INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Today I want to talk about a few very interesting indoor activities, because summer is over and the rainy season starts right now. Do you know what it could be? No? Well, then please continue reading.

1)…..going to the CINEMA!
Join the 32nd Vancouver International Film Festival (Sep 26th – Oct 11th)! The VIFF is presenting 500 screenings of 340 carefully selected films from 70 countries. One venue is the Cineplex Odeon at International Village Mall in Tinseltown (the INTERNeX office is there as well). For further information visit the official website. Click here.
When: Sep 26th – Oct 11th


2)…..Pub & Club Night!
This weekend, we will have our legendary pub & club night! Once a month, we meet on Friday night instead of Wednesday evening for a few drinks, and tons of fun. The chosen place this time is The Cambie, the best place in Downtown to save some money.
–      $4.00 Kokanee pint
–      $12.00 Kokanee jug
–      $4.25 Moosehead bottles

Don’t forget to join the Facebook event here. Click here to read more. When: Oct, 5th (Friday)

3)…..Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers!
Finally! The home opener (Season 2013-2014)! Watch Canucks vs. Edmonton live @ Rogers Arena!
When: Oct, 5th (Friday)

Well, I think there are several alternatives to have an amazing weekend!

See you soon,

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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the Weekend?

The sun is shining, but it might not last long knowing how fickle Vancouver’s weather can be! This means it’s time to get out there and enjoy the awesome weather we’ve been getting!

SNOW TUBING @ Mount Seymour

Ready for some of the most fun you’ll ever have? At least, I am! Snow tubing is very simple, you sit on a tire-like floaty thing and you slide down the hill – no experience required. Come and hang out with the crew and meet some awesome people! Don’t forget to wear warm clothing and waterproof clothing if possible.

  • Where? Meet inside Waterfront Station (MAP) to take the seabus to North Vancouver.
  • When? 12PM
  • Cost? $20 for two hours of snowtubing and $8 for shuttle cost to Seymour.

Join our Facebook event for more information.


Vancouver has some of the best and most diverse cuisines in the world, but it can get pricey when you eat out often. This popular annual festival is back and it is a great way to try out some of the more expensive restaurants at a discounted price! Over 200 restaurants in Vancouver are offering set menus of $18, $28, or $38.

  • When? Jan 18th – Feb 3rd

Check out all the menus at Dine Out Vancouver Website and be sure to make reservations ahead of time!

90s DANCE PARTY @ Library Square Public House

Most of us have grown up in the 90’s listening to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls or Britney Spears. Well, maybe that’s just me. But the 90’s was a great time and it’s time to relive it by dancing to the best music of that era.

  • Where? Library Square Public House
    300 West Georgia Street Vancouver (MAP)
  • When? 9PM to 3AM
  • Drinks Specials? $5.60 Feature craft beer bottles
    $5 House wine

For more information, check out the website HERE.


What more can I say? The season officially starts tomorrow and you can’t possibly survive this weekend without catching a bit of hockey.

There are two games going on Saturday and Sunday night at 7PM and 6PM right here at Rogers Arena. Tickets are, of course, super expensive, but the atmosphere at any pubs in Vancouver will be just as amazing.

Vancity Buzz has found some of the best cheapest pubs around town to watch the games. Check it out!

Happy Weekend!



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Picture Your New Life (Win Canucks Tickets)

Hi everyone,

As promised we have another great contest for you. And again we have awesome prizes, namely 2 tickets for the Canucks vs. Minnesota both worth $145 on Monday the 19th of December 7PM!

You regret that you did not participate in the contest of last week, then you definitely should participate this time!!

How can YOU win* : Picture your new life! Make a picture of the list you see below. Add a description to each of your pictures. Just show us your new life in Vancouver! Done? Send it to us!

  • Your new home
  • Your new work/internship/school/farm
  • Your Favorite place in Vancouver
  • Your Favorite Leisure Activity
  • You can choose….

Deadline: 14th of December (already next Wednesday)

Be creative! Because the the most original pictures + descriptions will win!

Imagine if you could watch the Canucks.vs Minnesota! This is gonna be an awesome game! Just try it and send your picutres + description to!

– You have to be an INTERNeX candidate
– Please note that we might use your pictures for our blog

Cheers, Lydia

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Story Ruben (INTERNeX Contest Winner)

Hi everyone,

Last week Ruben won one of the Canucks tickets by participating in the INTERNeX Canucks Contest! Here below you can read his story about his best experiences in Canada so far!

Why not?

