Was your weekend green too?

This weekend was awesome! INTERNeX candidates and their friends joined the St. Patrick’s Day Club Crawl last Saturday. We started at The Blarney Stone with 49 people! The first people showing up got a free beer and everyone got free green accessories. After a good time at the Blarney Stone and after everyone arrived we were ready to go to the next place!
We had our own INTERNeX Party Bus to bring us from club to club. This was one of the highlights of the evening! Driving through Dowtown Vancouver (and further) in a big yellow school bus with party music! After the Blarney Stone we went to Roxy, The Motel and Au Bar!

In the INTERNeX Party Bus

At the Blarney Stone two of our candidates (Jeanette and Patrick) had to compete in a drinking game against two others. They both had to down a beer and after wards Jeanette had to blow up a balloon and whoever was faster would win tickets for the St. Paddy’s Party this Thursday and of course our INTERNeX candidates won!! We’re very proud!
In Roxy’s they held a lottery which was won by a friend of our INTERNeX candidate Louisa, David. He won a lot of St. Patrick accessories and some free beers. Congratulations David!!


If you would like to see more pictures of this AWESOME night! Please go to our Flickr account. Thanks for coming everyone, it was really great that such a big group was there, because the more people the more fun right?
Maybe some of you have been to the Spring Break Party this weekend? I would love to hear about that too, so please comment on this blog post! 🙂

Your PR-team

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Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149
Email: pr@internexcanada.com

PuBNiGHT in Banff!

To all the great people working in Banff. Be prepared! A group if INTERNeX interns from Vancouver, joined by me “The Proud Dutch” and my sidekick “The Insane Dane” from the INTERNeX office, is coming to your hometown this Saturday! It would be awesome to meet up and have the first ever  INTERNeX PuBNIGHT in Banff!

We will be having dinner at 7.30 pm at The Paddock Bar & Grill and after that, who knows?? We are depending on you guys working in the area to show us what kind of fun your hometown has to offer, and where we can go to get our groove on!

Let us know if your up for a night filled with laughter, beers, and maybe new friendships! Send an email to pr@internexcanada.com or marien@internexcanada.com to get some more details, and some phone numbers so we can arrange where to meet up etc.

Look forward to meeting you all and to have a blast of a night in Banff!

– Manouk