New ‘Kids’ on the blog

Now, already one week later, we have other new kids joining our Internex Group!

Let’s start this one with Laura. She’s 19 years old from a town near Hamburg in Germany. She’ll be staying a whole year in Canada! The year consists of two parts, one with 6 months Work & Travelling which she wants to do in Whistler for some skiing or working at a clothing store. The other part is going to be a ranch stay, which she’ll be organizing in her work & travel time. 🙂 Back in Germany she just finished her finals. After Canada she wants to study something, maybe in the direction of art or architecture but she’s not sure yet. She chose Canada because she likes spending time in nature and heard that the people in Canada are very friendly. Also with Canada, a dream came true for her! We’re so glad to be part of that dream! Her first impression was that Vancouver is beautiful. She imagined the city even bigger than it actually is, but nevertheless she likes it here! (How can Vancouver not be the greatest city of all times?! :D) She definitely wants to go to the mountains and see a lot of the country. Back home she likes to ride her horse and sometimes to draw pictures. When it comes to food, she prefers Italian cuisine. Who doesn’t love some pasta, or pizza? 🙂 We’re happy to have Laura in Canada and hope she’ll have a great time here!

Next we have Nimai. He’s 21 years old and is originally from London in the UK. Right now, he’s doing an internship in Vancouver for about 2 months and wants to work in Whistler for about 6 months after. During his time here he’d also like to travel around Canada. At home, he just finished his studies in Geography & Business at the University of Nottingham (Robin Hood helped him I believe :)). After his time here in Canada, he wants to do something with real estate. As we asked, why he picked Canada, he was answering: “Why not?” – That’s the spirit! 🙂 Also he chose Canada because of its Nature, Scenery and the transition of being in the city and the mountains. His first impressions were that the people here are very friendly and caring and that he didn’t need much time to get used to the way of life here, which I can definitely support. The number one thing he wants to see while he’s here are the Rockies. Back home he likes to do any kind of sport and listen to music, as well as playing the piano and the drums. In Vancouver, he really wants to try out typical pancakes with maple syrup. I think he’ll easily find a spot e.g. at a diner to try those! =) Anyways we are very happy that he’s in Vancouver and that he can create a unique experience here.

Let’s move on with Seb. Seb is 24 years old and is also originally from the UK. Let’s try to pronounce his city correctly: Worcestershire. So how’d you do? =) Just kidding. Seb is also doing an internship here and wants to have a paid-job after. He’s staying until December and then from February until July. He just finished his studies in Politics & Spanish at the University of Warwick. After his time here, he wants to do something in Consulting. He chose Canada because he never was in North America and also the Visa here is pretty nice. Of course, he wants to explore, travel and meet new people. His first impression was that all the people here are very friendly and he also got a good and safe vibe from the city. One thing he really wants to do is to go to Vancouver Island and to see the nature of British Columbia. I think he must join us on our trip this weekend :D. In his free time he likes playing hockey and lots of other sports. He’s also going to the gym and he likes listening to music. In Canada, he really wants to try some pancakes with maple syrup and poutine! We’re very happy we got Seb in our rows. 

Next we have Anna. She is 18 years old and originally from Hamburg in Germany. She just graduated high school and while she’s here in Vancouver she will take a two week language course before her work starts in Stanley Park. She’s been to Vancouver Island before and has always wanted to know what life is like on the mainland. She also tells me that her first impression of Vancouver is great with the beautiful nature surrounding this big city and the friendly people that are living here. Her hobbies are horseback riding and she’d like to go to Whistler to ski. We are glad she is here with us!

