New ‘Kid’ on the Blog

Another week another addition to our INTERNeX crew. Please welcome Anouk. She is from Germany and stays with us for 7 weeks.

As a child, when someone asked her about her dream job, she explained that she’d like to have a different job for every day of the week. It shows she has a fair amount of interests.

After finishing her high school diploma (Abitur) in Germany she’s done a lot of different practicums to figure out what she’d like to do for her career, since she realized it could be difficult with 7 different jobs during the week. 😉

One part of her journey was going to Namibia for three months and working at a wildlife rescue. In Vancouver she’ll be doing something very similar, with birds. She loves working with animals, but she figured out, that this is something she’d rather do in her free time, not as a full time job. Her other interest is something completely different: the film industry. In Germany she already had the chance to work on a project and she said that she really enjoys the diversity of the job. There’s no real routine, it changes all the time. On top of that she gets to work with creative minds on interesting projects, which creates a great environment. Before she focuses more on her career, she wanted to travel some more, that’s why we are lucky to have her here. 🙂

Canada was always on her bucket list, but over the years she kind of forgot about it. When she was deciding on where to go, her first choice was Peru, but then she remembered about Canada and changed her mind. One reason is the vast nature. Further, she loves the winter and snow. Technically wrong timing, but if one goes high enough on a mountain, one probably finds snow. 😉 I’m sure she’ll enjoy summer here just as much.

One thing on her bucket list while she’s here: Whale Watching. Who’s joining her?

I hope we all get to chat more at tonights pub night. Don’t forget, 7pm at Mahoney’s at the Convention Centre.


Laura 🙂

New `Kids` on the Blog

I know it has been kind of quiet last week – but this week we’re back with “double-power”!
Today I’m happy to introduce you to our two amazing newbies arrived in Vancouver in the last few days. We’re glad Ina and Dennis found their way from Germany to beautiful Canada.
So let’s start with Ina. Right at the beginning of our interview we found out that we’re from the same small town close to Stuttgart in Germany – really cool! But for now a few interesting facts about her 🙂

She already finished her apprenticeship and worked for a few months in her hometown; but there’s more to it. Since one apprenticeship wasn’t enough for her she already finished two – one in the commercial department and another one as a media designer. Right now she’s looking for her dream job in the media design industry. During her 5 weeks long stay in Canada she aims to improve her professional experience with a practicum in the field of marketing /design right in Vancouver Downtown. She’s really into traveling but would love to combine getting to know a new country with useful experiences for her career as well. So she uses her time in Canada to learn a lot about the country and its people and also as a time-out before starting back into her professional life in Germany. Since she has never been to Canada before she’s really excited to see new places, meet new people, and experience everything Canada has to offer. Since Canada was one of the first countries on her bucket list opened the border, it wasn’t a difficult decision for her to choose this place for an experience abroad. Ina also really enjoys her time in the office because she’s able to achieve a lot of new tasks and as she said: “the tasks are very helpful for my career and a lot of fun”. In my opinion this is how a practicum should look like 😉

Now let’s talk a bit about Dennis. He’s 28 years old and from Stuttgart as well. He came to Canada as a part of this cooperate study program. Since his studies include a combination of studying and working he seized the opportunity and asked his workplace in Germany if there is a possibility for him to do a stay abroad – and as you can see it worked out! In Vancouver he’s participating in our practicum program in a security system company. He’s staying for 6 weeks – seems like these guys want to be back home for Christmas with their families 😉 Actually Dennis had planned to do his stay in Tokyo but something changed his mind and he chose Canada… and as he said he doesn’t regret it.
During his last vacation in Mexico he made some great friends which are now staying in Vancouver as well. So these guys are able to meet and spend some time together again – pretty cool!! With this stay abroad he aims to get an insight into an international working environment especially in comparison to the German.

