How was your weekend?

How my weekend was? Hmm.. I can’t decide which word describes this weekend the best: great, wonderful, awesome, perfect, gorgeous, fabulous, fantastic, spectacular or exceptionally good? At least I had a lot of fun, because this weekend was our trip to Kelowna. Oh, now I got your interest? Well, sit back and read all about our adventures in this beautiful city.

28080563_1888898747818262_1858428207_o1.jpgThe adventure started Friday at 12 pm at the Pacific Central Station. People showed up with their suitcases and bags to get in the bus. And there we go, a five-hour ride to Kelowna! We saw some beautiful views on our way. After a long sit we arrived in Kolowna. We dropped our stuff in our rooms and walked to this awesome steakhouse. One of the hardest decisions was: What are we going to eat? So many nice choices like burgers, chicken and ribs. When the hunger was gone and we finished our meals it was time to have a little party at the hotel. We played some fun games and, since it was carnival, we played some nice carnival music.


*BIEP BIEP BIEP* At 6:45 the alarm went of. Time for all the skiers and snowboarders to get some breakfast and prepare ourselves for a day in the snow. After one hour in the bus we arrived at the Big White. In the lift to the top we realized how beautiful the view is from there. A sky as blue as a millionaire’s swimming pool. We went down a lot of times from different slopes. The area was very big, so we could do every time a different slope to see them all. The trials where not crowded at all, so many times we had the mountain for ourselves. We ended the day with a beer during the après ski next to the campfire. Then it was time for us to take the bus back to our hotel. We had a little time to prepare ourselves for another dinner and night out. This time we went to an Asian restaurant next to the hotel. Also here we enjoyed some delicious food. We decided to taste our wines we bought at the wine tasting tour and do another fun game before going to Sapphire, the biggest club in Kelowna. A 00’s party was going with a DJ who played all our classic sing-alongs.

27990347_1888900691151401_1024515969_oRise and shine, a new day has arrived. We woke up fresh and energetic to start the day with a boost. Ok, maybe not, but at least we stood up to have breakfast. When the rooms were clean and the luggage was packed, we took the bus to Kelowna downtown. In the city we did the scavenger hunt game. The groups had to do as many fun assignments as possible to get points. So we proposed, hugged, fished, danced and so on. After three hours, we met at the bus again to get our luggage and go home. This time we could enjoy a bus ride for 7 hours. Since we did not sleep that much this weekend, we could catch some sleep during the ride.

It was really great to hear that all of you had a great time! And so did we! Thanks to you, it was a really nice weekend. If you did not went on this trip, I am happy to tell you all about it tomorrow at PuB NiGHT in the Lamplighter. See you then!

– Bart

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How was your weekend?

My weekend was great! Thanks to you! You made this weekend a weekend I will remember. Everyone survived, except our new friend Bob. Are you curious what we all did in Whistler? Good! Keep reading and you will find out.


It was an early Saturday morning. Time to get up and prepare myself for a fun weekend. We took the bus and drove a beautiful road all the way up to Whistler. Right after check-in it was already time to go to the bungee jump office. We drove with a van into the mountains where we stopped at a bridge. This is it, there is no way back now. We nervously waited on the bridge till it was our turn to jump from it. I got even more nervous when it was my turn to jump. I still remember the instructor saying: “Just look at the treetops and try to catch them”. So I did. Without thinking I jumped and a second later my view went from the treetops to the river underneath me. At that time I realized how high this was. Those were the most terrifying seconds of my life. Then I felt the rope that broke my fall and I felt so relieved and free. I did it! After everybody jumped and saw their pictures we went back to the apartments.


We decided to do a more relaxing thing now, so we decided to go in the hot tub. While the rest of the group was in a minus 32 degrees room to taste some vodka, we were swimming in a 32 degrees hot tub. There have to be some difference. When we went back to the apartments, we made some delicious spaghetti and did some fun games. When the time was ready, we decided to explore Whistler village to check out the clubs. We went to Tommy Africa’s, a small but fun club were we enjoyed ourselves on the dance floor, in the pole or at the bar.

IMG-20171029-WA0019_previewNext day, everybody woke up happy and full of energy. Maxine and Marvin made us some really tasty eggs. After breakfast we went to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to learn all about these two different cultures. We watched a movie, did the tour and made a bracelet out of wood. When the tour was finished we went to the village to get some lunch. The last few hours in Whistler we played the Scavenger Hunt Game. Besides people proposing strangers, doing a dramatic earthquake scene, dancing the Macarena, earning money as a street musician and doing a breakdance on the street, nothing weird happened. Unfortunately, time was already there to go back to the bus.

