How was your weekend?

After shutting down the computers at the office on Friday afternoon, the weekend could start. We decided to behave like real Canadians this night, which means only one thing: watch hockey! So, Nadine and I headed to the sports bar Malone’s to meet some of you. At the moment, the playoffs of the Stanley Cup are broadcasted literally every day and as you can imagine, the pub was crowded. Everyone was following the intense game of one of the two Canadian teams in the competition, the Winnipeg Jets. Some fights later, we as well as the Jets could celebrate. We took it easy and called it a night after a few drinks.

sdrThe view outside the window on Saturday morning did not seem that promising. Time to escape cloudy downtown and take a walk in a tropical forest. That is possible in Vancouver? Yes! The Bloedel Conservatory is located right at the Queen Elizabeth Park. It feels like entering another world, warm and colourful. While walking around, Nadine, Angy and I could spot many exotic birds and plants. All information about the beautiful parrots and trees are mentioned in a guide that you receive when entering. Outside of the conservatory, I could enjoy a beautiful view of Vancouver and a little park with many flowers that are starting to flourish now. At the other side of the park, the preparation for the night began.



We planned to visit the event that was happening later: the Spring Light Festival. As it was still too bright and early, we used the time to visit the Oakridge Mall, before heading back to the park. Lucky as we were, it started to rain the moment we walked out of the mall. However, we were happy to meet some of you hiding under your umbrellas. We followed the path that was guided by lights in all kinds of ways. It was nice to see the cherries and lanterns highlighted in colourful spotlights. After a while, the ground became all muddy and we were completely soaked, so we decided to warm up again. Famous place to do so is the pub Bourbon where we danced the night away.

I admit that it was quite tough to get out of bed on Sunday morning. But there was a good reason to leave the house again. Of course, I wanted to meet you for our tour in the Rogers Arena. A guide welcomed us in the empty hallway and we entered the heart of the stadium. But something was different than the last time I was there to see a game of the Canucks. There was no ice! Since the season is over, it already got removed so that the concert season can start. The tour continued to the media and press box, the hall of heroes and the luxurious suits. As a highlight of the tour, we could even enter the locker rooms of the guests (quite basic) and the Canucks (not basic at all), where we could still spot the gear of the famous Sedins. I was impressed by the diverse places you can see a game from and the huge organization behind the scenes. Since everyone was hungry after this exhausting tour, we visited Malone’s again for lunch and hockey, of course.

I had another great weekend with many of you! See you Wednesday at Steamworks Brewpub for our weekly PuB NiGHT!

– Kerstin

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Candidate Exposé – Kerstin Berger

kerstinbergerI am Kerstin Berger, 23 years old and I am from Germany. I just graduated from university and I always wanted to come here once, so now was actually the perfect timing.

I found Internex through a German agency, which offers internships all over the world. Internex and mostly the girls from the PR-team are doing an awesome job! I am participating in the practicum program because I didn’t’ t want to do the work and travel program. I think the general program of Internex is really good since you get to meet so many people and doing all the trips together makes the time here just awesome.

I am placed at a recruiting company in Vancouver and I think it is pretty okay so far. I think it is more HR though, while I actually wanted to do something in accounting. I had an interesting project here that turned out to be a big project for the company. It made me feel pretty good that I was the one who ran it. I think you need to have a bit of a HR background though for this Practicum. So this is not a part of my university programs since I already graduated, but the experience will be useful for my career goals.

Kerstin berger (words)

In Vancouver I live in a shared apartment where I have a private room. I found it on Craigslist, which is a platform to buy and sell or offer almost everything. For example you can find houses there, second hand ski materials and even pets.

My first impression of Vancouver was RAINcouver haha, I am glad that the rain is gone by now. I realize now how beautiful the city and the whole country is. During my stay I attended most activities and trips organised by the PR-team, but sometimes I was occupied with my other job at a bar. When I attended, it was always a lot of fun with cool people! I attended many pub nights, I went to the Richmond Night Market, cycling in Stanley Park and I went to the Rockies with them. The PR-team did a really good job, so thank you girls!

What I like most about Vancouver is that you have mountains and beaches in one city, so mostly the nature. The most memorable things I did here was the Big Rockies trip and road trips with friends. This experience inspired me to travel more and I think South America would be very interesting to go to.

Internex was helpful for me to get friends here, which I think is one of the most important things to have when you are abroad for a couple of months. I would totally recommend Internex to others.

The first thing I will do when I get back home is giving my family a big hug.

