Legends of the Traveler – A game of choice


Legends of the Traveler is an upcoming action adventure video game developed by R. Simon Kaebe, who is managing the INTERNeX PR department since its creation in January 2009. He officially started with Jannik, his lead developer, last year Augusts and has been working on this project since then. Caleb, who is the community manager and writer, as well as Alex, the character designer have joined the team later and helped moving the project forward. During the interview Simon mentioned also the help from talented individuals such as Karl, who provided some of the early artwork based on Simons more general description of the main characters. I had the pleasure to interview the team and ask them a few questions.

What is the game about?
The game takes place in the mystical world of Reed. Reed is for the most parts a rather peaceful world aside from some fights and insignificant wars between smaller Kingdoms. Reed is a world full of variety. Ranging from cold fjords of the northern regions to dry and endless deserts of the south. Species on Reed also varies in terms of race and abilities. Each region will have a noticeably unique culture, evident in the buildings, the people, the roads and many other visual clues, making it a new experience each time the player travels through different regions, countries and even cities. Through interactions with the player and NPC’s throughout the game, the player will begin to understand the various cultural and political happenings in the world. Throughout the game, The Traveler can choose to fulfil the quests, or complete them in a way that only benefits himself. It’s with this freedom that The Traveler develops either a solitary or social standing in the world, and future encounters will be different based on The Travelers reputation. The game changes depending on choices made by the player.

Caleb – “It’s about people coming together to defeat an enemy despite their differences. Two friends going on an adventure, but the adventure twists and turns out to be far from expected”

How did you get the idea for the story?

Simon – “I used to play a lot of pen and paper games when I was younger and was even writing adventures for our group. It was back then I had the first time the idea for this epic story.”

The story around “The Traveler” and the character itself stems from the Simon’s early adulthood. Simon played a virility of pen and paper games with a group of his friends and many core ideas of Legends of The Traveler were born during that time. Over the years, Simon has re-written the story countless times, had attempted to write a book and later developed his own pen and paper game. Simon and his team spent days play testing the game, balancing the 150+ monsters and many races including their possible occupations.

How does the future look like for Legends of the Traveler?
Legends of the Traveler should be done in 2 years time, if everything goes as planned. The team is currently working part time on the game. However depending on the success of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, planned in October 2016, the team will begin to work full-time on the game. Two more titles have already been thought of in addition to the first one. Therefore Legends of the Traveller could become a trilogy.

We are wishing the Legends of the Traveler team all the best and hope they will have a successful Kickstarter. If you like to know more go to these links:

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LegendsOfTheTraveler
Website:  http://legendsofthetraveler.com/

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Expose of the week

This week Natasha is the ‘Expose of the week’. Natascha studies economies in Germany and she works since four weeks at a travel agency in Vancouver Downtown. Furthermore she lives in the Staffhouse of INTERNeX.

Why are you in Canada?
I decided to go to Canada because I would like to improve my English language skills, and to gain some international work experience. Furthermore I want to know and learn more about the culture here, and I want to become more independent.

Why did you choose Canada?
I choose Canada because of the beautiful landscape. I also find it very interesting that Vancouver is a multicultural city because I like it to come in contact with different nationalities. Moreover I like the climate in the summer time very much.

What do you like most about Vancouver?
I like all the beaches in Vancouver. And the people are so friendly here, much more friendly than in Germany, haha. I also like the parks here in Vancouver, especially Stanleypark.

How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?
My University works together with INTERNeX.

How did you like your internship?
So far I like it, because the people are so nice, there are many interns and everyone is open-minded. I have to talk to people that I do not know which I like to do. And I like it that I can do some trips for free! Furthermore the working hours are perfect; I start working at 10:00am.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
I am responsible for promotion at different schools in Vancouver, furthermore I am responsible for the bookings of the customers.

Is it related to the study you are doing back home?
Yes, is only applicable for the marketing courses.

Where have you been in and around Vancouver?
I have been to the Grouse mountain. It was very hard to climb the Grouse mountain but it gave me a great feeling when I was standing on the top of the mountain. I also went a few times to Stanley park, it is so beautiful there! In Stanley park is also an Aquarium, it was very expensive but really worth the money. Furthermore I went to the Rockies, that was an amazing trip!

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
Definitely the Rocky Mountains. I jumped in the two degree lake, it was so cold but I was very proud about myself. I also saw a Glacier, it was so beautiful! I will never forget that!

How long did you stay in Canada?
In total I will stay for 3 months, so I have still 2 month to go.

What is the first thing you will do when you return back home?
I will eat a steak, because meat is so expensive here in Vancouver. And I look forward to sleep in my big bed at home again.

