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As Vancouver can be quite expensive, we would like to help you save money during your stay in Vancouver. Every Wednesday we are going to write about special offers, cheap areas and special events, so you can get the best out of your stay.

Currently, there is an amazing event taking place in Vancouver, called Dine Out Vancouver festival. This is a yearly event which takes place from the 20th of January 2017 till the 5th of February 2017. During this festival you can eat at a lot restaurants for a fixed price. All restaurants create a new menu for Dine Out from which you can choose your courses. There are three different prices offered, you can get meals for $20, $30 or $40 dollar (excluding tax). For this price you get a total of at least three different courses. As it is only the 25th of January, there is still plenty of time to go out for dinner in one of the greatest restaurants of Vancouver. However, keep in mind that some of the restaurants do not take any reservations during Dine Out and it will be busier as well. Even though this could cause a waiting time, this event gives you the opportunity to dine at a more expensive restaurant and is therefore definitely worth to check it out.

Last Monday, we celebrated my birthday and there is one big thing that I noticed. Vancouver is a great city to celebrate your birthday in, as you can get lots 16237741_10208101304591363_27716976_nof things for free. In order to get those free gifts and meals, you mostly need to sign up for a free membership or an email list. In the morning you can get a free breakfast at Denny’s. If you have not had enough breakfast yet, you can also score a breakfast at IHOP. After that you can start shopping free gifts. You can, for example, get free gifts at Sephora and Old Navy. Do you prefer to get a coffee instead of hanging around in the mall? By signing up for the Starbucks gift card online, you can get a drink for free. Finish your day with a free dinner at, for example, La Casita or Red Robin. As a meal is not complete without a dessert, you should get your free dessert at Boston Pizza or Marble Slab Creamery. There are a lot more places for free gifts that can make your birthday as enjoyable as possible.

One thing that you may have noticed already, is that food is not really cheap in a place like Vancouver. Especially brands such as Coca Cola are expensive? mostly not affordable. Therefore, this offer really stood out for us. At the moment, you can get three bottles of Coca Cola at the London Drugstore for $4. If you prefer to drink brands as these, this offer can save you a lot of money.

Hopefully, these tips will help you save some money because the more you save, the more you can do!

– Iris

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INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts Vancouver´s neighborhoods Part II

Last week we spoke about different neighborhoods, so in this second part we will continue explaining a little bit the different areas of our great city!


Nowadays is one of the most populated neighborhoods of Vancouver. But this area has experienced an important revitalization since the Expo 86, because in the origin this area was an industrial zone.  It´s filled with nice cafe, bohemian boutique and trendy restaurants.

You can have more information here:

Comercial Drive

Also known as Little Italy,” This neighborhood is the queen of diversity and the home to students, writers, artists and other bohemians.

If you want an authentic ethnic meal, go to “The Drive”

Read more here:


In the 1960s, Kitsilano was Vancouver’s hippy hangout, nowadays the atmosphere is more relaxed and it´s basically occupied by young urban professionals. It´s the perfect are to find bookstores, ethnic restaurants, cafes and all kind of retailers.

The beaches are really popular in the zone, and it has a huge pool as well,

Read more in his page:

Punjabi Market

Vancouver is such a multicultural city where you can meet people from everywhere. The Indian community is located around Main and East 49th. This area has amazing jewellery stores and fabric shops, and it´s perfect if you are looking for inexpensive silks, groceries or gold!

North Vancouver

Just crossing the river, you can find all the peace that downtown can´t offer to you! But also the best wild nature with places such as Grouse Grind, Lynn Valley, Capilano…

Check its page out :

These are just a few of the most popular areas, but you can also live in areas such as Joyce Station, or a little further like Burnaby and Richmond and have a bigger house for less money. If the Skytrain is close to the house, there is nothing to worry about, because it works pretty well.

If you are looking for a place to stay: REMEMBER to check the place out before paying anything and be aware if they ask you for the deposit more than the half of the monthly rent.

Another good option, especially if you want to improve your English quickly and live among real Canadians, is he Homestay option that INTERNeX offers! You will have your own room with a Canadian family and all the meals are included!



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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the Week

The pictures of this week is taken on the public market located on  Granville Island. I really love  going to Granville Island since it gives me many great opportunities for photographing. I love the atmosphere, the view, the musicians on the street, the souvenir shops, nice restaurants, and of course the market. On the market you can buy all  ingredients you need to make any lovely meal.

Send me  your coolest, funniest, and most beautiful pictures, because we might post your picture  as ‘picture of the week’ and then you will win an awesome prize!

have a great day!


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Exposé of the week – Tofino

Tofino is a district of about 1,650 residents on the beautiful west coast of Vancouver Island. It was commanders Galiano and Valdés, who discovered the place and decided to name it in honour of Admiral Vicente Tofiño under whom Galiano had learned cartography.

