About INTERNeX: Destination Italy

Do you want to take part in Au Pair program and you don’t know which city to choose? Italy is one of our destinations for this great program and you won’t regret going there!

Riding a gondola in Venice, standing inside the Colosseum, leaning beside the tower of Pisa or walking through the Sistine Chapel. This cultural and historically rich place is one of the only nations where you can experience so many world wonders all in one country.

Italy is one of those countries that has something for everyone, boasting some of the most historical landmarks in the world, where cooking and cuisine are a passion, fine art is a way of life and a love for football. Italians are also known for their gregarious nature, so if it is socializing and partying that you are into, Italy is also the perfect the destination for you.

This boot-shaped peninsula offers a diverse climate. The inland northern areas have a humid sub-tropical climate, while the southern and coastal regions fit with a more Mediterranean climate, making it very pleasant year-round.

Working in Italy will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within Italian culture, where you will get to experience the passion, social nature and love of Italian life.


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