Review on the Rockies Trip

Hey Internexers! What a packed and stunning trip to the Rockies! This blog is going to be a review on the amazing countless things we did on this trip. So let’s start with the first day on Friday:

Friday, 14th of October

In the early morning, we met at the Burrard Skytrain Station with our totally experienced bus driver Terrance from Moose Bus Travel Network. We headed onto the road and made our first stop at the Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park to see the beautiful waterfalls there. The falls were so thin and hazy that it created a nice atmosphere and explains the name. We then headed to the grocery store to pick up some food for lunch at the Lightning Lake. Although it was a bit smoky because of the forest fires happening at the US border, we enjoyed our lunch and the view. After we collected new energy from our lunch we drove towards Penticton to go onto the Skaha Lake with Stand Up Paddleboards. The feeling you get when you are on the lake and just enjoy a 360 degrees stunning view of the mountains is amazing! Fortunately nobody fell into the water because it was freezing cold! To conclude the day we had dinner together at the Kekuli Café with some Tacos and went to a Pub in Kelowna with Live Music!

Saturday, 15th of October

Since the Rockies are not around the corner you need to drive a lot, so we met early in the morning again to head on the road to Banff! The first stop we made was a historical place, because we went to the place where the very last spike was driven into the ground completing the Canadian Pacific Railway from ocean to ocean. Besides the fact that this place was so important historically we also enjoyed a beautiful river beside the monument and the trees slowly getting into fall colours of red and orange. After another bus ride we stopped at Revelstoke where we had lunch and saw a huge river which is called Columbia River. That one got a huge current so it’s rather dangerous to swim in there in the summer. When you do a trip to Banff in Alberta you actually pass a timezone. But there’s one exception with the town Golden. It is located in British Columbia but has the same timezone that Alberta does. That was a cool experience because you normally cross some timezones by plane =). In the evening we finally arrived in Banff and had a good lookout spot to watch the sunset in the Rockies. After checking into the Hostel, we had dinner and went to the Dancing Saskwatch for some club dancing! All in all it was a great day with a great ending!

Sunday, 16th of October

Sunday was Funday! We had lots of things to do on this day. We started with a tour to the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Lake Louise. It’s located 45 mins away from Banff with a beautiful mountain view around it. When we were arriving it was freezing outside and you could see frost on the benches around the lake. Next on the list of Lakes was Two Jacks Lake and Lake Minnewanka which were both so stunning! Did you know that there is a lost city called devils creek under the lake just like Atlantis? How crazy is that! The view was amazing and it was the best place to have lunch. Next we headed towards the adventure centre in Banff to rent some bikes. We did a really nice trip around a golf course and we even saw approximately 30 elks there! That was a moment I will remember for my whole life. Right now the Elk’s are in bugling season so you need to be careful when you are around them. But we managed to get some good footage which you can see in the pictures below. The roundtrip went on with a nice lookout spot and the last lake for today. We met up in the town centre in the evening to do the hike on Tunnel Mountain which gives you the best view over Banff and the area around it. We watched the sunset and ended our day with a dinner in the Elk & Oarsmen and a fun Karaoke Night in the Beaver Pub! That was truly a funday =)

Monday, 17th of October

Since Banff is far away from Vancouver the whole drive takes up about 10-11 hours with the car or the bus , so we drove a lot on this day. But regarding the fact that you are in the most beautiful country on earth you can just look outside the window to see the best nature. We did some stops in Golden, Revelstoke and Rogers Pass to sum up our big trip this month to the Rockies. We arrived again in the evening in Vancouver at around 8:30 PM.

During this trip I met so many nice people and have been to breathtaking places which I will never forget. I was so happy to be on this tour with this group. If you are interested in going to the Rockies be sure to not miss the next big trip there! =)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

See you around,

Tino =)

The Rockies – review (part 2 of 2)

Day 3

Wow, what a pub night in Banff! If you are in Banff or planning to go there, it’s definitely a big recommendation!!

This day we had a day of free time. We’d spend the day exactly how we wanted to spend it. Some of us took a sleep-in during the morning and stayed in the hostel, such a cozy idea, and some of us went to Lake Moraine around 9 am in the morning to explore that lake and it’s mystic water 🙂
Rest of the day was a free day were we could go hiking, biking, running and also do shopping in Banff or in Hot Springs as many of us did, how awesome isn’t that?

Day 4

Rise and shine folks – 6am in the morning we were going home to Vancouver with a few stops on along the way. This morning we went to catch the sunrise over Lake Louise beautiful mountain peaks. Goosh, I love mornings!! Such a peaceful moment, but I gotta be honest with you, it was crowded but we found our secrets spots of the lake and of the mountains, You’ll see the results here;

The the bus tour continued and that moment when you think you’re going straight home to Vancouver, a little surprise pops up; WE ARE GOING KAYAKING – at Natural Escape Kayaking in Revelstoke. Such an amazing experience, I know that I am more of a mountain girl but kayaking was a blast. It was a bit challenging but totally worth it. We went to a waterfall and just enjoyed being on water. A big recommendation if you’re in Revelstoke!!

