INTERNeX Canada: Weekend in the Rockies!

Where do I start? This weekend was spent in one of the most stunning places on earth: The Rocky Mountains. The mountains, snow, lakes… it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Our West Trek tour guide, Lee, was simply the best. He has the best music, best jokes, best dances, best games… you get it! The nine hours that we sat on the bus felt like two.  Our first stop was Lake Louise which was simply mind blowing. Steam came from the clear lake water and everything covered in pure white snow. As West Trek called this tour, it was a “Winter Wonderland.”

We were blessed with blue, sunny skies on our whole trip, but don’t let that fool you. It was negative 20-something degrees and let me tell you, it was cold. From what I know, all the girls in my room put about 5 layers of clothes on and probably looked like marshmallows the whole weekend.

We spent the rest of the day in one of the 10 most visited places in North America: Banff. It was such a cute ski resort town with little coffee shops that most of us ran into the moment we arrived! Then, we were left to explore the beautiful scenery Banff has to offer. I went to the Surprise Corner where you can see an incredible view of Banff Springs Hotel which looks exactly like Hogwarts in Harry Potter with the backdrop of snow-covered Sulphur Mountain and Bow Falls. Others went to walk around Bow Lake which is a frozen lake right in the middle of town.

Night time means party time (though some have been doing that 24/7 and never made it out of their hotel room, but I won’t name names:))!

The local pub was where battles of intense foosball games were played and Lee’s infamous flash mob of Backstreet Boy’s “I want it that way” was performed with absolute passion by everyone. After, we went to Aurora, the coolest club in town and where everyone let loose and danced the night away.

I’m not sure if everyone was feeling that great the next day, but riding the Banff Gondola up to the highest point on Sulphur Mountain sure woke us up. Man, this was truly incredible. You are surrounded by many peaks of the Rockies and they seem endless. This was definitely the highlight and a must see if you ever go to Banff.

After freezing our butts off, we went to the Banff Hot Springs to warm up in 39 degrees of natural sulphuric hot water. In fact, that was quite soothing to our hangovers from the night before.

The last night ended off with singing and telling ghost stories (They scared me so bad!) around the campfire. We also made delicious S’mores, which is a North American treat consisting of roasted marshmallows, a piece of chocolate and graham crackers to make a sandwich. If you’ve never tried one, you are missing out!

Overall, we travelled 2,200 Kilometres this weekend, and for that, we have to thank our wonderful and brave bus driver Vincent. The 17 of INTERNeX-ers who went will agree that West Trek definitely made this one of the most exciting and beautiful weekend. Without a doubt, it is one we will never forget.

Check out the rest of the photos on Flickr HERE!



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About INTERNeX: Destination Germany

Experience the heart of Europe! One of our most interesting destinations for the Au Pair program is Germany in the middle of Europe. You heard about German soccer and beer? Find out for yourself what it’s all about!
Germany has a lot to offer: with its antique architecture and cities full of history you will be in the heart of European culture. Great museums and cultural entertainment will fill your days with exciting historical and cultural knowledge.See the Reichstag,the heart of German government, in Berlin or visit the Oktoberfest in Munich.

If you would like to relax during the day and go out at night, German cities have a lot of parks and lakes to relax in. For your evenings you can choose from a variety of bars and clubs and party until the morning as clubs usually stay open until after 5am.

Germany seems like a small country but you’ll find all kinds of landscapes and sceneries: Big cities and the countryside, the Alps in the South and the Baltic Sea in the North. Distances are short to other exciting European countries – explore Paris, London or Rome on your weekends!

The best thing about having all this variety and doing a program like Au Pair in Germany is the chance to get to know the locals and the life in this country. You can live with a local family, meet their friends and experience everyday life in a foreign country. Be more than a tourist and learn the German way of life!


Your PR-Team

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

It’s Monday morning again and another great weekend in Canada has passed. There was so much going on, the most important event being St. Patrick’s Day! More about that in the St. Patrick’s Day and Seattle After party review blog post.

For this weekend I did something a little different to everyone in Vancouver. I decided to take the Greyhound bus to Edmonton for the weekend where I also had a great time. This was my first time using Greyhound and it was an interesting experience.

It’s a very long trip to take with the bus, but if you’re on a student budget then it is definitely worth it. They have reclining chairs so that you can sleep during the trip; I was actually lucky the bus wasn’t full so the seat next to mine was unoccupied. Additionally, the bus drivers are really considerate and always asked us if we wanted to keep going with the trip or if we wanted to take the full length break.

Taking the bus is also a great way to see the beautiful scenery and nature of Canada. I was surprised to see how much snow is still lying around once you are out of Vancouver. We even had to turn around and change our route on our way to Edmonton because there had been an avalanche in the mountains and the road had been blocked.

Interested in taking a trip to see more of Canada? Visit the Greyhound website and book your next trip. You won’t regret it!

So, how was your weekend? Leave a comment below and let us know what great and exciting stories you have from the weekend.



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INTERNeX Canada: Video of the Week

Are you in Vancouver or have you always wanted to go? Today I want to share this video with you; it shows Vancouver in the summer and the winter. Some of the amazing views and activities you can do in this city as well as beautiful clips of the mountains and the sea. Enjoy.



If you have a video, quote, picture, news etc. and you want to share that with us.

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Have a nice weekend.



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Bike Ride Through Stanley Park


I want to thank everyone that came to the Bike ride yesterday. I had a great time.

We started our day at the Bayshore Bike Rental company so that those of us that did not have a bike could rent one. Rentals cost are $6.00 per hour or if you are a student $4.00 per hour. You can also rent roller skates for only $5 pe0r hour.  For more information about Bayshore Rental, see their website.