What was the best thing about your Internship/your stay in Canada?
The best thing is that some interns got their own project. It was our task to develop a new brand for the company. It was interesting to do.

What was the worst thing about your Internship/stay in Canada?
I is hard to say something about this question. The only thing that I can think of is the bad washing machine in the Staffhouse,haha!

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes, I would recommend INTERNeX because the employees react very fast when I send an e-mails. And because of INTERNeX I can live now in the Staffshouse. Furthermore I think that the welcome orientation is very useful and interesting!

Thanks Natasha for being the Expose of the Week!


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INTERNeX Hospitality program

Have you ever wondered which services’ INTERNeX offers? This blog post will highlight one of our four main ones; hospitality.

The hospitality program gives you the chance to gain experience in Canada’s world class resort communities. Placement opportunities are with hotels, resorts or associated companies in a tourism communities and cities in Canada. Positions and locations of placement opportunities are based on previous education, experience, English level, ability to stay a full season or longer, as well as general attitude and of course what is available at the time of your application. INTERNeX will assist you with all you need to secure your placement including in depth industry specific consultations, orientation to living and working in Canada and a placement specific orientation when you have secured your placement.

When is the best time to start? Positions in tourism locations are generally only available 2 times per year because of seasonality; Summer and Winter.

Canadian employers are looking for people who are outgoing, flexible, happy, hard-working, good at communicating with others, physically fit and willing to do physical work, as well as wanting to learn, able to adapt to a multicultural environment, and who really want to be in Canada. Some placements require a certain skill set but some do not. Our INTERNeX consultation and orientation will provide you with all the information you require to know what positions are available and how to secure the best possible placement opportunity and to be successful when you start your Canadian experience.

Will I have placement opportunities before I come to Canada? Yes.

Do I get paid? Yes.

Which permit is required? Working Holiday, Young Workers Exchange, SWAP.

Salaries generally start at $8.75 per hour and most placement opportunities are approximately 30 hours per week, sometimes more sometimes less depending on how busy the host organization is. Staff accommodation is included in tourism communities. This costs approximately $400-$550 per month, sometimes more sometimes less, and may or may not be deducted from your salary (those working in Vancouver can apply for homestay, short-term hostel or self-catered residency).

Anymore questions? Please write us an e-mail or visit our website

Your PR-team

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Exposé of the week – Klaas-Jan and Dennis

On Wednesday, our two Dutch candidates Klaas-Jan and Dennis had their last internship day at Richmond Yachts, where they have been working on their graduation project for the past 4,5 months. Both of them are studying Engineering in The Netherlands and had to do their graduation project together which is quite uncommon and therefore a challenge for INTERNeX. But in the end, everything turned out to be great!

Richmond Yachts is one of the world’s top custom fiberglass shipbuilders and the fact that Dennis and Klaas-Jan worked on a $30.000.000 yacht was reason enough for me to head to Richmond and ask them some questions about their experiences at the company and in Vancouver.


How did you find INTERNeX International Exchange?

Klaas-Jan: In the first instance, we tried to find an internship ourselves but the response was disappointing, also due to the fact that the requirements from our university where pretty tough. Therefore we decided to engage somebody professional to find us the perfect company where we could work on our graduation project. We searched on the Internet and came across INTERNeX which has a lot of contacts in the engineering industry.

Why did you choose to go to Canada?

Dennis: I actually thought about going to the USA, but it is too difficult to get into the country and find an internship there, so I went for Canada since it is said to be a beautiful country.

Klaas-Jan: My sister went to Vancouver before and she strongly recommended the city. As you know it is the most livable city in the world! Besides, Australia, which I also considered, doesn’t have a strong engineering market. So I came here, also because I wanted to see bears…! 🙂

How did you like your internship?

Both: It was a great experience! We learned a lot about ship building and were able to apply our theoretical knowledge to the practical field. But not only that, we could also improve our English and meet a lot of interesting people!

What kind of tasks were you responsible for on a daily basis?

Dennis: We did not have varying daily tasks because we were only working on our graduation project, a multipurpose door for a yacht that Richmond Yachts is building at the moment. So, every day we were designing, building, adapting and test-running our prototype.

What do you like most about Vancouver?

Klaas-Jan: We were both pretty impressed by the strength of the YVR community after the riots that happened just after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Final. The city was a mess after rioters set cars on fire, smashed shop windows and destroyed other people’s property. To see all the Vancouverites clean up the city the day after was a very overwhelming feeling since you might not expect that to happen in Europe where there are also riots from time to time. But the inhabitants stood up for their city and did everything they could to whitewash their reputation. Their positive energy and love for the city is what I like very much!