I hope you enjoyed the Whistler trip as much as I did. Thanks again for being part of this experience, it wouldn’t be that fun without you. You all get the greetings from Bob as well. There will be no pub night at Wednesday, but I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Halloween party!

– Bart

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How was your weekend?

Weekend? What weekend? Still a little tired from all those days. I already hear some people think: What did he do? At the end of this blog post you will know exactly what was going on this weekend. So sit back and enjoy all my adventures I have been through this weekend.


It all started on Friday. At 14:50 a plane landed at the airport of Vancouver. Not just a normal plane, but a plane with 7 German students on board who are going to study here in Canada for a semester or even longer. Because they didn’t know that much about Canada yet, it was our job to welcome them and show them Vancouver. After they landed, they had to get to the immigration to get their visa. Mandy and I already went to the hostel they are going to stay, so we can already check in and welcome them when they are arriving at the hostel.

So we got the keys and waited for their arrival. So we waited and waited and waited. Because the immigration was so busy, it took 5 hours to get them their visas. After a long wait they finally arrived at the hostel. We gave them some domino’s pizza, because they were starving. When they finished their pizza, they were so tired they took their luggage and went to bed. So now it was time for us to go to the Bourbon to say goodbye to Iris. After a night dancing in the cage, it was time for us to go, because we had a long day to go on Saturday.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.13 PM

The alarm went off at 7 am, which means it was time to get ready for a busy day. We bought some bus tickets and drove to the hostel. We took the students to the bus and drove to the office. It was the first beautiful thing they were going to see today. At the office we prepared an orientation with a lot of facts about Canada and about the high schools here. During this orientation, they had a very Canadian breakfast from Tim Hortons, so they know how delicious Canadian food can be. After the orientation, we went to Stanley Park. We rented some bikes and did a bike ride to let them see how beautiful Stanley Park is. Of course we went to the totem poles, saw the beaches and the Lion Gate Bridge. After two hours cycling, we starting to get hungry again. We went to the Mongolian BBQ restaurant near the bike rental. What a delicious food they have there!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.17 PMWhen we finished our bowls with meat and noodles, we went to the bus to go to Grandville Island. We did the scavenger hunt game, so they get to see the whole island in a funny way. The weather was nice, so our job was to get an ice cream and wait for them to come back. Because they did such a good job, we got really Canadian prizes for them: Maple syrup on a key cord. We went back to the beach next to the hostel. There was a volleyball net where we played a volleyball game. I don’t have to tell you how amazing my volleyball skills were. After our game we decided to have a BBQ on the beach with the master grill talent Tim. We ate out burgers and sausages during the sunset. To close the day, we had prepared a trivia game, to see if they paid attention today. After the trivia game it was time for us to say goodbye and get some sleep.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-28 at 3.32.18 PM

Rise and shine, it was a new day. This day we went to the hostel again to have a breakfast at the cafe next to the hostel. After the check out, we went to downtown to do the Canada fly over. It is a simulation where you sit in a chair and fly above all kinds of landscapes you can find in Canada. It was really fun to do. After our flight, we went back to the hostel and so the students could be picked up to bring them to their home stay families. So we had a little bit weekend left.

After these active days, I decided to do some more relaxing thing. So I went to the Lynn Canyon to dive of a cliff. What a beautiful place here in Vancouver! Totally worth it to go there some day. Afterwards we ate some sushi and I finally went back to the hostel. It was a busy but very fun weekend. Hope your weekend was fun as well and you can tell me all about that the next PuBNiGHT. See you there!

– Bart

Highlights of the Year 2016: July, August and September

This week it is time to start on the second half of the year 2016! Let’s discuss the months July, August and September!


July was the month of the European Soccer Championships. We watched a lot of games together in different pubs, which was really nice!

We also organized a food weekend. In one weekend we went to an Italian Night Market, did a BBQ the next day and on Sunday we went to a Sushi restaurant. This was a really fun and delicious weekend.

The weekend after the food weekend we wanted to do some sports. So we went to Deep cove and did some kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddling. There was also a possibility to do the Quarry Rock trail. We had a great and sporty day! The next week we had some great activities like the Festival of Lights and a Pool and Picnic day. And of course, the weekly PuB NiGHTS.

We closed July off with a great weekend of camping and river rafting, organized by LJuly Rafting.jpgee from Big Wolf Tours, which definitely was a weekend to never forget! We took a swim after getting our tents up, played some beer pong and beach volleyball and had a delicious BBQ. After that we partied till late around the bonfire. The next day it was time to go river rafting. Half way through we sailed to the bottom of a 5meter tall cliff and climbed up and jumped back into the river again. This was definitely scary but lots of fun! After the rafting we packed up our tents and bags and went back to Vancouver.


August started of with the Night Nation Run, it was a 5K run with music, lights and DJs, which made is a huge party!

