What to do on the weekend?

This weekend INTERNeX is going to the Honda Celebration of lights, an annual musical fireworks competition between different country representatives. The first one will be Japan this Saturday! We are meeting at 8pm at Sunset beach to set up some blankets, play some games, watch the sunset and then enjoy the fireworks, which are shooting from a boat located at English Bay. Bring some snacks and layered clothes since it’s still getting cold at night.

On Sunday INTERNeX is planning a trip to Playland which will be so much fun! We’ve got Thrill passes that allow us to go on almost all the rides. This day is only for the brave ones amongst us. 😉 Are you coming? Which ride are you looking forward to the most?

Are you more into chill activities, like arts and crafting? I’ve got the perfect activity for you. The Eastside Arts Society (EAS) presents CREATE! Arts Festival taking place on July 23rd at Strathacona Park. It brings together local visual and performing artist and the community to explore, learn, and create art together through a series of affordable workshops and public art activities. There’s also beer and wine trucks around 😉 Tickets and information: createartsfestival.ca

Have you been to Granville Island yet? If not, then I’d recommend you go. It’s a really nice area underneath the Granville bridge with a big market, cute shops and really good food! The area reminds me a small fisher town, surrounded by water with industrial manufacturing. I like to go to the food court, but there’s also many restaurants around. You can get almost everything there, e.g. Salmon candy. Yes, that’s right I said Salmon candy. In fact, my quest for you is to go to Granville Island, find it and try it! Let me know what you think. 😉

I look forward to hearing about your weekend!

See you around.


Laura 🙂

How was your Weekend?

I hope all of you had a good weekend – I for sure had (thanks for asking ;-)) On Saturday the INTERNeX-family went to Granville island and we were actually quite lucky with the weather as we had sunshine most of the time.


We met at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, from where we walked to the aquabus dock. I already guessed before we even started our trip that our ride with the aquabus is going to be exciting and now I can confirm my statement. We had such a good view on the skyline and Granville Island. We got picked up at the dock by a little colourful boat and it took us only approximately 7 minutes to get to the island. So this was a really good start for our trip.

img_5629Once we got there we walked straight into the public market, where lots of food was waiting for us. It was overwhelming. There was one stand next to the other and they had such a variety of food – cheese, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, ice-cream,… One thing for sure, no one has to starve in there and will find something to eat or drink.

img_5632But we actually weren’t too hungry so there was just one thing we tried out. I already got the hint from Tim in advance that we HAVE to try out “salmon candy”. It’s a smoked salmon lacquered with maple syrup. You might be thinking, that it sounds really really weird and well, all of us thought exactly the same 😀 But we could bring ourselves to try it out and to be fair, it wasn’t too bad. It just tasted like salmon and while chewing you get this kinda sweet taste. So we’re glad we tried it!


Besides all that food there were so many more shops to look at. We wandered through some souvenir shops and a chocolate one (which I wanted to check out mostly because I was hoping for some free samples to try but I got disappointed. At least it smelled yummy!).

Afterwards we walked along the waterfront and made an enforced stop under a roof since it started raining/snowing (can’t tell what exactly it was) all of a sudden. So we sat down at a table and had a really nice chat. 

All in all we had a fun day with loads of food and great views! Thanks for coming!

Hope to see you for Pub Night at the Yale Saloon on Wednesday!

See ya! xx


– Alina

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