Rockies trip: Hotel series I

During the Rockies trip we will stay in three different hotels. The Premier Mountain Lodge in Valemount, Mount Royal or The Banff International in Banff and the Travelodge in Golden. In the Rockies trip: Hotel series we will give you more information about every hotel. In our first episode we will take a closer look into the Premier Mountain Lodge in Valemount.

Valemount is the nearest community to the west of Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park, which we will visit the next day. Mount Robson is the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Valemount has around 1,065 residents on an area of 4 square meters. Valemount’s economy is based on the growing tourism industry and hospitality. It offers over 500 hotel rooms to the visitors of the Rocky Mountain.

The Premier Mountain Lodge is one of the largest accommodation facilities in Valemount and offers you breathtaking views of the mountains from every suite. The hotel includes a indoor pool, sauna and hot tub, exactly what you need after a long day of driving and sightseeing. The rooms are equipped with satelitte TV’s and hair dryers. In the whole hotel you will have acces to the free WI-FI.

Since it will be our first night in the Rockies we will celebrate this by a BBQ dinner in the Canadian way.

We hoped you got a better impression about the hotel accommodation and stay tuned for the next episode about the hotel in Banff

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Rockies Weekend Spring 2014

Only 5 more weeks and some days before we leave for another great adventure. The rockies trip is known as one of ‘THE MUST-DO TRIP‘, while visiting Vancouver.

We will start our trip on April 18th and will be back in Vancouver on April 21st at night. You will enjoy a four day break from all the craziness in the city during the trip.

Our first stop of the tour will be in Hope, BC and we will then continue to Kamloops and the Spahats Falls. We end the first day in Valemount with a lovely BBQ Dinner and a hockey night.



The next day we will make our way to the popular Rockies resort Banff, Alberta. On our way we will stop at Mt. Robson, Jasper, Athabasca Falls and the Columbia Icefields. After a long day of sightseeing and traveling we will end the day with a big party in Banff.



On our third day we will have a tour trough Banff and will make our way to Lake Louise and we might make a stop at Lake Moraine. From there on we will take our route towards Golden were we will enjoy another lovely BBQ and a campfire party.




On our last day we will stop at Last Spike, the Okanagan Valley and the Othello Tunnels before we will end the tour in Vancouver.   



Over the last years a lot of awesome pictures were taken during our Rockies Trip. Click here to get a very very beautiful impression of the Rockies.

I hope you are going to join us for this great adventure and we will keep you updated with further information

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