Next up we got Sydney. She’s 20 years old and lives in Germany, more specifically in Mainz. She wants to do some work & travel here in Canada. At home she just finished the theoretical part of her finals and wants to work maybe with kids or at a medicine company to complete the practical part of her finals. She picked Canada because she loves being in the snow. She’s a great winter fan, with the romantic and cozy vibe, hot chocolate and the freezing cold outside. Her first impression was very good, because she could see some wildlife, forests and some parts of the city outside her airplane window. Sydney doesn’t really have anything on her bucket list, because she wants to stay spontaneous and goes with the flow. I think that’s also a nice way to experience Canada =). Back home she loves listening to the music of Billie Eilish, to dance and do some sports like fitness or handball. In her free time, she enjoys making some music like EDM or Techno. When it comes to food, she likes vegetarian and vegan food. I think she will surely find some nice food places here in Vancouver. We are happy to have her here, and that she can experience Canada with us together! 🙂

Let me introduce you to Steffi. Steffi is a 20 year old living between Hamburg and Bremen. She’s going to do some work & travel in Canada and currently lives at a homestay. Back home, she just finished her finals and wants to study German & French or English at the University in Göttingen to become a teacher one day. Steffi wanted to go to a summer camp before deciding to come to Canada because she wanted to celebrate finishing her finals back in Germany next year, but we’re glad she made the decision to come to Vancouver instead! Her first impression of the city was that it wasn’t quite big in the beginning. When she took the Expo Line of the Skytrain for the first time she really felt included into the Canadian community. Nevertheless, she has some things on her bucket list which she really wants to see, for example she wants to see some Grizzly Bears and meet as many people as possible. Also she wants to go to 7 Eleven, and try some pancakes with maple syrup somewhere. I hope she can fulfill all the points on her bucket list! In her free time she enjoys going on hikes, on vacation, watching a series, and she likes to read all kinds of books. She really enjoys vegetarian food and more specific pasta. I believe there are some spots that can fulfill her taste =). Anyways, we are glad to have Steffi here in Vancouver and that she can join us on our events. 

Here we have Lena. She’s 19 years old from Munster in Germany. She recently finished high school and is here in Vancouver for three months to gain practical experience within the International Film Festival. She tells me that she’d always wanted to go to Canada to see some sights, the nature, the mountains but also the city. The things on her bucket list while she’s here are to see the nature of Canada, go hiking, see grizzly bears and to eat traditional Canadian pancakes with maple syrup. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, playing the piano, hanging out and meeting friends. After Canada she is thinking of studying to become an architect. So cool in my opinion! She loves eating pizza and pasta and also to try some new food :). We are excited to have Lena on our events and to share some time with her here in Canada =)

We are happy to introduce these new Kids to you and hopefully you’ll get the chance to meet them at todays PubNight!


Tino & Ida =)

New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Yes, it’s time for more new kids on the blog again! This year they just keep coming and we’re loving it!

Let me introduce you to our Work and Traveler Anne. She’s 26 and from Brussels in Belgium. In her home country she already gained a lot of work experience as a social communications manager, now she’d like to start her own project and try something new. So far, she didn’t get quite a good impression of Vancouver, since she’s only been staying downtown, but I told her the hidden gems are outside the city close to the forests, mountains, lakes and the ocean, especially for her favourite free time activities which include playing soccer, climbing and biking. I’d say Vancouver is the perfect area to do such things. Maybe she’ll go to Whistler dog sitting, or do a 3-4 week road trip through Canada. There’s many options she’d like to explore before she settles for job in Montreal, where she’s been before. She liked it so much that she decided to come back! Montreal is more European, plus she already has friends over there, which is why she prefers the East Coast, at least so far ;). And if you’re thinking, oh no but they speak mostly french over there, so does Anne! I’m excited to see how long she decides to stay here and what her future adventures will bring. 🙂

Meret is 18 years old and close from Bielefeld in Germany. She loves animals which explains why she’ll be working at a cat sanctuary and a wildlife rescue in her two months time here. She just finished High School in Germany and after her stay on the West Coast, she’ll be traveling through the United States to visit some family, before returning to Germany and thinking about what to study. Her interests are very divers, on the one hand she’s super creative and thinking about studying Design, on the other hand she’s curious about medicine. I asked her if she could imagine being a vet since she wants to rescue lots of animals, but she actually isn’t quite sure about that. 😉 One of the reasons why she picked Canada is the nature with its mountains, lakes and wildlife. Her impression of Vancouver is big with many different parts that seem like different worlds, which she finds very impressive, plus she likes that the city is close to the ocean. In her free time she likes to paint, read, or dance many different styles like contemporary, modern, ballet, or jazz. Maybe she can teach us some dance moves. 🙂

