INTERNeX Toronto: Graffiti Alley/ Rush Lane

Another week, another amazing street in Toronto to tell you about!

This time, we are taking a trip to Rush Lane, or otherwise known as “Graffiti Alley”.  Located in downtown Toronto, just south of Queen Street West, almost every inch of the alley is completely covered in beautiful graffiti art. This alley may often be overlooked, but it is a kilometre of haven for many underground artists. The pictures here, I think, speaks for themselves.

So you may ask what exactly is graffiti art? It is a form of writing or drawings that is scribbled, scratched or sprayed on a public wall or surface. More often than not, graffiti art has a negative connotation attached to it as there is constant disagreement between the law enforcement and the displacement of this illicit form of art. Some argue that it is not an art form, but blatant vandalism. It’s definitely a love, hate thing.

With the permission of business owners, this is one alley where graffiti artists are welcomed to display their art for locals and tourists to enjoy. The alley is repainted over a 24 hour period every summer so there is always something new to see. You’ll get a first hand experience here at Rush Lane of how Graffiti art is always being reinvented. There is always someone strolling through here with taking photos of the art work.

You can take a tour to explore this fascinating part of our urban culture and learn about this history and styles of graffiti art, but I think I would prefer to just wander on my own (for free) with a camera in hand.

This is probably not the first place you would think of when you think of places to go in Toronto, but it is a hidden gem treasured by locals that I think you should check out!



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