After getting our bikes we started our journey to Stanley Park. Before reaching Stanley Park we biked on the Seawall. The Seawall is 22 km in total and takes you all over town, including Stanley Park. For more information about the Seawall can be found here.

When we arrived in Stanley Park we decided to first bike around the park so we could enjoy the beautiful scenery. When biking around Stanley Park you will come across the the totem poles, the girl in the wetsuit and many more.

The bike ride is pretty easy throughout the park, although at one point the hill we had to bike up was to steep for me and I had to walk the rest of it.

After riding all around Stanley Park we decided to also go through the park. That turned out to be a great idea as we saw a lot of wild life. We saw a raccoon, squirrel, a woodpecker and many other birds. Especially around Bever Lake we saw a lot of birds.

After a day biking through Stanley Park we still have not seen everything so we will definitely go back another time, hopefully you will join us next time!

– Manouk

Other Upcoming Events:

July 7 PuB NiGHT @ The Cambie

Experience Canada Through Our Hospitality Program!

Have you always wanted to discover Canada’s vibrant multiculturalism and fascinating scenery but have been hindered by a tight budget? Well, we might just have the solution for you! INTERNeX can provide you with a paid position in Canada’s breathtaking resort communities while still having time to explore and bring back many pictures and stories for your friends and family.

The hospitality program gives you the chance to gain experience in Canada’s world class resort communities. The work experience is in a hotel, resort or associated company in a tourism community in Western Canada (working in the city of Vancouver may be available upon request). Positions and locations of placements are organized by INTERNeX and are based on previous education, experience, English level, ability to stay a full season or longer, as well as general attitude and of course what is available at the time of application.

We are looking for people who are outgoing, flexible, happy, hard-working, good at communicating with others, physically fit and willing to do physical work, as well as wanting to learn, able to adapt to a multicultural environment, and who really want to be in Canada. Some placements require a certain skill set but some do not, as per the application form.

If you’re ready for a job for the 2010/2011 Winter Season in Canada, apply now!

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July 4 Bike Ride Through Stanley Park

July 8 Let’s Go Paintballing!!

July 31 – Aug. 4 Roaring Rockies Mountains Trip

Top 5 things to do in the Rockies!

If you are working in the Rockies or are planning to go there be sure to check out this top 5 things to do.

  1. Banff Gondola

Take the eight minute gondola ride up to the top op Sulphur Mountain to enjoy a 360° view of Banff and its surrounding peaks, Lake Minnewanka, and the Bow Valley stretching from east to west. At the top of the mountain there are several scenic hiking trails you can do. You can also encounter the local wildlife, including bighorn sheep, squirrels, marmots and many more. For only $25 you can go up and down the mountain. Looking to save a few bucks? You can also hike up the mountain. It’s a 5.5 km strenuous walk that will take you about 2-5 hours but I am willing to bet you enjoy the view so much more when you hiked up the mountain

2.   Sunshine Meadows

The Sunshine Meadows are known as the most stunning alpine setting in the Canadian Rockies. At 2220 m high, the meadows straddle the Continental Divide and the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia. Surrounded by some of the Rockies’ highest peaks, the unobstructed views are beyond compare. Wildlife around in the meadows, and the brilliance of the summer flowers and autumn larches guarantees spectacular scenery on every visit.

Spend your day on top of the world and away from the crowds at Sunshine Meadows. Mt. Assiniboine, “the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies”, and Banff National Park’s highest peak, can be your backdrop! A network of gentle trails wind their way through the Meadows and offer a range of walking for all abilities; from easy one and two hour strolls, to challenging full day hikes to Quartz Ridge, Healy Pass, or beyond.

3.   Tunnel mountain and Hoodoos

One of Banff national park oldest trails Tunnel Mountain is a still one of the most beautiful walks in the area. It takes about 2-3 hours to hike and it is a 4.3 km (2.7 miles) round trip. It is the smallest peak in the Rockies to be called a mountain. Standing guard around the top of the mountain are hoodoos. People looking to do this track often have two questions:

  • What are hoodoos? They are giant freestanding pillars several meters tall that are made of silt, gravel and rocks cemented together by dissolved limestone. That was the technical answer, to make it so that everyone understands here is a picture.
  • Where is the tunnel? That is the other frequently asked picture. Because the trail is called Tunnel Mountain people are wondering were the tunnel is. Well… there is no tunnel! So why did they call it tunnel mountain? That’s because of a proposal from the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882. They wanted to blast a half mile tunnel through the hillside, but luckily they quickly decided that this was to expensive and that it would be easier to go around.

4. Lake Minnewanka

It’s the largest lake in Banff National Park at 24 km (15 miles) long and 142 m (466 ft.) deep. Only scuba divers can view the remnants of a small town called Minnewanka Landing, after a dam was built in 1941 causing the lake to rise by 30 m. But you can walk along the lakeside trail or sing up for the interpretive boat tour to learn about the history, native folk lore and geology.

5. Vermillion Lakes

This is the perfect place for a picnic lunch on the dock, with stunning views o Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain.There are three lakes along this road, where bald eagles nest in trees, Canadian geese breed in the marshlands and tundra swans stop by during each spring and fall migration.  A natural hot springs bubbles into

the third lake. You’ll hear the mournful whistle of the Canadian Pacific Rail trains as the cross the tracks at the far side of the lakes, a sound which has echoed through the Bow Valley for more than 100 years.

If you are a big fan of nature and love to go on hikes, the Rockies are the best designation for you.

There is so much to do and see that even if you were to live there your whole life you won’t get to see everything. But this top 5 gives you a start.

Are you in the area at the moment or have been to the Rockies and would like to add an something to our top 5? Let us know by sending an email to

–          Manouk