I really hope they both have an amazing time in Canada with us.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

– Tatjana

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New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

And that’s definitely great news.
Welcome to a new blogpost and a really warm welcome to our three new candidates, from Germany, the Netherlands and from Wales. It’s really great to have you here with us!! 🙂

Ladies first, so let’s start with Lena. I just had an amazing long talk with her today where she told me many interesting things about herself. Lena is 23 years old from a small town close to Hamburg. She already finished her apprenticeship in trade forwarding a few years ago and was able to gain work experiences in this field of work. Since she quit her last job and has some free time until she will start her new job at the end of October she seized the opportunity to spend her time in beautiful Canada. The moment Canada opened the border she decided to travel as soon as possible – and that’s what she did 🙂
With INTERNeX she’s participating in the volunteering program in the area of ecological conservation for 2 weeks. After doing some great work for the Canadian natural environment she’s planning a trip to Vancouver Island. She already rented a car for this week – bold AND independent 😉 She wanted to see Vancouver Island especially Victoria and Tofino since school but what’s travelling without saving money first?
For this time in Canada she worked four years and is now finally able to travel on her own independently while gaining some experience and improving her language skills abroad. She always wanted to get to know the Canadian lifestyle, the culture as well as the experience travelling alone and doing things she never ever did before. Sounds like a plan!!!

The next newcomer is Nico, 22 years old from the Netherlands; or actually also Germany but since he’s studying at Fontys, Venlo and lives in the Netherlands we’ll leave it at that. As a marketing management student he’s excited to gain experiences while doing a placement in his field of study. This placement is part of his studies which I think is a great opportunity to live abroad while studying. He came to Canada on a friends recommendation – and he actually has the advantage of having friends from Germany here in Vancouver. Besides that, he also made the decision for Canada because he wanted to explore the mentality, the nature and the Canadian culture. Since he already fell in love with this city, after his 4 months long placement he’s planning to stay longer to explore the country. Isn’t that great?
With this experience he aims to develop personally and professionally which might be important for his future. And there are definitely some more places on his bucket list – how could it be otherwise; the Rocky Mountains as well as Vancouver Island. As you can see these places are very popular and definitely worth a visit 😉

To complete these three; Welcome Tom from Wales.

He’s 21 years old and just finished his bachelors in media and communication at Cardiff university. Which means the second marketing specialist in our round 😉 He’s doing his placement in the same organization as Nico which I think is pretty cool since these guys can work together. Originally his plan was to stay abroad last year but because of the pandemic he also had to postpone. He chose Canada for multiple reasons; firstly the fact that most of Canada is English speaking made the communication for him as a native speaker so much easier. He’s also really excited to finally be in the country he wanted to travel to for such a long time and getting a first insight into Canadian daily life. For him it’s definitely a great chance to add some new experiences to his CV while learning so much from the people he’s working with. Additionally, Tom told me that his goal is to improve his confidence as well as living independently. But Vancouver isn’t the only place he’s going to visit. He’s planning on going to Banff, Whistler and if he get the chance to do a Rocky Mountains trip. There’s more… his bucket list also says; Toronto after his time in Vancouver. Sounds like a perfect trip.

I hope all of you guys have an amazing time in Vancouver 🙂


– Tatjana

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New “Kids” on the Blog

It’s amazing to see so many new candidates arriving at the beginning of the year – this week we welcome Laura and Merle from Germany to the INTERNeX community. Great to have you both here with us!!

Laura, who is 22 and studies Business Law in good old Germany, came to Vancouver because of friend’s recommendations. She is part of our Practicum Program and excited for gaining international experience in her field of interest. Besides that, her goal is to improve her English skills by simply having to speak in English at her placement. In terms of travelling, Laura, wants to discover Vancouver Island and Seattle.IMG_0701Merle, who is 18 and from the high North of Germany is also part of our Practicum program and just graduated from High School. It was important to her, just like all her friends, to travel abroad for some time, but especially doing this on her own. She is fascinated by Canada and its nature and therefore, no surprise that the Rocky Mountains are on top of her travel bucket list. But also Vancouver Island and the great combination of Vancouver’s beaches and mountains is something she would like to explore. Apart from that, Merle also wants to talk a lot of English to improve her skills.

Great times ahead of you guys, have a wonderful start here in Vancouver and we’d love to see you at tomorrow’s Pub Night at the Stanley Park Brewery. I’m stoked^^.


– Felicitas

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