knowing the time has come to go back to ‘normal’.

18446536_1752755148073262_5088411146495132434_nI remember being at the airport in Amsterdam about 7 months ago and being both sad and excited to leave my safe, familiar life behind. I could have never hoped that my time here was going to be as amazing as it has and I can say without a doubt that coming to Vancouver was the best decision I ever made.

19247743_1814564715225638_4189782935234390938_nDuring my time as a PR coordinator at INTERNeX I got the opportunity to organize PuB NiGHTs, weekly events and monthly trips for our candidates. Thanks to that I have had the opportunity to do and see so many amazing things. I went bungee jumping in Whistler, skiing in Kelowna and experienced the most beautiful scenery of my life in the Rockies. Besides all these amazing trips we went out every week to discover something in Vancouver. There was never a dull moment and I enjoyed every single one of them.

But what made these trips and events great is not the activities we did or places we visited, it was all because of the people I got to do them with. I was lucky enough to find a group of friends here who were there through the many highs we had, but also some lows that come with it. Trips, events, activities and beautiful scenery mean so little when you have no one to share these memories with. When I look back on all the amazing things we did I do remember the beautiful views, but what makes that memory great is seeing Janel fall in a meter of snow. It makes me smile because I think about how funny it was to teach Zack how to ski. I think about Lara sharing stories about her family and Kerstin pep talking me up a mountain. I see Sarah pretending to model in the strip club we accidently ended up in and all of us laughing so hard we almost peed our pants.


The hardest part of leaving is knowing that even if you came back eventually, it will never be the same as it is right now. But this is not going to be a goodbye, this is going to be a see you later. I know for sure that I will see all of them again. Some are easier to visit than other, but these friends have made Vancouver my home away from home and that’s something that I will never forget.

Besides my group of friends I also had the pleasure of meeting all of our candidates. I met so many of you and unfortunately also had to say bye to a lot of you already. But I still want to have the chance to say thank you. At INTERNeX we do our very best to organize stuff that will make your stay here as memorable as it could possibly be, but without your attendance, attitudes and energy it would have never been as good as it was. We might organize it for you guys, but you are all the reason it was so much fun.


Doing my placement at INTERNeX has opened so many doors and has given me so many great things to look back on that, if I could go back, I would definitely choose the very same thing. They have always supported my goals and they have taught me so much about PR, marketing and project management. INTERNeX is an amazing company and I will be forever grateful for their guidance through this crazy experience.

This is not a goodbye but a see you later. I hope that I get to meet all of you somewhere in the world again. Thank you for an amazing 7 months.

– Danielle

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PR-team Adventures

On Friday Janel had her last day at INTERNeX, so we wanted to make it a special one for her. I think we certainly did a good job and gave her a proper goodbye.

It already started on Wednesday when Janel got her first gifts from Tim. Tim bought her a cowboy hat and a flag to write on. She had to wear this cowboy hat for the rest of the week.


However, Janel got her real gifts on Friday. She once had this really good bbq lunch so she wanted to have that for her last day. Of course this had to be arranged. To distract her, we sent her with Tim to pick up the lunch. In the meantime we were making everything else ready; getting the gift, Canada tattoos and drinks. As Simon and Tess were a bit late from getting the gift, Janel had to wait in the meeting room till they were back and we all finished writing something funny on the card for her.

So you are probably wondering what Janel got as a goodbye present right? As Janel was always struggling with the pronunciation of “ bear” and always pronounced it as “beer” like a lot of us do too, INTERNeX got her a bear holding a beer. After receiving the gift we finished the day with having her last drinks in the office and we continued her goodbye party in the Blarney Stone.

We wish our former PR coordinator a lot of luck in her future career and “see you later somewhere in the world again” as she would say.

– Iris

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“See you somewhere in the world again” – Janel

Friday was my last day as an INTERNeX PR-Coordinator. My time here in Vancouver has been amazing. During my time here a lot of candidates left and a lot of new ones came. It is always hard to say bye to the ones that were leaving, but it was always nice to meet all the new candidates. And now it is time for me to leave beautiful Vancouver and Canada.


When I arrived in Vancouver to start my placement I was excited and nervous at the same time. But as soon as I got to know the INTERNeX team and family I was not nervous anymore. The first candidate I met here in Vancouver was Andreas, he was the one helping me organizing my very first PuB NiGHT. It was a great PuB NiGHT and it was amazing to meet the first INTERNeX family.


After 2 months in Vancouver the new girls of the PR-team started to arrive. It was so great to meet them and it was a pleasure to work with every single one of them. Our team dynamic was amazing and everyone knew what to do. I had lots of amazing moments with you girls, thank you for being part of the team and being my friend!

I had the opportunity to meet lots of great INTERNeX candidates during the 7 months here and had so many amazing parties with all of you. My experience here in Canada wouldn’t have been the same without all of you!


I also had the opportunity to see so many great places. I went to the Rockies, Kelowna, Vancouver Island, Whistler, Squamish, San Francisco, Seattle and my family in Osseo. Tomorrow I will start a trip with one of my best friends here, Sam, we will cross New York and Quebec City of our bucket list.

I’m really thankful for the opportunity of doing my placement here in Vancouver. Tim, Simon and the rest of the INTERNeX team taught me so much and I will never forget our great times in and outside of the office.19030477_10209743262960390_3042787021812705458_n.jpg

It is sad to leave Vancouver, but as I always say: “See you guys somewhere in the world again!”


