What to do on the weekend?

It is almost time for the weekend, so it is time to figure out what to do on the weekend. We have a few suggestions for you that you might want to check out before you make any plans!

18193778_10155234529877103_6254901922779113200_nOn Sunday we are planning on going to Bowen Island with the INTERNeX family. Bowen Island is a small island between Vancouver Island and Vancouver. Therefore, we are going by ferry to this awesome destination, which is going to be already an adventure itself. Once there you get the choice to do a hike, explore the island by scooter, do kayaking or to do stand-up paddling. You are still able to join if you would like to explore this island with us. If you want to know more about the event then check out our Facebook page and the blogpost.

If you still don’t have something planned for Saturday, we might be able to help you out with that. This weekend is the second weekend that Playland is open, so it is time to go onto all the rides and to let the adrenaline kick in. For only $36 you can get a day ticket and ride almost all rides. If you buy it online you will even save $3.

8158899125_27926f40d4_oWhen you are more into culture, Fort Langley might be the perfect place for you! Fort Langley is a small and old village only a few hours from Vancouver. While walking around in this village, you will discover all the wonders from the 19th century. If Fort Langley is a bit too far away, then you can choose to go to Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston village. During your visit in Gulf of Georgia Cannery, you will learn about the history of the West Coast fishing industry. Both historic sites are free this year, so it is the time to explore and get to know British Columbia.

If you would rather experience culture by trying out different food, then you should definitely go to the Illumination Summer Night market. This market is held every weekend from May till September. There are over 200 different food and merchandise stands, so there is enough entertainment for the whole night. This year will also be the first year that it is together with a huge light show. The entrance fee is only $3, so it is definitely worth trying out.

See you at Bowen island or at next PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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How was your weekend?

There was quite a lot going on these past few days.
First, we had to say goodbye to one of our most awesome PR Coordinators Natasja. We met up at Waterfront Station and accompanied her to the airport. There we had some breakfast and then it was already time to send her off! There were lots of hugs and couple of tears. Eventually, we managed to let her go back to the Netherlands though. But we will definitely meet again!

Sunday many of us went hiking up Black Mountain. It was an event planned and organized by Chris one of our INTERNeXers.
It was pretty exhausting! And I’m sure some didn’t quite expect what hiking really means in Canada since it was their first time trying it after arriving in Vancouver. Regarding the weather it was extremely cloudy at first but luckily the sun came out when we reached the summit and were rewarded by an incredible view at Eagle Bluffs.

It was a long weekend! So, naturally we also had to do something on Labor Day. We would have been bored otherwise. In that case, what better place to go than the Extreme Air Park in Richmond?
We signed up for 2 hours of jumping fun. However, we quickly realized this is super exhausting as well!
Either way we constantly alternated between recklessly jumping into the Foam Pit while trying to do cool flips, doing dunks in the Zero Gravity Basketball area and playing 3-D Dodgeball. We had an insane amount of fun!

What did everyone else do on the weekend?



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PuB NiGHT Review

Laser Tag: SO MUCH FUN!!

Yesterday we headed down to Richmond to play a couple of games in the largest Laser Tag arena of North America: Planet Lazer.

They offered a nice weekly special, which was two games for the price of one.

The general rules, that applied to all games we played, were simple: Every player starts with a certain amount of points and once you shoot someone you obtain more points, but when you get shot yourself, you lose points. Once you get shot, your ‘shield’ goes up for three seconds, which makes you unable of shooting someone or get shot yourself. Every game lasts 20 minutes.

The first game we played was ‘Free for All’. Everyone played against everyone. The one player to finish with the highest amount of points won.

We entered the enormous arena and after a few moments the game started. The people playing were only our INTERNeX people and another family. Not so many people in the arena, which made it hard to find people quickly. It was not allowed to run, but it sure was more fun, and more exhausting!! Everyone was shooting each other. We were hiding behind objects and walls, walking through small hallways and running upstairs to the other two levels. The whole arena was super dark, but lit up with UV lighted objects. The music was pumping. Adrenaline rush for sure, and everyone was super keen to win! Our winner this round was Chris and Laura followed closely after.

For our second game we were split up into two teams: the Red Team and the Green Team. Easy: shoot people on the other team. Also, during this round we were given strengths: invincibility, bonus points and rapid fire. These strengths could be given to you at any moment. After 20 minutes, the Red Team won! It was a close call though.

After the second game, some die hards who were not exhausted enough and who fancied another game, played another round! Thereafter we got on the bus. We still had a long way back home and some of us grabbed a beer in a nice pub in Gastown.

Thanks for all of you who showed up and hopefully we will all see you for our trip to Victoria on Sunday!

