INTERNeX Canada: Smart Save Vancouver

Ok, all the people know, Vancouver is an expensive city. But with our “Smart Saver” guide, you can take notes about our little tips to keep your budget safe.

Today, 1$ cold drinks! Sorry for the Game of Thrones fans but summer is coming. Time to sunbathing; lie down in the Stanley Park lawn, take a walk in Downtown… But maybe you need something very refreshing to enjoy more the sun.

Beat the heat! There is nothing better for the hot that a really cold drink to take away. And there isn’t any place in the world easier to find like a McDonald’s. In spite of the large number of times that the American company has been object/subject of controversy, it is still one of the most frequented places to save money.

Check out the following offers for cold drinks!

  • 1$ Small or medium caramel or vanilla iced coffee (really, who is going to order a small coffee instead of one medium for the same price?)
  • 1$ Small iced frappe (coffee, vanilla o iced tea)
  • 1$ Soft drinks

And if there is a competitor in cold drinks, this is Tim Hortons (sorry Starbucks, you are cute but expensive). The Canadian company has cheap options of these days too:

  •  1$ Iced Coffee or Coffee Latte
  • 1$ cold Frozen Lemon or Raspberry Lemonade

Summer’s short, so get out and enjoy!





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What Are You Doing This Long Weekend?

This weekend is supposed to be a nice one! I have a few things on my to-do list that I want to see during the next few days. One of them includes Lynn Canyon Park. The park officially opened to the public in 1912 and has been a popular destination among tourists and local residents ever since. It’s a great location for a  picnic, a leisurely hike, or a refreshing swim in one of the many popular swimming holes!

The Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge is one of Lynn Valley’s best kept secrets. The 50 meter high bridge stretches accross a beautiful canyon boasting raging waters, waterfalls and deep pools below. The bridge is a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike, the best part is that it is free of charge for all to see. Crossing the bridge is always an exciting experience, it bounces up and down and sways from side to side with every step. It is quite narrow and becomes a little nerve racking when there are several others trying to cross at the same time.

Not only is there a suspension bridge, but there are also twin falls.  A short wooden bridge crosses the raging river and there are two breathtaking waterfalls below. This bridge is a lot more comfortable than the Suspension Bridge as it doesn’t shake with every move. As a last stop, you can relax at a swimming hole which is popular among local residents who visit the park on a regular basis and tourists on a short visit. The 30 Foot Pool is a short walk from suspension bridge and doesn’t involve climbing hills or stairs. It is pretty easily accessible.  There is a small beach area near the swimming hole that is covered with small pebbles and good to lie down a towel or a blanket.

Getting There

If you are traveling by bus there are various routes to take depending on your location. From Downtown Vancouver take the sea bus across to the Lonsdale Quay bus loop and take either bus #228, or #229.

Bus #228 will take you to Lynn Valley Center, which is about a 10 minute walk from Lynn Canyon Park’s main entrance. Bus #229 will take you directly to Lynn Canyon Park’s main entrance.

If you are traveling from East Vancouver, Burnaby, or Metro Town area take any bus to Phibbs Exchange. The most common busses are #130 via Metro Town, #28 via Joyce Station, #210 via Downtown Vancouver.

From Phibbs Exchange take bus #229 which will take you to Lynn Canyon Park’s main entrance.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!