Not even two weeks left and Halloween will be here! For this occasion I’ve decided to check out some stores in downtown for the obligatory Halloween costume shopping. 15545295126_94612b80b9_b
The variety of crazy costumes at the Halloween shops here in North America is just incredible. You really get lost in between all these clothes! Furthermore you are getting so many different impressions that in the end you cannot really make up your mind. I can only speak for myself but my Halloween shopping was absolutely successful. My friend and I will go as Mario & Luigi! I’m pretty sure everyone knows these both characters. They are from the famous video game released in the 80s and it was later re-released for Wii as well.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet or if you still have no idea what to wear here are some ideas: Witch/Vampire/Zombie, Superhero, Animal, Doctor/Nurse, Batman, Movie Character, Star Wars Character, Political, Pirate or Minion.15382473248_5e44e2d014_b

For all of you who haven’t found the right Halloween costume yet, you should definitely check out the three shops (Halloween Alley, Boo La La Costumes and Spirit Halloween) in North Vancouver! They have a nice variety of different costumes. You can also find costumes and other Halloween stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexell.

Hope you will find some scary/funny/crazy/whatever costumes there or somewhere else!

INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun Facts

INTERNeX is currently on their awesome camping trip to Vargas Island this weekend and we thought it would be appropriate to share a fun/scary fact about the island.  Our courageous group are braving the elements and wildlife and getting the ultimate Canadian camping experience.  Roasting marshmallows by the campfire, telling ghost stories and pitching a tent on the May Long Weekend is about as Canadian as you can get!



So, here is our fun fact for the week: 

Vargas Island is home to many wolves and are known to be seen feeding on seal and sea lion carcasses along the beach 😐


Thankfully our group has a trusted tour guide who is a seasoned professional at camping on Vargas Island so they will be safely out of harms way.  We are sure they will all come back plenty of great camping stories and hopefully wolves will not be a part of it!

Hope you’re all having a great long weekend!

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Our gang having a couple of beers!

When have you ever heard these two words put together before?! A wise person once told me – beer is never FREE!

But for a limited time, the first few people who attend this Wednesday’s PuB NiGhT which is TODAY (October 20, 2010) will get FREE BEER, or until the first pitcher is finished! Tonight’s PuB NiGhT starts at 8:30pm!
We have alot of events that are brewing in time to celebrate Halloween!!!
Next Wednesday, we are going to celebrate Halloween in style!  You can choose to come dressed up for this frighteningly, scary holiday!  What costume would you choose?

Alot of people from other countries are telling me that Halloween is not “big” where they live, but you should experience Canada’s Halloween! It is quite a spectacular scene – we take Halloween seriously, and it shows! That’s why we should all participate in this holiday and show them what we’re made of!

Within the next few pub nights are trip give-aways, and even a ticket to Vancouver Fashion Week!!! You should all keep your eyes on our facebook, blogs, and newsletters to catch all the upcoming events for your chance to WIN BIG!!!

For more information, check out our many media sources (facebook, twitter, newsletters, blog, YouTube) or contact us:

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149



Get Your Freak On for October!

3D Haunted Clown House

As we all know, September is drawing to a close.  This puts an end to the anticipation for one of the most cherished, endearing holidays in Canada! I’ll spell it out for you (literally):


To celebrate this gory, creepy holiday, we will have events to bring us in touch with the dark side in all of us.

In addition to our regular pub nights (wednesday nights), the below are the events that will take place, with a brief synopsis of each (I will follow up with a more thorough blog on each closer to the date):

Fright Night at PNE

Do you have a fascination for heart-pounding, gut wrenching movies or experiences?

If so, you can put your courage to the test and see just how brave you can be in the face of flashing lights and scary people (and ghosts) scaring you from behind.

You will witness all the methods of torturous pain that can be inflicted on the human body.

For those who want to forego the spooky haunted houses, there is certainly other activities to satisfy your palette.  If you love rides, you will get your fair share of gravity defying roller coasters, pirate ships, etcetera.

Parade of Lost Souls

We will join the parade through the streets of a lavish display of fireworks intended to ward off evil, a crowd of people dancing around a drum, and choreographed acts.

It is basically a celebration of all those passed away, as well as a tribute to the Halloween holiday itself.

For more information, refer to the blog: Parade of the Soul