Tamara, 20 years old from the near of Stuttgart in Germany will also be with us for two months. She’ll be doing a practicum related to her co-op studies in marketing and customer service at the same company Jessica is at. 🙂 Tamara studies Business Administration and Technical Management. The reasons she picked Canada are the scenery and a chat with Tim about her possibilities here, and honestly who could say no to that? 😉 The city so far seems big, but there’s a lot of nice people, she says. She doesn’t have a bucket list, but rather jumps in the cold water and takes whatever is given to her on the way, like exploring the mountains and wildlife. I like that attitude! In her free time she plays several instruments like the clarinet and saxophone. BUT, she’s not only playing music, she can also dance to it! Pre-Covid she was part of a dance group, but unfortunately they had to stop meeting with all the restrictions, which brought her back to an old hobby: horseback riding! I guess it all has some advantages and disadvantages to it. Anyways, we’re happy she’s here with us and has some time to jump into cold waters, climb some mountains and enjoy the Vancouver city life!

Next we have Fanny. She’s 18 years old and from Brussels in Belgium. Fanny is going to have English lessons for about 2 months and right after she wants to work at a Café in Vancouver. She just finished high school in Brussels and is now gaining some experience in Canada. After the time in Vancouver she wants to study Biology somewhere in Belgium. She chose Canada because she wanted to learn the english language and thought that Great Britain was too close and the US a bit too expensive! 🙂 So we are happy to have Fanny here! Her first impression of Vancouver is that the skyscrapers are super tall and the people are very friendly. Fanny doesn’t really have things on her bucket list, that’s why she’s very spontaneous and open for adventures here in Canada. In her free time she’s playing field hockey and for 2 years she’s also going to the scouts. Her favourite food is Pizza & Burgers, so Vancouver is a great place since you get those on every corner.

Ferdinand, 20 years old, from Bamberg in Germany is next on the list :). For the next 5 months he’ll be doing an internship in research about the clothing industry and the recycling of specific clothes. Back home in Germany he was already working at a warehouse and did some research for trucks and silos. This work is very important because it prevents accidents who can happen if you don’t do the research properly. After his time in Canada, he wants to study in the Netherlands in the same field. He chose Canada because it was his biggest dream to come here! We’re glad we’re a part of making that dream come true! 🙂 Unfortunately, his first impression from Vancouver was interrupted by the smoke of the wildfires on Saturday. Nevertheless, he thinks that the people here are very friendly and open-minded. If it’s possible at any time, Ferdinand would like to visit Toronto for 2-3 days, or go to Seattle because he’s a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Any more fans amongst us? He likes to play soccer, basketball and tennis in his free time. I’m sure he can find many places to resume his sports here, maybe someone is down for a match? 🙂 His favourite food are some good old burgers. I recommended him “Fatburger”. What’s your favourite burger spot?

Last, but definitely not least is Lina. She’s 19 years old and lives in a city near Marburg in Germany. She’ll do a project for about 1 month with a rabbit rescue organization. After that, she wants to travel around Canada for about two weeks to see maybe Vancouver Island and Toronto. As if travelling in Canada is not enough, she then travels to Costa Rica to do a project with kids at a kindergarten :). She chose Canada because her uncle was here in January and was talking about his great journey quite often. She then thought about going to Vancouver it connects vast nature with big city. Her first impression was also that most of the people here are very friendly and caring. Since Vancouver is surrounded by many mountains, her biggest wish is to go skiing somewhere. Maybe the snow falls early this year? Back in Germany she just finished her high school and after travelling, she wants to study architecture in Kassel. She likes meeting her friends and going to festivals and parties. In her hometown she’s a lifeguard in the summertime. Her favourite food is Italian food and of course she wants to try some good pancakes with maple syrup at a traditional Canadian Diner. We’re happy to have Lina in our rows!

