INTERNeX Canada: Top Canadian Google Searches of 2012

Google is probably the place I go to when I need an answer for anything. In this day and age, we don’t go to the doctors anymore when we are sick or open an actual dictionary to look up the meaning of a word. If there’s something we don’t understand? We turn on our laptop or our iPhone and Google has the answer.

Recently, Google Canada revealed what the most popular Canadian searches of 2012 were and you might find some answers rather surprising or not! It’s kind of cool to see what kind of things, news or people were searched by Canadians in this year!

The Top Trending searches (new searches with the highest amount of traffic) of the year was Pinterest, which is a photo sharing social media website, with Hurricane Sandy and the London Olympics to follow.

Our very own Prime Minister, Stephen Harper was the most searched Canadian Politician, as he should be and is followed by Justin Trudeau, who is a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party and the son of Pierre Trudeau, the late former Prime Minister of Canada.

Not surprisingly, the top most searched Canadian Musician, remains to be Justin Bieber with Carly Rae Jepsen following in third place. She has been well-known in Canada for quite some time after placing third in the television show “Canadian Idol” in 2007, but she only became famous outside of Canada after Justin tweeted about her earlier this year!

The Vancouver Canucks was the third most searched Canadian Sports Teams and Vancouver, itself, was the fourth most searched Cities in Google Maps.

The Canadian beer Molson remains the most searched Beer and the most searched Canadian Foods were bacon, poutine and maple syrup. Very typical, right?

What I found most interesting was that people, even on the internet, are simply looking for love. The top Trending ‘What Is…?’ is What is Love and second highest Trending ‘How To…?’ is How to Love.

These statistics may seem kind of boring, but it shows the dominant thoughts and influences of the culture in this period of time. Our ways of discovering the “truth” has changed with our advancement in technology and social media. Who knows, maybe Google does have the answer for everything, even if its love!

For a complete list of the top Google Searches, take a look at Google Zeitgeist 2012.



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