INTERNeX Canada: How was your long weekend?

I hope you all had a fun LONG weekend and that you are all refreshed to go back to work! The bonus that comes with a long weekend is that this work week will be just as short as last week because there’s only four days till the weekend!  You may notice that I’m always (hopelessly) counting down to the weekend, but  some of you lucky ones will be coming to Whistler with INTERNeX this weekend.

My weekend was extra long because I finally graduated from university on Thursday! It was an amazing day and much more special than I could have imagined. It was really cool to see my classmates soak in the whole experience and take what seems like a billion pictures. What was so awesome was that Marianne and Irene got to come and spend the day with me. I’m so thankful to have them not only as my colleagues but friends that will last a life time.

The next few days consisted of going to my friends’ grads, furniture shopping and more working at my other job for me! Ya, my life is pretty mundane and sometimes I’m a workaholic. Sometimes.

Marianne, on the other hand, went on an impromptu camping trip to Whistler. She showed me the most beautiful photos of a glacier and told war stories about her hike to get there so definitely ask her about her crazy adventures!

On Monday night, about twenty of us got together for a thanksgiving dinner at The Irish Heather. I think it’s awesome that so many new faces showed up and yes, the Danish crowd is ever growing. Our set menu included their signature French beer, Kronenbourg Blanc which was really tasty and a bit fruity.

We were all starving so when our roast turkey came, which included stuffing, Okanagan cherry relish, maple glazed sweet potatos and brussel sprouts, everyone just stuffed it down their mouths. We’re so classy =P My favorite thing was the pumpkin pie for dessert. Having turkey and pumpkin pie was a new experience for most of the candidates, but everyone agreed that it is one worth repeating!

Now, that’s enough blabbering about how my weekend was. How was yours?



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Shake Off Your Turkey Jerky!!!


A Thanksgiving Feast


Ah, tis the day after the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have all gorged on the delicious table-full of foods: stuffed turkey with heaps of cranberry and gravy dressing, rich and creamy lasagna, pumpkin pie with gallops of ice cream, butter-infused mashed potato, and of course, accompanied by wine.

All this has got to wreck havoc on our waistline!

Is it the day after, and you habitually put on your pants, only to find that they are a little too snug? And you even try on the elastic-band pants but still feel the elastic too close for comfort?

Well, it might be time for some hard-core detox, which calls for buckling down and steer our paths back to the sure and tried way of a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to get back into shape is immediacy.  I just walked by a billboard that said “Procrastinator’s Anonymous Meeting”.  Then underneath the sign, it said “cancelled again”.  It is meant to be a joke…but it is so true.  We keep procrastinating from getting back into a healthy routine, that we procrastinate to the point where it becomes a habit to do so.

So…what does it mean to shake that turkey jerky? You know the turkey “junk in your trunk”? Well, you just have to jerk it off: dust off your work-out clothes, hop back on the treadmill, follow up with consistent and adequately proportioned meals….and with much persistence, you will see a difference!

I myself am trying to start up this routine.  It is excruciatingly painfully hard and tough…but I am determined to keep at it…until Halloween and Christmas roll around.  But I will do all I can before the holidays take over!

Some programs you can do:

-dance classes

-bootcamp (which usually runs outdoor ran or shine)

-gym membership


Just remember, have fun while doing this, and love every second of it, even the sweaty, frustrating parts because that’s what makes you stronger!