How was your weekend?

After shutting down the computers at the office on Friday afternoon, the weekend could start. We decided to behave like real Canadians this night, which means only one thing: watch hockey! So, Nadine and I headed to the sports bar Malone’s to meet some of you. At the moment, the playoffs of the Stanley Cup are broadcasted literally every day and as you can imagine, the pub was crowded. Everyone was following the intense game of one of the two Canadian teams in the competition, the Winnipeg Jets. Some fights later, we as well as the Jets could celebrate. We took it easy and called it a night after a few drinks.

sdrThe view outside the window on Saturday morning did not seem that promising. Time to escape cloudy downtown and take a walk in a tropical forest. That is possible in Vancouver? Yes! The Bloedel Conservatory is located right at the Queen Elizabeth Park. It feels like entering another world, warm and colourful. While walking around, Nadine, Angy and I could spot many exotic birds and plants. All information about the beautiful parrots and trees are mentioned in a guide that you receive when entering. Outside of the conservatory, I could enjoy a beautiful view of Vancouver and a little park with many flowers that are starting to flourish now. At the other side of the park, the preparation for the night began.



We planned to visit the event that was happening later: the Spring Light Festival. As it was still too bright and early, we used the time to visit the Oakridge Mall, before heading back to the park. Lucky as we were, it started to rain the moment we walked out of the mall. However, we were happy to meet some of you hiding under your umbrellas. We followed the path that was guided by lights in all kinds of ways. It was nice to see the cherries and lanterns highlighted in colourful spotlights. After a while, the ground became all muddy and we were completely soaked, so we decided to warm up again. Famous place to do so is the pub Bourbon where we danced the night away.

I admit that it was quite tough to get out of bed on Sunday morning. But there was a good reason to leave the house again. Of course, I wanted to meet you for our tour in the Rogers Arena. A guide welcomed us in the empty hallway and we entered the heart of the stadium. But something was different than the last time I was there to see a game of the Canucks. There was no ice! Since the season is over, it already got removed so that the concert season can start. The tour continued to the media and press box, the hall of heroes and the luxurious suits. As a highlight of the tour, we could even enter the locker rooms of the guests (quite basic) and the Canucks (not basic at all), where we could still spot the gear of the famous Sedins. I was impressed by the diverse places you can see a game from and the huge organization behind the scenes. Since everyone was hungry after this exhausting tour, we visited Malone’s again for lunch and hockey, of course.

I had another great weekend with many of you! See you Wednesday at Steamworks Brewpub for our weekly PuB NiGHT!

– Kerstin

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How was your weekend?

“Zie ginds komt de stoomboot…” You don’t know that lyrics? Could be, it is the dutch song we sing when Sinterklaas is arriving in the Netherlands. And Saturday was that day. Because we are some Dutch people, we, uh I, did want to celebrate this great party on Friday, so we celebrated it with Sinterklaas music and pepernoten. Everybody loved it so much *kuch*.

2017-11-18 21.40.45

Saturday was match day. Canucks were playing against St. Louis Blues. We met up in front of the Rogers Arena and found our seats. After the national anthems of the USA and Canada the game began. In the break it was time to see how lucky we were tonight and we bought some 50/50 tickets. Spoiler alert: We won nothing. The rest of the game was exciting. We saw some fights and the teams were quit even. It was a tie, but in the overtime the blue ones scored one more time. That meant St. Blues won the game. Afterwards we met the rest of INTERNeX at the Bourbon and we had a lot of fun the rest of the night.

Sunday was recovering day. Netflix all the way. After all it was a good weekend. How was your weekend? Tell me everything about it next PuB NiGHT in Malone’s.

– Bart

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Canucks game – Experience IT Review

Yesterday we finally went to a Canucks game. It was great to share this experience with all of you. Thank you all for coming!

The Canucks had to play against the New York Islanders. We were hoping that the Canucks would play well. We were becoming real fans as some of us had our Canucks shirt and/or hats on. We wanted to cheer for our Vancouver team!

17237213_10208456527391711_422730144_oWhen we got in, there were so many people in the Rogers Arena to cheer for the Canucks. We could not believe that so many people were going there to watch the game. The atmosphere in the arena was amazing with all those people together cheering for the teams. The Canucks were playing pretty well and the fans went crazy every time they made a goal. It was great to be able to compare this game to our previous junior hockey game. There were more breaks during the periods and this time we could actually see the puck flying around the field. Because they tied the game was extended with 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the Canucks were not able to score and therefore lost with the end score Canucks 3 – 4 Islanders.

After the game we went to the merchandise shop to do some shopping. There were lots of shirts, hats and even pucks. We looked around for a bit and some of you bought some souvenirs for yourself.

Seeing the Canucks was a great experience! See you next week on PuB NiGHT and have a great weekend!