We’re very excited for you to meet our new kids at tonight’s pub night, 7.30pm at the Ballyhoo! See you there!


Tino, Ida & Laura 🙂

New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Let me present to you this week’s new ‘kids’ on the blog:

Elina is a Work and Traveler from near Frankfurt in Germany. She’s planning on staying till mid December and then going home to have a bunch of smaller trips with her friends, and eventually study. She’s interested in Business Psychology, but not a hundred percent sure yet if that’s what she’d like to do. It’s her first time here and the mix of nature and big cities, combined with friendly and welcoming people made her choose to go to Canada. She just arrived, but her fist impression is that Vancouver is a relaxed city. I can see that. 🙂 In her short time she has a lot of places on her bucket list that she’d like to see, like the Rockies, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, and more! Hopefully she’ll be able to travel more than she has to work. 😉 Other than traveling Elina enjoys spending time with her friends or going to the gym.

Isabel will also do Work and Travel here in Canada. She’s from a village near Freiburg in Germany and plans on staying a full year. After that, she might study Fitness and Dietary in Berlin which seems to be very fitting, considering that she works out five times a week, preferably at a gym. Other than that she loves to listen to music, hang out at a park with friends, or also just by herself. Another hobby she discovered is skating, maybe she can practice a little more while she’s here. 🙂 This is actually not her first time in Canada, Isabel came here once in 2016 and enjoyed it a lot, so that she decided to come back. Her parents used to live in Seattle, so she feels kind of connected to this part of the world. While she’s here she’d like to work in the Hospitality industry and visit places like the Rockies, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Looks like those two could go on adventures together! 🙂

Lina is from near Vienna in Austria and will do her volunteer practicum in management, marketing and customer service. She just finished High School and will be doing half a year of college in Santa Barbara, California after her time here. So exciting! 🙂 She’s actually been to Canada before a few years ago for a High School Exchange year in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Her return shows how much she loved it! Especially the people are reason for her to come back to Canada: “They are friendlier than Austrians”, she says. 😉 In her free time she likes to play handball, or to go snowboarding. While she’s here Lina would like to go to Seattle to visit her brother who’s studying in the sleepless city. Pretty cool to have your family close by. 🙂

Marie from near Dortmund in Germany will have her internship together with Lina at the same organization, but she hopes to get a little more in the area of curation. In Germany she studies History and English. Lately she had to study a lot and now she’s taking a well deserved break, even though her studies require her to spend some time in an English speaking country, she’s doing it more for herself. She always wanted to go to Canada and her she is. 🙂 From above the clouds Vancouver reminded her of the Nordic countries in Europe with all its surrounding nature. She loves it, and to be honest, how couldn’t you? While she’s here Marie would love to see an Ice Hockey Game. Good thing the season starts again soon! When she has a little free time from studying she likes to play Volleyball. I know a lot of you love to go to Kits Beach to play, maybe next time she can be on your team? 😉

I hope to see you all at tonights Pub Night. 7pm at the Beaver Taphouse! It’s 18+, make sure to bring two pieces of ID!


Laura 🙂

How was the weekend?

The weekend was really great for me. On Friday a few of us went to an Australian Bar and Krystelle made us try a lot of her favourite Aussie foods, e.g. Kangaroo meat, a Chicken Schnitty, or Vegemite, which is a spread that you put on a toast with some butter. The taste is very specific, not for everyone. 😉 She told us it’s usually a breakfast meal. For dessert we had Fairy Bread which basically is toast with sprinkles on it, and Pavlova, probably my favourite food that night. It’s Meringue filled with cream and topped with fruits, it was soooo good! Have you ever tried any of these? If not, you’ll have the chance not at this weeks, but at next weeks pub night! We’ll be going to the Moose Down Under, try more Aussie Snacks, Beverages, and give our best at the Trivia. Who’s in?

