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All candidates take care! The PR team is coursed! Every single beach-day we have planned had to be cancelled! Do you know why? Yes, it is not difficult imagine the motive! Rain! It couldn´t be anything more!

In Spain just rains some days in the winter and when it does, we just stay at home (mm blessed nap) but here it´s absolutely normal “to live among” the rain!

The record of consecutive days of rain in Vancouver is 28 days set in January 1953, but googling a little bit about the rain in Vancouver you will get surprised that it is not on the top ten lists of rainiest cities of the world!

In fact the most of the rainiest cities are in “paradisiac places” as Reunion Island, Cook Island Fiji or Thailand!

The classic picture of Fiji where appears somebody extra tanned lying in a hammock taking a margarita in front of a paradisiac beach show just one face of the real Fiji!

I am sure that if we moved there and organize some beach day will appear the other face of Fiji!

Another curious thing is that there are different microclimates with important differences in the same Vancouver! Do you live in North Vancouver? Oh you definitely get more rain! There is a general rule which say that for every rise of 100 meters in elevation, there is an additional 100 millimeters of precipitation!

Do you know how many days it usually rains? Vancouver averages 166 days of raining! That means one every three days! Summer used to be dryer, so it will rain almost every day in winter! It is logical that Vancouver is also known as Raincouver!

But there is always a good plan to do in Vancouver even it´s raining! You can go to the aquarium, the salmon hatchery, the theatre and a lot of other places… it´s impossible to get bored here!





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