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PuB NiGHT Announcement

Ever wondered how it would be like to change places with one of those video game characters in first-person shooters?
Well then, join us for Laser Tag tomorrow! Instead of going to a bar we’ll be playing Laser Tag at Planet Lazer in Richmond. Their arena has 3 levels with a total of 16,000 square feet making it the largest Laser Tag arena in all of North America. It has even won several awards for best designed and best interactive arena.

We’ll be meeting at 6.30pm this Wednesday, August 19th in front of Waterfront Station.
From there we’ll take the SkyTrain down to Richmond Bridgeport Station and take Bus 401 or 403 (depending which one we’ll get) to Planet Lazer.

The arena has weekly specials and Wednesday is the pay-one-get-one-free day. That means we can play 2 games for 9$. Every game is 20 minutes long but be warned it can get quite exhausting. Still we’ll try to get in 4 games, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Closed shoes and a T-Shirt would be best (no tank tops!) and bring something to drink as well. We don’t want anyone to become dehydrated.

It will be lots of fun and we hope to see many of you there!



Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel

How was your weekend?

This weekend’s weather was pretty amazing right? I hope you guys were able to enjoy it to the fullest!
Last Friday we checked out the Richmond Night Market. There were sooo many people there waiting to gain entrance. That’s why we decided to just skip the line by buying a 20$ ticket for 7.
We got in and the first thing on our minds – FOOD!

The queues in front of the stalls were long and the dishes expensive compared to the portions you received. I’d say it was still worth it though! There was a lot of food I had heard about but was never able to try before like Japanese Takoyaki, for example. This dish can be translated into something like octopus dumplings and the main ingredients are fried dough filled with diced octopus and a few other spices. The outside is then brushed with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. It was pretty good!

After we filled our tummies to satisfaction, we walked around a bit more to check out what else Richmond’s night market had to offer which were game stalls for children and stalls with cheap merchandise. We passed these by but didn’t buy anything since our main goal had already been accomplished. Following our rounds, we returned to Downtown and eventually called it a night.
Visiting the Richmond Night Market was definitely a good idea. So, anyone who hasn’t gone yet check it out at least once!

Your PR Team

Tips for the weekend

The weather won’t be as good this weekend as it has been the last few days, nonetheless there are some nice markets that you can visit in V-Town (how I like to call Vancity).

There are two night markets in Richmond; the International Summer Night Market and the Richmond Night Market.

1. The International Summer Night Market is said to be “One of the Top 4 Night Markets in the World”. The International Summer Night Market is an annual tradition that has built its reputation as a truly diverse event and is recognized as a world class landmark attraction in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

The admission fee for this market is free, as well as parking. Their operating hours are Friday and Saturday 6pm – 11pm and Sunday 6pm – 10pm.

Address: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond. From Bridgeport station free shuttle busses to the Market run every 15 minutes, all night.


2. The Richmond Night Market charges a $2,75 admission fee – their opening hours on Friday and Saturday are 7pm – 12am and Sunday 7pm – 11pm.

The address is 8351 River Road. The best mode of transportation for visiting The Richmond Night Market event is to take Canada Line and get off at the Bridgeport Station. It is highly and strongly encouraged and recommended you take the skytrain!

4. Besides night markets, there also is a lovely day market in Kitsilano. Every Sunday from 10am till 2pm.

Address: Riley Park (Ontario St @ 30th Ave.)


5. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s busy West End, this laid-back Saturday market looks onto beautiful Nelson Park and adjacent community gardens. Weekly, West Enders can enjoy the best in local produce, prepared foods and crafts. Hot food and coffee on-site as well. Take the dog for a walk and enjoy a market in your urban backyard!

Every Saturday, 9am – 2pm.
Address: Comox Street

Pub Night Announcement

Hi everybody out there! Guess what… It’s time for our weekly pub night. This Wednesday we’re going to Doolin’s Irish Pub… of course at 7pm. So you can look forward to a real Irish atmosphere, Irish beer (Guinness Stout, Kilkenny Cream Ale…) and Irish food (Irish stew, Guinness beef pie, Irish chicken pot pie…). Of course you can also choose other dishes and beers than Irish. The daily beer special is Stella Artois for $6.50.

This will be Alexander’s and Frederikke’s last pub night, so be there and let’s make this a great pub night for them to remember! Doolin’s is located at 654 Nelson Street at Granville, only 500 metres from Vancouver City Centre Station. You can sign up for the pub night here.

Remember that we also have our weekend activity at Extreme Air Park (a massive trampoline park in Richmond). You can sign up for the weekend activity here.

Aaand only 2 weeks remain to our fantastic Portland trip. Read more about this trip and sign up here + visit the INTERNeX office to make your payment. Be fast before the tickets sell out!

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