On Saturday we went to Belcarra for a little hike to Jug Island Beach. The silence in nature was beautiful, so was the break at the beach. Larissa saved a starfish, we had some snacks and relaxed by the water, taking in the views of the beautiful mountains around us. The hike was moderate, but it felt very short, I guess everyone was just really fast and advanced, seems like we need to do a harder hike next time! A bunch of us went down to the pier and spotted some more Marine Life, before we headed back home. My evening just ended with a Barbecue on the balcony, pretty relaxed. 🙂

BUT, this week there’s a lot going on. We have our Rockies trip on Friday already. Who’s excited for more breathtaking mountains, gorgeous lakes and wildlife??? Also, a new INTERNeX PR Intern will be joining our family and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Since I’ll be gone for another work trip, Ida will be taking over for me here in Vancouver. More about that in our following blog posts, so make sure you stay updated. 😉

I hope you have a great start into this week and we can chat more at Wednesday’s Pub Night at the Beaver Taphouse. See you there at 7pm.


Laura 🙂

New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Yay, it’s time to introduce you to more new ‘kids’!

Let me start with Clara from Berlin, Germany. In Vancouver she will do her volunteer practicum at an Art Gallery, gaining some experience in event planning and organization, before she goes back to Germany to study Psychology. She says she’d love to learn more about arts, culture and community in Canada and is very excited to start her practicum. She picked Canada amongst all the countries because she wants to improve her English, she like the combination of nature and city, plus it’s nicer here than in the USA she heard from a few friends. 😉 Her first impression of Vancouver was ‘big’. While Clara is here she’d love to meet lots of people, explore the nature and maybe go to the Rockies. In her free time she likes to dance (street jazz) and read. Did you notice we’ve got a lot of dancers here at the moment? Maybe we can start an INTERNeX Flash Mob? 😀

Our next candidate is Benjamin from Frankfurt, Germany. He’ll be doing a volunteer practicum in event planning and administrative work. In Germany he graduated High School and now he’s not quite sure what his plan will be, maybe studying? He’s here to figure it out, I think the practicum is definitely useful to get one step closer. 🙂 His parents told him about Vancouver, since they loved it he decided to give it a try. I’m sure it was the right decision. 😉 The city is bigger than he expected, but very beautiful, he says. In his free time he likes to go to the gym and meet his friends, hopefully he can make some new friends to meet here as well. 🙂

Finally, another non-german (no offence, I’m German myself :D) to bring a little diversity to our INTERNeX crew! Martin from Västerås in Sweden will be doing some work and travel in Canada and he’s starting here in Vancouver, so we’ll have lots of time to get to know him more. After that he might go to Whistler for the ski season, since he really likes winter sports. He started ice skating and ice hockey last winter and enjoyed it very much. He also plays the piano in his free time. Martin has actually been to Vancouver before when his brother did the same thing 5 years ago, he loved it so much that he wanted to come back. 🙂 His first impression was that Vancouver is really big and smells like Cannabis. 😀 I can’t blame him. While he’s here he wants to go to Tofino and try out surfing. Who else is in?

Fourth in our round is Luisa. She lives near Munich in Germany and already has a job she loves with children and teenagers. She’s here during her three week vacation break to gain some international work experience at Stanley Park. So far she thinks Vancouver is a cool city and she really likes it. 🙂 When I asked her why she picked Canada she said that she’s never been here so she wanted to go to try something new. Luisa doesn’t have a bucket list, she will just go with the flow while she’s here which I think is a good idea. In her free time she plays the flute in an orchestra, she loves sports, especially gymnastics and hiking. Good thing we’re going on a hike this weekend!

So excited for you to meet them at tonight’s Pub Night at The Ballyhoo, 7pm! It’s 18+ till 10pm, so I’m expecting a lot of people. 😉

See you all there!


Laura 🙂