The rest of the bus ride home to Vancouver was great, a lot of great views of the mountains and I am happy that I had the chance of going on this road trip, thank you!


The Rockies – weekend review (Part 1 of 2)

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a breathtaking weekend! Such a beautiful trip together with Moose Travel organized by INTERNeX; a road trip filled with so many sights and loads of activities along the way.

I am happy that I got the chance to experience this with you guys and I hope there will be many more, the Rockies is a blast and you can’t miss it!!

Day 1

We left Vancouver behind for a whole weekend on a road trip and our first overnight stop; Jasper, Alberta.

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

On the way we make our first stop in beautiful Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, which is not that far from Vancouver. A magical forest that gave us a beautiful start to our journey,  with huge trees and a waterfall that reminded us how beautiful Mother Earth is. 

Our bus ride continiues with great Indie music as the weather gets warmer, we stop at Clearwater for lunch and a fantastic swim in the lake. A lake located among forests and mountains, wow, definitely worth a swim! I regret that I didn’t bring my swimsuit with me from Sweden. I didn’t expect this summer heat at all here in Beautiful British Columbia, because in north Sweden we already have Fall, haha! 😉  

As the tour continues we are getting closer the Rockies and Mount Robson Provincial Park, which was one of the first mountains we saw on closer sights. Mount Robson is about 3954m high and we were thinking; “hey, why not take a group picture?”. So up on the bus we go! A fun little experience with the participants and our guide in front of the mountain, and the result you can see here:

As our first day comes to an end we finally arrived in Jasper, Alberta. A little surprise was waiting for us 10 minutes from HI Jasper where we were going to spend our first night; a star gazing event – a planetarium. The event reminded me so much from back home in the arctic in Scandinavia. It was such a beautiful event with storytelling about history from our ancestors, northern lights, stars and the universe and a lot more, thank you!

I can add that I learned to listen to nature as a youth, and being in nature is still one of my favourite places to find strength and peace so I had a little tears of joy moment during this event, it was so beautiful 😉 A perfect end of day 1, I must say!

Day 2 

08.00 am; an early morning we had some time to do grocery shopping in Jasper before we continued our tour toward Banff, Alberta. This morning was a bit colder than the day before which was super nice, especially for us sitting in a bus for quite a bit of the day, haha! But nah, we were enjoying our short stops along the way which included a lot of hikes, swim spots and more.

The first stop on our second day we reached a beautiful Canyon were we took a group photo. Unfortunalty we didn’t gather the whole group but still it was an amazing view early in the morning with morning fog all over the river and mountains, such a breathtaking moment! 

After a short bus ride it was time for a brake along Sunwapta River with a view of a glacier in the background, wow!

Another spot that also was a perfect start of the day; Tangle creek. A beautiful waterfall with a little bit of rock climbing which was great experience that brought new energy.

As we were getting closer to our destination we stop at Highway 93 for a glacier experience. It was a bit of a “wake up call” to see how much the global warming affects our home. As I can tell; it is not much left of the glacier!!!

Then it was time for our lunch stop not too far away. Our lunch spot hits us with a combo of a picnic style as the sun gets warmer, with a stunning sight with a view and I can tell that I am really happy to be a part of the INTERNeX team; It gives me a great opportunity to be with our participants which brings a great chance to know all of you better. I also get loads of time to capture beautiful content alongside our journey that we can go back to remember by viewing photographs and videos from our trip.

As our bus tour continues, we reached another beautiful canyon along the way – along Mistaya river, also called a meditation spot I would say.

One of the last but not least; Peyto Lake, also a breathtaking moment. Some of you might recognize this lake from pictures or you might already have been here before but this lake is decently a big recommendation to visit!! Thank you for taking us here! We even saw a chipmunk running around the rocks, haha!

Before reaching Banff we definitely had to make another stop; this time at Bow Lake – a great swim spot in a glacial lake. Have you ever tried ice swimming before? This was such a refreshing moment and it was definitely worth it after a long bus ride.

At last, we reached our final destination were we stayed for two nights; Banff!!! Wow, totally something different from what we’ve seen before on our journey. In Banff, the same evening, we had dinner all together before catching the night bus into town for a Pub Night! We had so much fun dancing together, definitely a great night out and a great end of the day!

(part 2 is coming up next!) // Ida

New ‘Kids’ on the Blog!

“New ‘kids’ on the blog” is back! I hope you have some time because today I would like to introduce you to our 5 (!) newcomers this week. Welcome to our INTERNeX-family! 🙂

Let’s start with Franca. First of all, she’s staying on Vancouver Island. So it’s even more exciting! IMG_0832

After graduating from High School she decided to see a little bit of the world. She has already travelled a lot in the last time and has been to London, Stonehenge and Scotland. Besides that she gained some work experience as a teaching assistant in Spain. This time it brought her to Canada for volunteering at a wildlife station. Reason for that is her interest in our beautiful country’s nature and she missed having animals around her at her previous job. I guess now it won’t be an issue anymore. 🙂
Franca chose Canada because she’s not so attracted by the US (good for us!).
Since she’s staying on Vancouver Island she wants to discover that (maybe with a friend she knows, staying in Victoria), but she doesn’t have any certain destinations on her travel bucket list, yet.

