INTERNeX Canada: PuB NIGHT Review

Hi guys!

Yesterday, we went to The Railway Club for our weekly pub night! The music was excellent, they usually have amazing concerts. We could enjoy three fantastic rock bands: Double Fuzz, Ornament and Crime and Still Spirit. The pub was very cool. There was a little toy train that passed every few minutes over our heads, very funny! The special beer was The Moose Head. Of course, all the Canadians brands must to have the word “moose”, “maple” or “beaver”.

It was the first pub night for our new PR, Jelle . These nights are an excellent occasion for us (the super PR team) because all of us are new in the city and we are looking forward to meet a lot of people. So, don’t be shy! If you didn’t come, you have to join us the next time.

Most of them were from Germany, so we could talk about our loved Europe, shared impressions about Canada, and learnt some Germans words, ich danke ihnen! And we were talking about the next Saturday trip to Richmond Go-Kart too! If you are thinking about come or not, don’t hesitate! It will be fantastic. We have postponed this trip several times due to weather, but this time will be the good one!

Coming back home Jelle and I saw a couple of raccoon’s in the middle of the road! I had never seen one before, they are so cute… We don’t have pictures because it was very dark. Maybe the next time!



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