What to do on the Weekend?

Hi everyone,

Yeah ūüėÄ It is almost weekend! We would like to give you some tips about what do on the weekend, since there is always something going on in Vancouver, Toronto, and Whistler!

Vancouver – Oktoberfest & Harvestfest
You thought that you had to miss the Oktoberfest this year, or that you would never get the change to celebrate it? Than you are wrong, because you can celebrate this amazing event also in Vancouver!

It is even better, because you can celebrate the Oktoberfest and the Harvestfest at the same event!
During this event you can win prices for the best costume, there is a yodeling contest, and the beers are really cheap!

15th of October

12pm till 6pm

Malone’s Urban Drinkery, 608 Pender Street

price: $25
Includes a 6oz tasting glass (yours to keep) & 3 *bonus* tokens upon entry. Each additional token will be $1.

How to buy:
You can buy the tickets at Malone’s
Or buy the tickets online

Toronto – Powerhouse of Terror

The Powerhouse of terror is a thrilling experience that will terrify all of your fears.  The Powerhouse of terror starts Thursday October 13th with the newest Halloween night.  There are now three new attractions!  Do you think you can handle these scary Halloween attractions?
It might be nice to go there to get already the Halloween mood! :)

Date: 13 October 2011 till 30 October 2011

Event times: 6:30pm till 10:00pm

Location:Power House Recreation Centre
65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Lake Shore Boulevard West and Kipling Avenue

$20 at door, $16 when you buy the tickets online
Whistler – TGR Movie Premiere, One For The Road
On Friday the 14th there will be a movie premiere.
“The crew at Doglotion.com bring you the must see ski film premiere of the season, TGR’s One For the Road. Follow local rippers Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Callum Pettit and a cast of international pro freeskiers as they uncover first descents in Pemberton, deep pow in Japan, and a healthy dose of AK gnar.”

Be fast, because the show sells out in advance every year!

Date: 14th of October

Time: 7:00pm til 11:00pm
there are 2 movies, at 7 and 9 o’clock

Location:Millennium Place
4335 Blackcomb Way

Price: $15 you can buy your ticket online


I hope these tips were useful to you! Keep following us, because next week there will be another ‘What to Do on the Weekend’ blog!

Enjoy you weekend!

Cheers, your PR-team

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Twilight Triple Bill!

Yesterday was a big day for all Twilight Fans! Eclipse, the third movie of the popular series premiered  last night.

I have to confess that even though I have read all the books and have seen all the movies I am still not a fan. I love the genre, you can wake me up anytime for a good vampire or¬†werewolves¬†movie but Twilight just doesn’t do it for me.

The¬†opinion of people all around the world about Twilight are very¬†versatile. You have the absolute fans, otherwise know as Twihards or Twilighter or people who don’t like it at all! ¬†I went to the movies to find out why people seem to like it so much that they are willing to camp out for several days in order to get tickets ¬†for the premiere¬†(for the full story click¬†here). So I am somewhat in the middle, but together with a few people from the Staffhouse I went to the Twilight Triple Bill yesterday at the Scotiabank Theatre.

So what is the Triple Bill? All three Twilight movies in one night! We started at 7pm with Twilight, then at 9.30 pm New moon and at 12.01 am Eclipse! For me going to a premiere and going to three movies in one night was a first so the night was even better!

Because of all the craziness surrounding Twilight we decided to go to the theatre at 5 pm and see how busy it was, and that turned out to be a smart decision! Because even though we had 2 hours before the movie started there was already a line of people waiting.  So we got in line and waiting to be let into the theatre. Luckily we were early enough to get some good seats. And then it began!

The first time I saw the Twilight Movie (yes I have seen it multiple times)  I did not like it at all. But then I watched it again with a friend and it started to grow on me. Last night I actually liked it, but that might have something to do with the atmosphere that was present yesterday. I had seen the second movie, New Moon, before and I already liked this one better. That could have something to do with Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner) always walking around with no shirt on but this movie is, in my humble opinion better.

The third movie started at 12.01 am, and even though I was really tired at that time (who can blame me after two movies right after each other) ¬†I loved it. I read the book a long time ago so I don’t really¬†remember¬†what was in them, but I think they did a pretty okay job. When making a movie after a book there are always scenes that don’t make the movie but in general I think that the director David Slade did a good job.

Eclipse was David Slade’s first Twilight movie and in my¬†opinion¬†he captured the Twilight spirit that can be found in the books the best. ¬†This movie was a bit darker as it is in the books, but it also had a few good laughs.

I wouldn’t go into to much details in case there are some people how haven’t seen it yet, but I really recommend everyone to go Eclipse.

– Manouk