– Kerstin

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Candidate Exposé – Alyn Engelhardt

Alyn EngelhardtMy name is Alyn Engelhardt, I am 22 years old and lived my whole life in Viersen, Germany. It is a small town next to Düsseldorf and Cologne. I just graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Business Chemistry.

Before continuing with the Master in Business Chemistry I wanted to do a break from university to get some practical experiences by doing an internship. I chose Canada because I was always interested in the nature of this big country and the mentality of the citizens. In addition, I heard that the companies in Canada are really small, that it is not even unusual to know its entire staff. This means, it is more familiar and you might get the chance to get a better overview and learn more than in a big company.

In Germany I worked with an agency, I sent them all required documents and they sent it to Internex who got in contact with me. I was convinced that it is easier to find an internship with an agency that already knows different companies and has experience in working with them.

I was part of two different programs. I stayed for 12 weeks in Vancouver. The first two weeks I went to a language school to do a language course (Business English). Right after that, I started my internship for ten weeks. I chose this program to get some practical knowledge. Right after high school I went to university, which means, I never got the chance to see how a company works.

I am doing my internship at a (non-profit) community engagement organization.

“It is a signature initiative designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections. More than a single place or program, it assembles the hearts, minds, and talents of diverse communities to promote inclusive, intelligent, and inspiring dialogue.”

I am the first international intern they have, but they already had a lot of experience with work students and volunteers. It was an amazing time. They organise different events for people who are interested in community issues.

Alyn Engelhardt (words)

Communication and teamwork are the most important characteristics you need at this internship. Everybody needs to know what the other is working on and what is still missing; otherwise the events might not become successful. You should be good in organizing, and be flexible in general. Plans might change right before the event. You should also be creative; SFU Public Square loves new ideas.

This internship is not part of my education. Actually, event management does not have that much to do with the education I had, but still I can say I learned a lot. I learned to be more flexible and what good teamwork can look like. Also, I learned a lot on personal level during my internship.

I lived with a host family in Vancouver, organised by the language school. I shared the basement with another student. We had our own living room, kitchen and a bathroom. A host family is a great opportunity for people who are not used to live alone.

When I arrived, my first impression of Vancouver was: Now, I know why they call it Raincouver. The weather was really bad. It rained a lot in March and April. But I refused to buy an umbrella. In May the weather got so much better, so we were finally able to enjoy some outdoor activities.

I attend nearly all pub nights organised by Internex. It is a nice opportunity to meet new friends and to plan weekend activities. We always had a lot of fun and saw different corners of Vancouver Downtown. Besides the pub nights I attend other events like visiting the Lighthouse Park or Fly over Canada. Other places I traveled to are the Rockies, Vancouver Island with a friend I met on pub night, Bowen Island, Seattle, Whistler and soon I will travel down the westcoast of the USA with some friends I met at the pub nights. Furthermore I did a lot of activities like watching an ice hockey game, celebrated St. Patrick’ s Day, went to a boat party and I did lots of hikes.

What I like most about Vancouver is the mentality. There are so many different opportunities here. On one side Vancouver is a city, but it is also surrounded by beautiful nature. One thing I had to deal with was the bad traffic. I think it is not working for so many people. It really feels like you live in a big city with millions of inhabitants. Busses are passing by because they are already to full and in the rush hour everybody is stressed out.

I have three big highlights of my stay here. The first is th event I helped organize during my internship. As second a beautiful hike I did to a crushed airplane in Tofino. And last but not least a stay at the first nations hotel in Chase during our Rockies trip with Internex and Discover Canada Tours. My stay here and the entire experience didn’t really inspire me to travel more, since I already did that, but I might want to see the East of Canada as well now.

I would highly recommend the services of Internex. This agency has great contacts with different companies. In addition if your organise everything through Internex, you will get to know new friends because of the events and pub nights they organise.

When I get back home I will buy some good German bread.

– Alyn

INTERNeX Explorer Ep3 – 2017 behind the scenes

The third episode is already online since April 1st, and that is not a joke, although we had a big laugh again with filming the scenes for this episode.

IEX episode 3.pngThis months episode was a bit more challenging since time ran out fast with all the other tasks we have. Besides that Janel’s mom visited Vancouver, so we had to miss Janel for a week. Because of that the filming was all over the place this month, while normally we film almost everything in one week.

For the informational part we decided to inform you a bit more about Yaletown, a gorgeous part of downtown with a thriving fashion district, nice boutiques and restaurants with patios. This will be the perfect place to blow of some steam during your lunch break if your office is in downtown. Unfortunately the nickname raincouver really came true this month, and we didn’t find a shiny day outside to shoot. Finally the sun was there on March 30th, two days before the deadline. We quickly went outside to shoot the entire Yaletown part with Danielle.