Next to our Homestay roomies, who are both part of our practicum program:


Our second newcomer is David. He’s 19 years old and from Germany. Before coming to Vancouver he has already been to Toronto for 9 days because he has family there.
Back home he’s really into outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking which also made him choose Canada as a destination.
One thing on his bucket list, is going to Yukon, a territory in the northwest of Canada. And he will have plenty of time to do that, because he already planned 4 weeks of travelling in the end of his stay.

Now let me introduce you to William. He’s 20 years old and from Denmark, where he’s living near Copenhagen.
William is really looking forward to get the experience to work here and furthermore to travel a lot, too.
Same as David he has some travel time after his practicum and Victoria Island is one place he already knows he wants to see, but he’s spontaneous so let’s see where his travels will lead him to. Another thing he already has in mind is doing a skiing trip in the next few months, since he knows a skiing instructor here in Canada – how practical!
His arrival is perfect timing because William is an Ice Hockey fan and he is excited to join our Hockey event at the end of March. Go Canucks! 😀

Our last two participants are work and travellers. These 2 boys came together from Germany and planned on working for a little bit in Vancouver and then buy a car for their 2 months travelling. Buying a car or van gives them the opportunity to start their road trip to Montreal from where they’re flying back home.


The boy on the left is Lukas. He just likes the idea of work and travel and trusted his gut feeling and decided on doing it in Canada. So far there’s a skiing trip on his travel bucket list for his time here in North America.

Last but not least, I would like to present you Oliver. Just like Lukas he trusted on his guts with his decision on going to Canada. But one thing he knew for sure was that he doesn’t want to go to New Zealand or Asia like most of his friends did and as a conclusion he chose Canada since it’s more rare. 

I guess these two might plan a skiing trip together because Oliver wants to go skiing as well – maybe in the Rockies! 😀

I wish you guys a really great time here! I promise you it’s gonna be unforgettable! 🙂

Hope to see you for Pub Night at the Yale tonight!

See ya! xx


– Alina

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Get ready for the Rocky Mountains

Over the past few weeks, there seemed nothing but one topic: The big trip to the Rocky Mountains. And now it is time to pack your bags, because the trip is approaching fast. On Saturday, 28 of us will already be sitting on the bus, filled with excitement and joy. It’s gonna be a great trip. Take me at the word!

Now follows some important information for you:
We meet on Saturday, the 4th of August, at 6.45am in front of Waterfront Station. I am aware that the first Skytrains might not bring you there on time, if that’s the case please let us know. At Waterfront station we’ll board the West Trek coach, which will take us to the Rockies, through the Rockies and back to Vancity.

Once aboard, we will make our way to Hope and later Kamloops, where we will have time for lunch. Further down the road we will stop in Revelstoke to buy some snacks for the hungry ones of you. Then, we will finally arrive at the Mountain View Cabins, where we spend the night. Here we’ll enjoy a campfire including a BBQ and s’mores. Time to enjoy nature to its fullest and get to know the entire group better.

37708287_1876286409099380_2361790481572036608_nSunday morning, we will depart from the cabins at 8.30am. Of course, after a good breakfast that will give us strength for another long day. In Golden we will have a stopover for those who did not book the lunch buffet & Gondola at Lake Louise and need to buy lunch. We’ll drive on to Emerald Lake where you might get the chance to rent a canoe. Shortly afterwards, we are driving to Lake Louise where we will have some hours to spend. In the afternoon, we’ll pay a visit to Moraine Lake and head to Banff where we’re going to spend the night. In the evening we’ll go out to a pub – good news for the minors: We’re in Alberta, so you are also an adult now. 😉

37710837_1876287662432588_6672963964785131520_nOn Monday, we’re going to see Lake Minnewanka and the Two Jack Lake (which are kind of one big lake altogether). For the bravest among us, we will make a stop at Bow Lake, where you get the chance to have a Polar Bear swim. It’s freezing cold – don’t tell me I did not warn you! It’s also time for lunch. Lunch with a view, I promise. On the way to our hotel in Valemount, we will have some more stops at Peyto Lake, the glacier, Athabasca Falls, Jasper and Mt. Robson. A lot to take in – but I bet you’ll enjoy it. In Valemount we will have dinner together and then enjoy an easy evening around a campfire.

On Tuesday, we’ll already be heading back home. We will depart early in the morning, have a stopover at Spahats Falls and Kamloops and will then be back in the Vancouver at approximately 6.15pm.

So, big plans for just four days, right? But what to bring? Here is a list of what you should NOT forget:

• Money for 3 lunches and 1 dinner, snacks and a night out in Banff
• Mosquito repellant
• Sunscreen
• ID (2 pieces)
• Towel and bathing clothes
• Hiking shoes or similar
• A good mood that lasts the entire trip

I look forward to seeing you latest Saturday at 6.45am, or for PuB NiGHT on Wednesday at the Lennox Pub!

– Elisabeth

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