Another event in August was a day trip to Lynn Canyon. We started by walking over the Suspension Bridge, after that we went exploring the park by hiking and searching for some black bears in the forest. Unfortunately we didn’t find any bears, but we had a great time hiking and ended up bathing in the cool water at Lynn Canyon.

The weekend trip of August was to the Rocky Mountains. We organized this trip together August Rockies.jpgwith West Trek Tours. On the first day we went to Hope, Kamloops, Spahats Falls and the
Cowboy Ranch Experience during our trip to Valemount. On day 2 we went to Mount Robson, Jasper, the Athabasca Falls, Bow Lake and arrived in Banff to spend the night and go to the nigtclub Hoodoo. On day 3 we did a Banff tour, went to Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and checked into our Mountain View Cabins in Golden. We had a great BBQ and a bonfire party. On day 4 it was time to go back to Vancouver, but not before we went to the Last Spike, the Okanagan Valley and had a picnic on the beach in Kelowna.

In the month August we also had our weekly PuB NiGHTS, which included one Karaoke party.


September started of with a fun Poker Quiz Night, a Scavenger Hunt in Vancouver and a Bowling and Billiard night. All these events were lots of fun and definitely has to be in the program for next year again!

14330079_10154512816572103_2438674369225802898_n.jpgWe also had a weekend trip in September to Portland. On Friday morning we drove two minivans out of Canada and started our trip to Portland. Our first event in Portland was going to the Rose garden, which is the oldest public rose test garden in the US. After that we ate dinner at Pacific Pie and checked in into our hotel, where we had a great evening chilling in our pajamas or having a room party. The next day it was time to go shopping. After a whole day of shopping we had dinner at Clyde’s Prime Rib and checked out the nightlife of Portland. On Sunday we went to the famous Voodoo donut shop and walked around the Portland Market, where we could buy all kinds of different handcraft from local people. After that we had a walking tour around the city called “Secrets of Portlandia” which was a stand up comedy tour about Portland’s history and culture. And after the tour it was time to get back to Vancouver.

We want to give a special thank you to Sofie, Sara, Klara and Phillipp who organized the PuB NiGHTS, events and trips in this part of 2016.

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

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HIGHLIGHTS REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2015: July, August, September


It’s time for reviewing the third quarter of this year. There was a lot going on here in Vancouver and we organized a lot for our INTERNeX group. Here we gooo:

The very first day in July is a special day here in Canada. It’s Canada’s Birthday6003103020_914fbc43d0_oThis year Canada became 148 years old. In 1867 the British North America Act (today called Constitution Act) united the three colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada into a single federation. The first event of the day, called Waterfront Party, started at Canada Place and was featuring various entertainments like live music, activities for children, street hockey, an armed forces show, a circus show and lots of food carts, as well. Next up was the Canada Day Parade. To finish the day with a bang, there was a firework, which we had a great view of from Canada Place.

15136227569_8fa90356b9_oIn July we had a couple of nice alternatives to our regular Pub NiGHTS. We went to one of Vancouver’s most beautiful places: Queen Elizabeth Park and had a picnic-dinner together with pancakes, fruits, meatballs, salad, … and the list went on! After stuffing ourselves we played ball, chatted and laughed a lot.

We also set up a Scavenger Hunt, which was extremely funny! For a little summary of what we had planned please click here.

Have you ever seen a firework competition? Well, you actually get the chance once a year at Vancouver’s English Bay. 19331623013_dbca09e7b4_oAside from the fireworks competition, called Celebration of Lights, there was a festival at Sunset Beach with various entertainment, vendor stalls and musical showcases.

Mid July we escaped the Vancouver city life for doing a camping trip to
enjoy the great outdoors. Click here to find out more about our camping trip.



August ended with another incredible trip to the Rockies but this time in summer. We just did and experienced so much but let me summarize our itinerary:

Our adventure started outside the Waterfront station early in the morning. We stopped in Hope, Kamloops, Valemount and the Spahats Falls. The next day our journey went on by heading to Banff. On our way we had short rests at Mount Robson, Jasper, Athabasca Falls, the Columbia Icefields and some stunning lakes. rockies conoeThe following day we had a little bit more spare time where we could decide whether we would like going up the Banff Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountains or simply exploring Banff before heading to Golden. On the way to Golden we stopped at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, which are regarded as two of the most famous places in the Rockies. The last day of our amazing tour we traveled back to Vancouver but not without passing Okanagan Valley to see the Last Spike and Othello Tunnels.

You can easily imagine how much fun we had. Not forgetting all the nights we partied so hard so that it was even harder to get up early in the morning. For a more detailed version of our Rockies trip, click here and here.

And for seeing some pictures, among others from our polar bear swim, click here.

