Highlights of the Year 2016: July, August and September

This week it is time to start on the second half of the year 2016! Let’s discuss the months July, August and September!


July was the month of the European Soccer Championships. We watched a lot of games together in different pubs, which was really nice!

We also organized a food weekend. In one weekend we went to an Italian Night Market, did a BBQ the next day and on Sunday we went to a Sushi restaurant. This was a really fun and delicious weekend.

The weekend after the food weekend we wanted to do some sports. So we went to Deep cove and did some kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddling. There was also a possibility to do the Quarry Rock trail. We had a great and sporty day! The next week we had some great activities like the Festival of Lights and a Pool and Picnic day. And of course, the weekly PuB NiGHTS.

We closed July off with a great weekend of camping and river rafting, organized by LJuly Rafting.jpgee from Big Wolf Tours, which definitely was a weekend to never forget! We took a swim after getting our tents up, played some beer pong and beach volleyball and had a delicious BBQ. After that we partied till late around the bonfire. The next day it was time to go river rafting. Half way through we sailed to the bottom of a 5meter tall cliff and climbed up and jumped back into the river again. This was definitely scary but lots of fun! After the rafting we packed up our tents and bags and went back to Vancouver.


August started of with the Night Nation Run, it was a 5K run with music, lights and DJs, which made is a huge party!

Another event in August was a day trip to Lynn Canyon. We started by walking over the Suspension Bridge, after that we went exploring the park by hiking and searching for some black bears in the forest. Unfortunately we didn’t find any bears, but we had a great time hiking and ended up bathing in the cool water at Lynn Canyon.

The weekend trip of August was to the Rocky Mountains. We organized this trip together August Rockies.jpgwith West Trek Tours. On the first day we went to Hope, Kamloops, Spahats Falls and the
Cowboy Ranch Experience during our trip to Valemount. On day 2 we went to Mount Robson, Jasper, the Athabasca Falls, Bow Lake and arrived in Banff to spend the night and go to the nigtclub Hoodoo. On day 3 we did a Banff tour, went to Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and checked into our Mountain View Cabins in Golden. We had a great BBQ and a bonfire party. On day 4 it was time to go back to Vancouver, but not before we went to the Last Spike, the Okanagan Valley and had a picnic on the beach in Kelowna.

In the month August we also had our weekly PuB NiGHTS, which included one Karaoke party.


September started of with a fun Poker Quiz Night, a Scavenger Hunt in Vancouver and a Bowling and Billiard night. All these events were lots of fun and definitely has to be in the program for next year again!

14330079_10154512816572103_2438674369225802898_n.jpgWe also had a weekend trip in September to Portland. On Friday morning we drove two minivans out of Canada and started our trip to Portland. Our first event in Portland was going to the Rose garden, which is the oldest public rose test garden in the US. After that we ate dinner at Pacific Pie and checked in into our hotel, where we had a great evening chilling in our pajamas or having a room party. The next day it was time to go shopping. After a whole day of shopping we had dinner at Clyde’s Prime Rib and checked out the nightlife of Portland. On Sunday we went to the famous Voodoo donut shop and walked around the Portland Market, where we could buy all kinds of different handcraft from local people. After that we had a walking tour around the city called “Secrets of Portlandia” which was a stand up comedy tour about Portland’s history and culture. And after the tour it was time to get back to Vancouver.

We want to give a special thank you to Sofie, Sara, Klara and Phillipp who organized the PuB NiGHTS, events and trips in this part of 2016.

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

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Review River Rafting Big Wolf Tour

oh boy, oh boy was this trip AMAZING! Sunday at 1 pm we took off in Lee’s van called Big Mama Wolf. We drove on Canada’s longest highway and listened to a lot of awesome 13679924_10154359985097103_2090505423507798491_osongs. After a quick stop at a supermarket we arrived at the Chilliwack River Rafting campsite. Despite the burning sun, we got our tents up almost without a sweat. Then it was time to enjoy the nice weather, some decided to take a swim and others were enjoying a cool drink at the beautiful river. Later on we played games such as beer pong and beach volley ball. For dinner our tour guide, Lee made us some delicious BBQ burgers and after our stomachs got full we partied until very late. One of the owners of the campsite played songs on his guitar and we all danced and sang along to his tunes. Around the bonfire, we made new friends from Ireland and Australia and had an amazing time.

Early next day, it was time fo13923448_1575821546059885_5682653342341186320_or breakfast. On the menu were sausages, American pancakes and eggs. After breakfast we got on the bus and drove up to the river where our boats were waiting. We split up into groups of 6 people and in the boat our river rafting guides gave us a safety lesson before sailing out on the river. Sailing over the rapids was a true challenge but was still exciting and so much fun.  Our paddling skills were definitely put to the test! Half way trough we sailed to the bottom of a 5 meters tall cliff climbed up and jumped back into the river.
After a w13913862_1575819816060058_775053504067996531_ohile we got back into our boats and sailed towards the next rapids. The final rapid was called The Rollercoaster and was the wildest one of them all! The water splashed into our faces and all over the boat but everyone survived.  After the river rafting we headed back to the campsite for lunch and packed our tents and bags.