Why was I persuaded to go to this part of the world that is known about its uncountable dark forests, lonely mountains and ice cold lakes . And on top of that the inhumane high beer prizes. Right now I should have been studying somewhere in Holland. Just safe and well-known in my own country where everything is as I know it.

‘’What a bullshit’’ you are thinking right now.  But I can bet on it that you thought slightly the same a long time ago. But you have to see something before you can really give your opinion about a country.

I arrived in Canada during the month September. I stayed there at the house of my uncle in the middle of nowhere. During the night I woke up a lot of times. Bears, wolves and moose were walking around the house like little children do in a playground.One day my cousin forgot to close the garage door. In the middle of the night a bear sneaked into the house and ruined the kitchen why eating everything he found. I thought it was somebody from my family and I went out of bed to see what was going on. Suddenly I was standing right in frond of a grizzly bear. And what do you do in a situation like this? I had 2 options, at first I thought about running away. The second option was to make a lot of noise. I knew those options because I watched extreme survival on discovery channel. However, I chose for the third options. I didn’t move at all and watched the bear eating. Maybe I was watching for more than 10 min when the bear surprisingly walked out of the house and disappeared

Things like this only happen in Canada. Here you can experience things you never experienced before. House parties with drunk people from all over the world, after work skiing in the dark or driving around in a stretch-limo to celebrate the night. There is so much to do here that the best thing you could do is just to live here to experience it all.

So that’s why I now know why I went to Canada. You have an image in you head of this country and when you leave your image is different in a positive way. In my opinion it even changes your way of living your life. Canada is where I had the best time of my life and I’m sure I will think about it even when I later drive around in a wheelchair when I’m old.

By: Ruben Kalisvaart

By writing this story Ruben won the INTERNeX Canucks Contest! Last Sunday he went to the Rogers Arena to watch a thrilling hockey game! The tickets were worth $145!
There is another contest coming up, so keep following is! And maybe YOU will win the next competition!

Cheers, Lydia

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Winners INTERNeX Canucks Contest

Hi everyone,

As promised we will anounce the winners of the awesome INTERNeX Canucks Contest! It was hard to choose, since all the stories we received were very unique. It was intresting to read all these special experiences candidates had in Canada. After reading all the stories we finally found 2 winners. Namely Ruben and David! Congratualtions! We wish you lots of fun on Sunday.

Upcoming Sunday 6pm Ruben and David will go to to Rogers Arena to watch the thrilling game: Canucks vs. Calgary Flames. And we are looking forward to hear how it was! Hopefully the Canucks will win!

Next week we will post the awsome stories of these two winners!

Do you regret that you did not participate in this contest, no worries because very soon there will be another contest, so keep following us! And maybe you are the winner of the next contest!

Enjoy your weekend!

Cheers, your PR-Team

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Last Chance to Win Canucks Tickets for Sunday!

As you might know there is an Exciting INTERNeX Contest going on, and the winner can win tickets for the Canucks vs. Calgary Flames upcoming Sunday 6PM in the Rogers Arena! the tickets or both worth $145, and YOU can win these tickets!

How can you win:
1. You are an INTERNeX Candidate
2. Write a story about your best experience in Canada so far, include at least one picture, and send it to us!

The best, funniest, and most original stories will win a ticket! And the stories will be posted on our INTERNeX wordpress blog!

Tomorrow we will announce the winners of this contest!

Hurry up ! because the match is already THIS SUNDAY!

How cool would it be to watch a thrilling hockey game in the beautiful Rogers Arena?

click here for more information about this contest.

cheers, your PR-Team

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Video Of The Week — WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!

It’s time for the video of the week and since we built up the tradition to show solely clips about the Canucks, the Stanley Cup, Vancouver and funny cover songs related to it, we want to stick to it for one last time…

 Today, on a sunny Wednesday, June 15, the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup 2011 for the first time in NHL history!

Why? Because they have the most awesome fans in the world! And of course because it’s a home match 😉 Next to that…They ROCK! It will be a nerve-wracking 7th and last match of the final! Everybody in the INTERNeX office is soooo excited about it!

So let’s cheer for our team from wherever you are, as loud as you can with all the positive energy that you have so the Canucks can hear every fan from every corner in Canada in the Rogers Arena!!

Let’s make them bring the gigantic trophy home on a wave of energetic, overwhelming fan love!

Even if you are not from Canada, just as me, remember that as long as you are here: WE ARE ALL CANUCKS! 😀

Go Canucks Go!

Your PR-Team

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