Tofino is a popular tourist destination – especially in the summer where its population swells to many times its winter size. It mainly attracts surfers, campers and whale watchers, but also people who just want to be close to the nature.
It is not as busy in the winter time, but still manage to attract a good amount of people, who mainly comes here to watch storms on the water (which is quite a view!)

Just 45 kilometres north of Tofino, nearby Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, you can find the hot springs cove, which is located next to the sea. You can only reach the hot springs by boat or float plane, which makes it a very popular day-trip.
Tofino is also known for being one of the best places to spot whales. The best period for spotting whales is between March and April, where the migration of thousands of grey whales takes place. There are many hiking trips available as well and especially the trails along Long Beach are quite scenic.

From Vancouver the easiest way to get to Tofino is by boat from Horseshoebay to Nanaimo. From there you can either rent a car or go with the bus. Another way is to go by sea plane, which takes off from the harbour area of Vancouver. If you have not been to Tofino yet, now is the best time of the year!

Your PR-team

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Exposé of the week – Kelowna

Kelowna, a beautiful place located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and also a place that you should definitely visit when you are in Vancouver. It counts a population of approximately 112,775 inhabitants. This city is famous for its warm temperatures in the summer and therefore also known as the Summer City. However the winters could be quite cold though. The city of Kelowna is one of the Canada’s most popular vacation destinations, because of the good weather.

No matter what time of the year, in Kelowna there is always something to do. Many of the touristic attractions you can visit them year round. If you like water sports – sailing, house boating, kayaking, rafting and fishing – you will love Kelowna! It offers a breath-taking landscape of lake, mountains and parks. The city counts a large number of cafés, bars, restaurants and vibrant nightclubs. For the people under us that like some culture, Kelowna offers a wide range of unique boutiques, heritage buildings and modern architecture, art galleries and museums and music and theatre.

Visit Kelowna in the summer and go to one of the beautiful beaches you can find there! Kelowna is around a 4-5 hours ride from Vancouver, so definitely worth to visit!

Your PR-team

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Illuminate Yaletown!

What a weekend!

Superbowl AND the New Year’s Parade in Chinatown on one day! And there is no time to rest!

PuB Night at The Calling on Wednesday and the celebration of the first anniversary of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games which took place in 2010 are coming up this weekend! But this is not what this blog should be about…

With this blog, I would like to get you into the mood to celebrate the anniversary in an appropriate way.

There are a lot of amazing free art shows happening in February, one of them the free winter party called Illuminate Yaletown, featuring contemporary light art installations. Local restaurants and businesses all along Hamilton and Mainland Street present unique art installations, creating a combination of light, sculptures and animations to creatively dealing with themes ranging from Yaletown’s industrial history to environmental issues

As Illuminate Yaletown takes place on February 11-12, (6p.m. – 10.30 p.m.) you can perfectly combine it with a downtown visit to all the events taking place around the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games Anniversary on February 12. Not to forget that Hamilton and Mainland Street is the centre of Yaletown’s nightlife area, what downright invites you to take a rest and have a drink in this beautiful district!

Check out the map of the location!

Hope to see you all at this week’s PuB Night! 🙂



Vancouver International Jazz Festival – June 25 – July 4

If you enjoy the smooth, rhythmic beats of jazz, then Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival is an event you don’t want to miss! Over 1,800 musicians, 400 concerts and 40 venues will be animating the city for 10 days, celebrating  North America’s oldest, most celebrated genres.

From noon to the wee small hours, a rich tapestry of jazz, blues, funk, latin, fusion, electronica and world music will fill the air at venues big and small, indoor and outdoor across the city. Vancouver is home to one of the most unique and extraordinary jazz scenes on the continent.

By taking the music to concert halls, parks, community spaces, clubs, public plazas and neighbourhood streets, the Jazz Festival will electrifies Vancouver with over 400 concerts and stirs the souls of more that 500,000 people each year. To check out a list of the participating artists, click here!

One of the many free events taking place during the festival includes Gastown Jazz! This is a free, two-day street festival. Historic Gastown becomes an open-air party with multiple acts spread over two days from 1 p.m until 8 p.m. Featuring Canadian and International artists, Gastown Jazz has become a traditional destination for jazz fans and is synonymous with the opening weekend of the Festival. Two free stages bookend Water Street’s three blocks. Continuous music is performed for everyone to enjoy. Friends and families come from all over to celebrate the beginning of summer while reveling in a diverse array of musical styles. Gastown Jazz also boasts dazzling street entertainers, souvenir and CD kiosks, snacks and refreshments, as well as a wide selection of cafés, restaurants, and bistros all along Water Street.

For further information please visit their website.

Keep checking back to see which dates INTERNeX will be attending concerts during this festival, and how you can join in on the fun!

That’s all for now!

– Laura