INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Though it was cold and cloudy, it sure did not stop us from having an amazing time at the Granville Island Brewery tour last Saturday!

At first we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into as our tour guide took us to the backroom where the  brewing process happened. But as she explained and took us through each step on how they make their unique Granville Island beer, everyone definitely became more relaxed. But of course, I’m sure everyone was just thinking about the tasting part of the tour!

I personally thought the best part of the tour was the beer sampling, and we got to choose three! Most of us went with the Limited Release, Maple Cream Ale, and the Hefeweizen. My favorite was the Hefeweizen because it tasted like Bananas! As we sat there drinking away, we chatted about the beer, which ones we liked and didn’t like. It was really cool getting to taste different types of their beer and I learned a lot about the process as well. If you haven’t been to Granville Island yet, you should visit it as least once before you leave Vancouver! 

And those of us who braved the cold to watch the street performer after walking around the Public Market, we can all agree that the performer was just dragging out his act and making it look so much more difficult than it actually was.  I could have done that…well, maybe. 

Then on Sunday, I got to sleep in and got to be lazy for a bit, which was super nice. That is until I went to the gym to work out. It made me feel better  that I exercised but now my arms are sore!

What did you do last weekend? Comment below and tell us! If you don’t have any plans and want to do something awesome this weekend, you should come skiing and snowboarding with us at Cypress Mountain on Saturday Feb 9th! Check our Facebook event page for more information!



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Eat Chilli and enjoy Blues – All at the Same time!

Jump Blues. Boogie. Rockabilly. Shuffle. Gospel…and Chili. The 2nd Annual Gastown Blues & Chili Festival has it all! on Sunday September 19th from noon to 7 pm you can enjoy showcases from several local up-and coming and high profile musicians throughout the day.

What better way to combine music than with food! Gastown is know for it’s talented chefs and the Gastown Blues & Chili Festival is a great way to put the chefs to the test. Several local celebrity judges will decide who can make the best Chili in town. The winning batch will be available for sampling by everyone!

Last year, almost 5,000 visitors came to enjoy the good music and food. Twenty Gastown area restaurants and the Vancouver Fire Department participated in the Chili Competition, and the day was capped off with a performance from Blues legend, Jim Byrnes. I for one am very curious to see what they have planned for this year! For more information, click here

The Gastown Blues & Chili Festival is a celebration of community businesses, local residents, and will raise funds for a local music-based charity. A carnival-type atmosphere with games, a beer tent and other entertainment is guaranteed to have both young and old enjoying the vibe!

Don’t miss Gastown Blues & Chili Fest – But be sure not to eat to much chili to spoil your appetite! At 6.30 pm the PoT LuCK at the Staffhouse will start! For directions to the house, email us at