We were so happy that we finally filmed everything, but at the same time Thursday already came to an end. This meant there was only one day to edit the entire video, which can be quite stressful. Normally we spread the editing part over a few days, so we have fresh and creative minds every time. It was an intense day to get everything right: all the videos in the correct place, the voice-overs on the right spot and some green screens we needed to cover with lovely pictures.

So we hope you enjoyed watching the video, because there was some blood, sweat and tears involved (just kidding, we had ice creams). If you did not watch the video yet, shame on you! But you can find the video below ☺

Hope to see you all at PuB NiGHT tomorrow!

– Tess

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Indoor Trampoline Park

As we are here in RAINcouver the weather is not that good this weekend as we expected, that’s why we decided to cancel the kayak tour in deep cove on Saturday the 3rd of May. But we have of course another great event going on such us an Indoor Trampoline Park on Saturday the 3rd of May. Extreme Air Park is Canada’s largest trampoline park. There offer a huge 42,000 sq/ft of interlocking trampolines, which are enclosed with trampoline walls!

That’s not only for kids it’s fun for all ages 🙂

The Extreme Air Park is located in Richmond (14380 Triangle Road). We can meet in front of the Waterfront station at around 3:30pm and catch the sky train together or if it’s easier for you we can meet in front of the Extreme Air Park at 5pm. Just send us a short message where we will meet you. The jump for two hours will be $21 per person. Just check out the website to get an impression.

We hope you will all join us for this funny event and JUMP IN AND FLY SAFE!

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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock!

After a long time with perfect sunshines and temperatures, the clouds came back for a few days in the middle of August to Vancouver ! I should admit that Vancouver has greatly surprised me because I didn´t expect this great summer !

Of course, is not as hot as I would like..Everybody knows in Spain is hotter, but still, I think is a perfect temperature, neither too hot, nor cold ! Warm nice summer !

But what I wanter to share is that the other day I got surprised when talking with a few people from northern european countries told me that this weather is better than home.  At some point, I thought they were kidding or they wanted to make fun of me, so I decided to take a look on the internet, and that´s what I found.

  • Copenhagen, the capital of Denmarkexperiences the highest number of rainy days.It has a maritime climate due to Denmark being almost encircled by water.
  • Amsterdam is the most humid city. The city experiences 214 rainy days a year.
  • The european cities with the higher average of sunlight per day are Lisbon, Madrid and Athens (Also less rainy cities in Europe)

As I could realize, Vancouver with an average of 166 days of rain per year, has almost 100 days less of rain if you compare it with  the 251 days per year of Copenhagen. Now I understand !!

If you compare it with the top 6 of this list I won´t call it Raincouver again !!

And I found this quite interesting because the Spaniards have the perception that Canada is a very cold and rainy country, and they don´t know those places in Europe have more rainy days per year !!

What do you think? Is the weather in Vancouver better, or at your home City?

My conclusion is that Vancouver is a perfect place, not too cold and not too hot. Warm temperatures in summer and enough sun !



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INTERNeX Canada: News/ Fun facts

All candidates take care! The PR team is coursed! Every single beach-day we have planned had to be cancelled! Do you know why? Yes, it is not difficult imagine the motive! Rain! It couldn´t be anything more!

In Spain just rains some days in the winter and when it does, we just stay at home (mm blessed nap) but here it´s absolutely normal “to live among” the rain!

The record of consecutive days of rain in Vancouver is 28 days set in January 1953, but googling a little bit about the rain in Vancouver you will get surprised that it is not on the top ten lists of rainiest cities of the world!

In fact the most of the rainiest cities are in “paradisiac places” as Reunion Island, Cook Island Fiji or Thailand!

The classic picture of Fiji where appears somebody extra tanned lying in a hammock taking a margarita in front of a paradisiac beach show just one face of the real Fiji!

I am sure that if we moved there and organize some beach day will appear the other face of Fiji!

Another curious thing is that there are different microclimates with important differences in the same Vancouver! Do you live in North Vancouver? Oh you definitely get more rain! There is a general rule which say that for every rise of 100 meters in elevation, there is an additional 100 millimeters of precipitation!

Do you know how many days it usually rains? Vancouver averages 166 days of raining! That means one every three days! Summer used to be dryer, so it will rain almost every day in winter! It is logical that Vancouver is also known as Raincouver!

But there is always a good plan to do in Vancouver even it´s raining! You can go to the aquarium, the salmon hatchery, the theatre and a lot of other places… it´s impossible to get bored here!





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