The PR team wants to thank everyone on the trip for a fantastic experience and the best time together. We also want thank Lee Henderson from Big Wolf Tours for putting this awesome trip together. If you want to check out Big Wolf Tours follow this link: http://www.bigwolftours.com/

Sign up now! INTERNeX will go river rafting

Have you heard about our special INTERNeX trip with Big Wolf Tour, yet?
On the Long weekend coming up late June/beginning of August we have planned a two-day camping trip with Big Wolf Tour led by the amazing tour guide and founder of Big Wolf Tour, Lee Henderson. The trip is tailored specially for INTERNeX people and includes activities such as sand volleyball, sports, a party and a very awesome river rafting experience.
On this trip we’ll get up to 4 hours rafting in Class 3 & 4 rapids with professional rafting guides.
We’ll leave on Monday the 31st of July  to Chilliwack Rafting and will be back the 1st of August.
big wolf
The PR Team is excited, we hope you are too!

Remember, the last day for signing up for the trip is the 20th of July.

We look forward to seeing you, peace out.

PS. For more practical information go to our Facebook page and find the event, Big Wolf Tour.

The time of your life!

Remember your first day in Canada?

You are a stranger. Totally unfamiliar with the environment and without any friends yet. You don’t know where to go and what places to visit. How can you connect with other people? Who would go on a trip to the Rockies with you? How can you organize it? You feel lost! No worries…


INTERNeX can help you out! With organizing regular trips to destinations all over Western Canada including the Rocky Mountains, we will make sure you will have an unforgettable time with great people!

In the past we went to Whistler for some snowboarding action and hot tub chilling. Then there was the trip to the Rocky Mountains for 4 days, where we experienced the natural beauty of this world-famous landscape! Both of them were great trips and left memorable experiences behind.

For the small budget we do day tours for example to Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver where we had some great fun while doing some snow tubing!

Not to forget the incredible White Water Rafting trip to Chiliwack that took place only a week ago. The combination with an adventurous night of camping, roasting marsh mallows over the campfire and singing old-school songs just made the time stand still. And everybody got home pretty exhausted after an insane rafting day on the Chiliwack river!

As you can see, you will not get bored with us! We give you the chance to experience Canada and meet new people from all over the world!

INTERNeX works together with the travel agencies West Trek and Moose in order to get the best deals for you! If you decide not to go on a trip with INTERNeX, simply because there is none scheduled or because you are an independent traveler, we provide you with all the necessary information to plan your own trip. We have plenty of Moose flyers and a survival guide which shows you all the places you should go, if you go on your own. And the best: If you book your trip at the Moose office and bring an INTERNeX business card, you will get a 5% discount on your trip!

Sounds good? Sounds good!! 🙂

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Try Something New!

So it’s almost mid-May, which means a good four months have come and gone this year. That’s 131 days – or 3,144 hours if you prefer. I pondered this the other day and realized that – although it was cliché – time flies. So I thought to myself, “Have I tried something new this year?”

For 10 minutes I fished around my brain, trying to pull out at least three memories of something I’d done which was outside of my comfort zone. Of course, after 10 minutes I realized that if it took me that long to think of anything – chances were that I needed to be more spontaneous – which brings me to last night.

After a busy day at the office and many stomach gurgles later, by 6:30 p.m. I was ready for dinner. I met up with a friend Barbara (from the INTERNeX staff house) and we strolled through the streets of Vancouver searching for the perfect place to eat.

As we walked along Seymour Street, we spotted our restaurant.

Let’s back up a bit here. I mentioned how just the other day I realized it was time for me to try something new, so I could look back on 2010 with a smile.

Okay so, as we walked along Seymour Street, we spotted our restaurant – Toyama – a Japanese restaurant better known for its sushi. As Barbara’s face lit up with excitement (or hunger – not sure), mine crunched up at the thought of eating raw fish. Those that know me know I don’t particularly enjoy seafood, however, this was the perfect opportunity for me to try something different.

As we entered the restaurant, the slight ringing of a bell confirmed our entrance. We were quickly seated and given menus. As the waitress poured us tea, I fiddled with my chopsticks, silently praising the invention of the fork. As Barbara whipped through her menu, I hesitantly picked mine up. As I turned the pages I was immediately overwhelmed by the selection. What did everything mean? The only word I recognized was Biiru.

After discussing the game plan, we ordered the sprill rolls and edamame to start, along with california rolls and another type of sushi I can’t pronounce – or type for that matter. I was hoping for some time to prepare myself before the sushi arrived, but the food was sailed right over to our table – literally. Our food was served on a boat platter, which I thought was pretty neat.

With chopsticks in hand, I knew it was do or die! The time had come to push everything aside and go for it. I plunged the sushi in soy sauce and then right into my mouth as Barbara stared intently. “Not bad,” I mumbled, as I  swallowed the ginormous piece of sushi (my first piece ever). I went on to eat three more pieces that night, and although I still prefer chicken, I’m glad I decided to try Japanese cuisine.

So there you have it. I triumphed last night at Toyama, I tried a new dish that I never would have before. So I’m going to ask you to do the same. While you’re in Canada, do something that’s out of the norm for you. It can be as little as trying sushi for the first time, or bungee jumping in Whistler!

Just ask yourself, how do you want to remember the year 2010? Will it be the year you went whale watching? Perhaps it will be the year you gained valuable work experience. It might even be the year you spent four days on a trip to Banff. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to try something new while you’re in Canada – and as often as possible!