Smart Saver Vancouver


As this weekend was quite expensive for some of us, it might be a good idea to save some money again. Especially now that there are a lot of events and trips coming up.

An app that will help you save money is Checkout 51. Through Checkout 51, you can save money on certain brands. This is how it works: sign up via the internet or download the app through the App Store or Google Play. After this you make a photo of your bill and upload it at this app. If the amount of $20 has been reached, the company will send you the money. Our PR member, Danielle has been using the app in the Netherlands as well and confirms that it really works. The app has different offers every week, which will be changed every Thursday. You can see these offers at the app or at the website. One of the current offers, for example, is buy 3 Pringles and get $2 back. There is one catch though, for some of the offers, the items have to be on the same receipt.

You might have passed it already while going to our office in the International Village Mall. This is of course about the one and only Yoko Yaya! Yoko Yaya is a Chinese store where you can get almost everything you need. From beauty products to kitchen wear, you can find it there. A lot of their products is only $2, so if you just moved in, this is the place to be!16650234_10208214332296985_405893829_n

As most of us cannot survive the morning without a coffee, this offer cannot be forgotten. If you buy a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons, you can win several prices such as a television, a car or a coffee. Most people only win a coffee. However, me and Danielle had the bad luck to not win anything at all. This is mostly a chance to save money for people who buy coffee anyway and therefore have the chance to save money. Furthermore, the coffees at Tim Hortons are not even that expensive, so it might be an idea to check it out anyway.

Try to save as much money as you can, so you can spend it on our Kelowna trip!

– Iris

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Yesterday  I was in the supermarket ‘No Frills’, and I bought so many groceries for a cheap prize.  Therefore I would like to tell you some of their special offers of this week! If you do your  groceries there, then you can save lots of money! You will be surprised of these prices!

  • Blueberry pints $2 each
  • Coca Cola 1L/1.5L $1 each
  • Pringles 140 gr $1
  • vegetables 705 gr $1
  • Christie Cookies 550 gr $2
  • Pint Tomatoes $1


Locations in Vancouver:

  • Location 1
    310 West Broadway
    Store hours:
    Everyday from 9am till 10pm
  • Location 2
    1030 Denman Street
    Store hours:
    Everyday form 9am till 9pm
  • Location 3
    130 – 2083 Alma Street
    Store hours:
    Everyday from 9am till 9pm

How do you save money in the city of Vancouver? Let us know, by leaving a comment below 🙂

Cheers, Lydia

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