IX-News-Logo.pngSince it is affecting all of us, public transport is definitely a topic worth talking about. As you might have heard and experienced in the past, the situation is not absolutely perfect at the moment. Many of the operators are not happy about the conditions they are currently working under.

Long story short:
Mostly, time schedule are very tight and won’t leave space for breaks during busy days like these. So if there isn’t any agreement with the Coast Mountain Bus Company by tonight, there will be a strike starting tomorrow morning, obviously affecting everybody using public transport. Certainly not everything will stop driving by then, but it’s most likely to experience delays as well as cancellations. Therefore, please stay updated and find potential alternatives, to get wherever you need to go, in time!



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INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

I find exceptional how the Public transport works here at Vancouver, and of course it´s absolutely different from another cities I´ve lived in.


Sometimes  you can see  the sign “Sorry, full bus”, and that´s why buses don´t accept more people when there is enough inside. Inside the bus is often quiet and the people usually speak lowly. Another good thing is that you can trust in the timetable. One day, we were in Grouse Mountain  and the bus driver was a couple of minutes earlier for his route so he just stopped in the second stop and read the newspaper until the exactly hours  it has to start. It was kind of funny see the bus stopped and the bus driver reading, but it´s good to be able to trust the public transportation.


Absolutely different .Comparing with Vancouver is like a jungle, there is only one law; the law of the strongest. Of course there is no limit in the “capacity” so when you think: How can I am going to get in? In that moment a little woman or an old man or someone pushes the rest of the people to get in and the worse of all is that in the meanwhile you stay there with stupid face out of the bus waiting for the next crowed one.

In Madrid is better don´t doubt, just do it, otherwise leave home with time…  And once you are lucky enough and you are inside, put the music loud and be patient if you don´t want to heard all the gossip of the city!


Well, Rome rocks! And the transportations are totally crazy there! I have been living there for 9 months and I don´t remember to pay any bus ticket! You can enter for the backdoor and the bus driver doesn´t say anything so… anyone or not that much people usually pay for the services… When my parents visited me I even made them not to pay. I remember the face of my mother so scared all the way long.  Maybe this is not something to write in a blog but if you have been living in Rome for a while, you will understand what I am saying. Of course if they caught you will have to pay a penalty! So better not to try if you are a tourist!

Wherever you are, is always funny to know the differences and learn about that!



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