– Janel

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The Dutchies are taking over

I’m Danielle, one of the newest PR-coordinators at INTERNeX. For the next 7 months I will be joining the PR team and help organize things like the PuB NiGHTS and the weekly and monthly events. I already met some of you on Saturday night, because I wouldn’t be me if my first weekend in Vancouver didn’t include going out.img_0457

Let me just tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 22 years old and from the Netherlands. I am doing this internship as part of my study program at the NHTV, where I follow the course International Event Management. I love planning and organizing events, but besides that I spend most of my free time just hanging out and doing fun things with my friends and family. Although I’m a very social person, I can also appreciate some alone time while watching Netflix in bed.

I chose to come to Vancouver because I love adventure and I am always open to trying new things, coming here is a great way to challenge myself. I’ve been here for almost a week now and everybody I’ve met seems really nice, which helps with settling in. I’m very excited to get to know everybody and explore this beautiful country.

Hopefully I will see you all at the next PuB NiGHT!

– Danielle

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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-
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New PR-Coordinator in Town

My name is Janel and I’m a 20-year-old Dutch student in International Leisure Management at the NHTV in Breda, the Netherlands. meI love organizing events. Which is also why I will be your new PR-Coordinator for the next 7 months. I will support INTERNeX with their PR tasks like organizing Pub Nights, weekly events, monthly events and more! You can also always come to me if you have any questions!

Another hobby of mine is playing or watching soccer games. I also really like watching and playing other sports. Meeting new people, going out with friends and do activities is also one of my main hobbies. So I’m definitely a person that always wants to be busy and do anything.

I also love travelling and exploring new things. In the beginning of this year I went to Venice, Italy, for 5 months. I was studying there at the Ca’ Foscari University. I had a great experience there and I really want to make your experience here in Canada amazing too!
Last Friday I arrived in Vancouver and I already like Canada. The people are really kind, the city is big and the nature is beautiful around here. So hopefully we will see a lot of it during the time we are here!

I am looking forward to see you all tomorrow at the next Pub Night. And I hope that we will have lots of fun together in these coming 7 months!

Hopefully see you soon!!


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In our first review post last week we started talking about what was going on in the first three months of the year; let’s have a look what we did in April, May and June!

April started with another new INTERNeX-PR-Coordinator-face who joined the INTERNeX community: PNNatasja, a 23-year-old student from the Netherlands, who came to Vancouver for doing a practicum as part of her Bachelor study program. As a PR Coordinator she was responsible for organizing trips in and outside Vancouver, organizing Pub NiGHTS but also the contact person when a candidate encountered difficulties.

Especially our weekly Pub NiGHTS give our interns the opportunity to meet new people and extend their social network. Pub NiGHTS at Blarney Stone, Marlone’s, The Lamplighter, Steamworks Brew Pub and The Cambie are always popular. Therefore we certainly had to show our new arrivals the ‘hottest’ pubs in town.

The long weekend in May offered our candidates the perfect opportunity to join the four-day trip to the Rockies. INTERNeX usually goes to the Rockies with West Trek twice a year; once in spring and then later in the year where we experience a part of the Canadian Rockies. rockies5The itinerary is basically the same: we first stopped in Hope, Kamloops, then Valmont, Jasper, Golden and Banff. Among others we visited Mount Robson, the Last Spike, Lake Louise and many other highlights you need to see when you are in the Rockies. To make a long story short we saw tons of gorgeous places and had an amazing time with our tour guide who we called Papa Wolf. To get more information about our Rockies trip, click here for INTERNeX goes Rockies – Part 1 and here for INTERNeX goes Rockies Part 2.

Other than going to the Rockies we also set up Pub NiGHTS every week. For instance we participated in the Trivia Night at Moose Down Under. Surprisingly, we did not know a lot of answers, but I don’t think that affected the fun we had!

Vancouver is a very multicultural city therefore it has a lot of cultural diversity to offer. In the middle of June the annual Powel Street Festival, a special Japanese-Canadian festival, was on and exhibited Japanese art, culture and heritage. I know … doesn’t sound that interesting but you get the chance to learn something about the Asian culture in the heart of Vancouver. AND, as you probably already noticed, Vancouver has a huge Asian community that means a lot of people are proud to present a part of their history.celebrationoflight

Additionally one of Vancouver’s largest and most well known festivals called Celebration of Lights, an annual musical fireworks competition with an estimated attendance of 1.4 million people each year, started in June.

The forecast for the last weekend in June promised good weather. And there we go! We had sun, blue sky and around 30°C the entire weekend. That called for a BBQ! second beach BBQ1Everyone brought food, drinks and snacks. Chris brought a volleyball and Laura a Frisbee so we could throw around. Proudly I can say that we enjoyed the summer to the fullest!

Another highlight in June was the appearance of Amiel, a 24-year-old student from Germany in his senior year working on his Bachelor in International Business Administration, who supported Natasja with the different tasks a PR Coordinator has to face. Hey Amiel!


Here’s another German student who is doing an internship at INTERNeX. My name is Denise and I’m a 19-year-old student of Industrial Management at the DHBW in Karlsruhe. During my time in Vancouver I will support INTERNeX with their PR tasks that means I will be your new PR-Coordinator for the next 3 months. My assignment is to organize the Pub Nights and any other activities.

I just arrived in Vancouver Friday 18th and I already fell in love with this city. I have never been to Canada or the USA before and it’s my first time that I stay away from home for so long. But now I have the chance to pass an amazing practicum at INTERNeX and afterwards I’m going to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and I’m sure this is going to be another gorgeous time. All the while I wanted to go to America. So that’s why I would say that I’m killing two birds with one stone in the next 3 months. Furthermore “[my] life will be other people’s vacation” (at least for the next 12 weeks).

I am looking forward to see all of you. I hope we will have an amazing time and a lot of fun together moreover I hope that I will do my job as well as Amiel did.

See you guys soon,


INTERNeX International Exchange – PR Coordinator

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