Dennis: In addition to that, Vancouver just hits you with this WOW!-Effect wherever you go. You have the mountains in the North, parks and beaches in the West, Chinatown in the east and a great downtown district. Vancouver gives you everything you need, and especially in summer the city shows itself at its best so we are actually a little sad to be heading home now, that summer just started.

Where have you been in and around Vancouver?

Klaas-Jan: We went to Whistler and the Rocky Mountains, both together with INTERNeX. We could also tick Vancouver Island, Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain and other sites on our list.

What was the most memorable thing you did in Canada?

Dennis: After a party I stayed at a friend’s place. The following morning I got on the Skyrain to get back home and I fell asleep…When I woke up I found myself back at the same station where I boarded the Skytrain. So I went one whole round without waking up! Haha!

Klaas-Jan: To me, the best experience was the Rocky Mountains trip with INTERNeX. It was a lot of fun and I met so many nice new people which is something I really appreciate. INTERNeX brings people from all nationalities together! It increased my cultural awareness, I felt comfortable right away and I made a lot of friends!

Let’s sum it up: What was the best thing about your internship in Canada?

Both: That we could apply our theoretical knowledge to a tangible project which will be of value and used by Richmond Yachts.

And what was the worst thing?

Dennis: The tight budget I had to live on. Vancouver is a quite expensive city…


What is the first thing you will do back home in The Netherlands?

Dennis: Drive a car, meet up with my friends and drink some cheep beer!

Klaas-Jan: I am looking forward to see my family, my friends and my girlfriend again.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?

Both: YES!

We wish both of you good luck in the future and hope to see you back in Vancouver one day! 🙂

If you would like to share your INTERNeX experience with us, please feel free to contact us at pr@internexcanada.com!



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INTERNeX Family Interview#5

So i realize that it has been a while since you last were introduced to another one of our staff members but don’t worry they are all coming. The next one we have for you is an interview with Mina who has been with the company for the longest out of anyone. So hope you all enjoy it she has a lot of great things to say!

What is your first name?

Where are you from?
Originally I am from Seoul, South Korea.

What languages do you speak fluently other than English?

What position do you hold at INTERNeX? And for how long have you been working here?
I am the program director and I am responsible for training new partners and running the entire Internship program, which is no easy feat. I began at INTERNeX back in March of 2004, so by next month I will have been here for six years.

What made you want to become involved with INTERNeX in the first place?
Well I was initially hired by INTERNeX back in 2004 on the basis of an extremely specific project where I was responsible for working with the Korean Government. Throughout this project I worked to forge links between INTERNeX and the Korean Government in order to satisfy a need this country had for sending their university students and recent graduates to Canada. They wholeheartedly believed that Korean students would have a greater chance of getting employed in the future if they gained some international work experience and our Internship program fit perfectly into their long term goals. Then in 2005 I was able to branch out further within the company and my scope of reach was considerably widened. I was now responsible for interacting with potential and current partners and doing Internship placements for all nationalities.

In what ways do you think INTERNeX is unique from other international placement agencies? What does INTERNeX specifically offer that no other company can?
First and foremost INTERNeX is all about the team. We are a multicultural and passionate set of people who can not only bring an invaluable amount of knowledge to this industry and our clients but also to each other. Each and every team member see this as more than just a job but rather an opportunity that we can provide to our clients that can truly be rewarding for both them and us.

What changes within INTERNeX have you personally witnessed since you have joined the team?
We have grown on an exponential level from what we were back in 2004 in terms of our general company size and the amount of systems and procedures in place. Now we also have an extremely active online community which is constantly fed by our PR interns who can dedicate themselves solely to interacting with our clients in a successful manner. And last but certainly not least our team; I have seen various changes in human resources at INTERNeX but I wholeheartedly believe that we now have a cohesive team that shares a common goal and this is an essential element for the ultimate success of our company.

Where would you like to see INTERNeX in the next 10 years? Do you have any New Year’s goals for the company?
I would like to see INTERNeX offices in all the major cities of the world. But personally what I think is most important is recognition from the Canadian Government and receive special visas especially designed for INTERNeX participants. Now the reasoning behind this is that our government provides different countries with certain quota of visas that can be made available. So even if we want to increase the number of opportunities we provide, our ability to do this is hindered by this quota and therefore we need to have the government see that what we do is beneficial to Canada.

Tell us one interesting thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?
For fours years I practiced a traditional Korean martial arts known as Kook Sul. This martial arts system taught me things such as self defense and sword fighting and I even participated in demonstrations in front of hundreds of people.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Honestly I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but in Vancouver permanently; however, if I have to choose anywhere else I would say the Netherlands. This is because that is where my in-laws are living and I always like to be close to my family.

If you would like to know more about INTERNeX as a company and all the programs and possibilities it has to offer please do not hesitate to contact us at the office:

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