The weekend before we had planned a day trip to Victoria. It felt like day of vacation because everything looked quite different compared to Vancouver. No skyscrapers far and wide. Victoria is definitely worth a visit!camping trip
Just as FlyOver Canada. We virtually flew over Canada, from East coast to West coast. It was intense!

A Whistler day trip was also on our to-do list for August. Our first destination took us to Shannon Falls, which is located right before Squamish before heading to our original goal. Arrived in Whistler some of us did zip-lining and the rest checked out the highest and longest lift in the world that took us up to Whistler Mountain from where we took the Peak 2 Peak Gondola to Blackcomb Mountain which connects and Blackcomb Mountain.



After a great trip to the Rockies August came to an end and September started with the traditional Rockies Reunion at Malone’s where our tour guide from WestTrek already had some seats reserved for us. After arriving, we immediately started talking about the trip and how much fun we had. We also spoke with people from the other tour bus and compared experiences. West Trek put together a video of our whole Rocky Mountains trip in just a couple of days. And it was pretty cool to see all the fun things we did over the weekend.

Mid September was a CONCACAF game, which can be compared with Europe’s whitecapsChampions League. The CONCACAF league includes all soccer teams from North and Central America as well as the Caribbean. That means the match between the Vancouver Whitecaps against Olympia from Honduras was quite a big deal. Before we marched together with many other Whitecaps supporters to BC Place we met up with the language school students at Doolin’s Irish Pub.

In the beginning of September we had to say goodbye to our awesome PR Coordinator Natasja. But we will definitely meet again some day!

Because of Labor Da Canada had a long weekend where we took the chance to head down to Richmond to the Extreme Air Park.


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PuB NiGHT Review – The Scavenger Hunt

What did you think of our Scavenger Hunt? Last night we had an extremely fun evening!

By the way, if you have any pictures or videos please send them to us per email (, Facebook or WhatsApp (1 (604) 368 0816).
We were planning on creating a new picture wall for the INTERNeX office with all of your incredible photos.
Thanks a bunch!

Here’s a little summary of what we did:
In our Scavenger Hunt we first met up at The Lennox Pub and divided everyone in groups of 3. Then, each team had to go out into in the city and complete different challenges to earn points for every accomplished task.

The game had 2 components: In Part 1 the teams were given cut-outs of pictures of famous spots in Vancouver like the rainbow-colored crosswalk on Davie St. In order to find at least 3 of the cut-outs they had to make use of hints we provided. Every single group did an awesome job to overcome this half of the game!

For Part 2 we had the teams take photos of themselves doing hilarious things while on the hunt to complete part 1. The challenges involved team members taking a video of themselves singing the song ‘A thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton in front of a London Drugs. Or take pictures of team member silly hats. Another funny video was about a member of the team walking up to a random stranger to ask for directions, telling him/her that they’re lost and need to get back to the Rocky Mountains!
We had an extraordinarily good time and laughed our hats off when we reviewed the pictures and videos of our teams.

After 1,5 hours of time given for the Scavenger Hunt, we counted all the points made per team and found a winner! They had performed exceedingly well, checking off almost all the challenges given. Their prize: a Canadian flag and extremely funny memories they will not be able to forget quickly! I’m sure the rest of the teams feel the same way as well.

Thanks to everyone participating!

Your PR Team


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INTERNeX Halloween Party 2013 – Review Part 2


Now I will continue the review of our big Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Within Part 2 of the review I will answer the following questions:

Who won the costume contest?
Which team won the scavenger hunt?
Are there any crazy pictures from the Halloween Party?

First I want to announce the winner of our costume contest:

The winner of our great costume contest is:
…drum roll…..

…MARTIN! Congratulations! Look at his amazing costume on the right!

Now I want to say something about the scavenger hunt. We divided people into three teams. They had to organize pictures or videos of the followings tasks as fast as possible:

– A team member hugging a stranger
– Entire team has to do the situation “I   can’t believe we all fit in here!”
– Entire team has to jump
– Getting four strangers to spell out “YMCA” with their bodies
– A teammate has to ask a stranger if she/he wants to marry her/him

But now I want to announce the winner:
The fastest team and for that the winner of our scavenger hunt is:
Team 3 with MARTIN, JULIA, RHYS and AXEL! Each of you won a prize!
Have a look at these crazy pictures:

And now the PR-Team wants to announce the winner of our additional prize: the prize for the best picture of the party:

And the winner is: OUR LOVELY FAIRY TOBIAS!

Look at the picture on the left! HAHAHA!

But not only Tobias gets the additional prize. Of course the person who took the picture gets the prize as well: RHYS, our lovely Pope!

And this brings us to the end of our amazing Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Thanks to all people who joined this crazy party. It was legendary!


Take care,

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