– Iris

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Yesterday evening was an amazing night IMG_3114for all of us and especially for me. I have never seen an ice hockey game before and I guess for most of you it was also the very first time you saw an ice hockey game here in North America. That’s actually a chance you don’t get that often. In addition to that I got to know all of you and I had the chance to talk to some of you. I hope we will enjoy a lot more events and trips together.


But now back to the game last night. Unfortunately the Canucks lost their second pre-season game without a goal although they had much more chances to shoot a goal than the Sharks. However I would say we could be happy to join at least one match of the Vancouver Canucks during our time here. It was just such an amazing feeling to be part of it (although I didn’t get and still don’t get the rules).

What I can tell you, but only because I did some research is that, there is an overtime period, IMG_3124which takes five minutes with 3-on-3 hockey players. If the score is tied after this overtime, it results in a shootout. But as we all know the score wasn’t tied so we couldn’t see a shootout. But that doesn’t matter because there were so many other things to see and to experience. For me it was a gorgeous start to my time here in Vancouver. I hope they will play better during the regular season.


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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday


If you are new here in Vancouver or just arrived a few days ago, maybe you didn’t notice yet that especially Vancouver is totally freaking out, if you talk with some people about hockey!
I mean, you definitely can’t compare it to any other type of sport in North America and probably in the world as well!

If the Vancouver Canucks have a game in Rogers Arena, almost every person comes out into the streets to watch the game, either in Rogers Arena or in a pub.
And I promise you, even if you didn’t watch hockey in your home country before, you will become addicted to hockey during your stay in Vancouver;

And I always can recommend watching a game directly Rogers Arena!
And if you’re lucky, maybe you can see one of the players strolling around in the city during a normal day!

So keep your eyes open and maybe you could take a picture together with one of the players.





Take care,

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Today I want to talk about a few very interesting indoor activities, because summer is over and the rainy season starts right now. Do you know what it could be? No? Well, then please continue reading.

1)…..going to the CINEMA!
Join the 32nd Vancouver International Film Festival (Sep 26th – Oct 11th)! The VIFF is presenting 500 screenings of 340 carefully selected films from 70 countries. One venue is the Cineplex Odeon at International Village Mall in Tinseltown (the INTERNeX office is there as well). For further information visit the official website. Click here.
When: Sep 26th – Oct 11th


2)…..Pub & Club Night!
This weekend, we will have our legendary pub & club night! Once a month, we meet on Friday night instead of Wednesday evening for a few drinks, and tons of fun. The chosen place this time is The Cambie, the best place in Downtown to save some money.
–      $4.00 Kokanee pint
–      $12.00 Kokanee jug
–      $4.25 Moosehead bottles

Don’t forget to join the Facebook event here. Click here to read more. When: Oct, 5th (Friday)

3)…..Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers!
Finally! The home opener (Season 2013-2014)! Watch Canucks vs. Edmonton live @ Rogers Arena!
When: Oct, 5th (Friday)

Well, I think there are several alternatives to have an amazing weekend!

See you soon,

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the Weekend?

The sun is shining, but it might not last long knowing how fickle Vancouver’s weather can be! This means it’s time to get out there and enjoy the awesome weather we’ve been getting!

SNOW TUBING @ Mount Seymour

Ready for some of the most fun you’ll ever have? At least, I am! Snow tubing is very simple, you sit on a tire-like floaty thing and you slide down the hill – no experience required. Come and hang out with the crew and meet some awesome people! Don’t forget to wear warm clothing and waterproof clothing if possible.

  • Where? Meet inside Waterfront Station (MAP) to take the seabus to North Vancouver.
  • When? 12PM
  • Cost? $20 for two hours of snowtubing and $8 for shuttle cost to Seymour.

Join our Facebook event for more information.


Vancouver has some of the best and most diverse cuisines in the world, but it can get pricey when you eat out often. This popular annual festival is back and it is a great way to try out some of the more expensive restaurants at a discounted price! Over 200 restaurants in Vancouver are offering set menus of $18, $28, or $38.

  • When? Jan 18th – Feb 3rd

Check out all the menus at Dine Out Vancouver Website and be sure to make reservations ahead of time!

90s DANCE PARTY @ Library Square Public House

Most of us have grown up in the 90’s listening to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls or Britney Spears. Well, maybe that’s just me. But the 90’s was a great time and it’s time to relive it by dancing to the best music of that era.

  • Where? Library Square Public House
    300 West Georgia Street Vancouver (MAP)
  • When? 9PM to 3AM
  • Drinks Specials? $5.60 Feature craft beer bottles
    $5 House wine

For more information, check out the website HERE.


What more can I say? The season officially starts tomorrow and you can’t possibly survive this weekend without catching a bit of hockey.

There are two games going on Saturday and Sunday night at 7PM and 6PM right here at Rogers Arena. Tickets are, of course, super expensive, but the atmosphere at any pubs in Vancouver will be just as amazing.

Vancity Buzz has found some of the best cheapest pubs around town to watch the games. Check it out!

Happy Weekend!



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