“Home is where the heart is” – Iris

About a year ago I decided to go abroad again and this time for 7 months. I remember being scared that I would not find my place in Vancouver and would not find friends to hang out with. Little did I know that I would find this big group of friends and that all through INTERNeX!

18527540_10208994973812535_3495909027625169577_nFor INTERNeX I organised PuB NiGHTS, weekly events and monthly trips together with the other girls. And you might ask yourself: Don’t you get sick of going to all the events? The answer to this question is really simple; NEVER! It is just so much fun to experience all these things together with you, so basically I always wanted to go because I knew that you would be there. You guys made my stay way better and I wouldn’t have been able to do this all without you, so thank you all for joining us at all our events and also for being my friend.

17425002_10208531569787724_8443143331014455956_nWhile I was working at INTERNeX I got to see so many great places. One of my most outstanding experiences is going to Seattle with Kristina. I left to Seattle on Friday and got to see one of my most favourite bands there. The band is really small, so this was probably the only chance that I had to see them. As I was not that small compared with the Americans, I even catched the drumstick!

20904129_1862323020449807_1096242011_oThe two Rockies trips were most definitely part of my best experiences here too. I got to experience both trips with an amazing group and got to see the Rockies in winter and in summer. The views at this amazing place never get old and hopefully I can come back one day. Of course this would not be the same, as I would experience it without all of you guys. Luckily, I have great memories to look back on to and to remember all of you by. I hope you are thinking the same way and will always keep a place in your heart for the INTERNeX gang, because I will certainly do.


Another great experience I had was Joffre Lakes. This is a pretty hard hike which I did together with Merle, Danielle, Alyn and Christina. I did not prepare myself that well and had pretty slippery shoes. It even became that bad that Merle had to slow down, so that I would not be the only one left behind. However, it was totally worth it. In the end there was this amazing view of the lake and I am so glad that I did it.

18118990_10208840900720804_2427322637916995175_nBesides all the great memories that I made outside the office, I had a great time in the office as well. I had the freedom to improve on my skills, which really felt great. I would like to thank the whole INTERNeX team including the previous interns; Danielle, Janel and Tess, for all of their support throughout my stay and for the opportunity to get to know all the candidates. This experience was life-changing and I am grateful for that.

18485828_10208994952852011_8192753097725154058_nI will certainly miss the great atmosphere among the INTERNeX group. In my opinion, what we have got is something special and I always feel welcome and at home when I am with you guys. I will also miss all the great karaoke nights and singing our song, We are all in this together of High school musical. Besides that I will miss all of you when I am back at home, but know that if you ever come to the Netherlands that you have a personal tour guide who can show you all the great places.

“Home is where the heart is” and my heart is with all the friends that I made here throughout my stay. So how lucky am I to get to call so many places my home!

I know that in order to start with my new adventure back in the Netherlands, there has to be an ending of this one. However, this will not mean that we will never see each other again! May we meet again somewhere in the world, but unfortunately for now goodbye.

– Iris

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Candidate Exposé – Nicholas Kesteloot

My name is Nicholas and I am from Brussels, Belgium. I am 21 years old and I am finishing my third year of my marketing bachelor. I decided to come to Canada mostly to experience a different working environment and mentality, but also because I like traveling in general. Besides that Vancouver specifically was a city I wanted to visit.

Nicholas Kesteloot

I found INTERNeX through a man named Jacques Allemeersch. He came to my school in Belgium talking about the possibility to do an internship in Canada or New Zeeland. So through him I came in contact with INTERNeX. I was placed for a practicum at a tour company located in downtown Vancouver. They do trips to the Rockies, Seattle, Tofino and more, and also organises parties and events. I really like it there! You need to be initiative and responsible here, and being charismatic and creative also comes in quite handy. The practicum is part of my university program and will very likely be a useful asset on my resume.

During my stay in Vancouver I lived in a homestay, which INTERNeX found. My first impression of Vancouver was not that great because I really did not like my first homestay and also because there was an unusual snowstorm when I arrived. However, I really like the city now and wish I could have stayed longer.

I have attended most of the pub nights the INTERNeX PR-team organises, and I think they are great (and necessary) as they allow you to meet other people in similar situations from all around the world. If I could give one recommendation, it would be to make some kind of introductory game at pub nights for new students so they get fully integrated. I didn’t participate in any trips however, mostly because I could do trips for free through my internship.

Activities I did and places I visit are; hikes on the Grouse Grind, Lynn Canyon, Deep Cove Nicholas Kesteloot (words)and Lighthouse Park, I have been on tours to the Rockies, Seattle and Whistler. What I like most about Vancouver and Canada are the great outdoors, and the possibility to hike in the summer and ski/snowboard in the winter. The most memorable thing I’ve done here is probably playing ice hockey on Lake Louise. There were also some challenges during my stay in Canada, like understanding the prices and especially finding good food for a good price.

I have already liked travelling prior to my stay in Vancouver, so it didn’t really inspire me to travel more, but I am definitely interested in coming back to Vancouver. INTERNeX was helpful for me because they helped me find an internship and a homestay, and it allowed me to meet more people from all around the world who are also doing internships or working, so I might recommend it to others.

When I get back home I will first get back in touch with my friends and family, but I also have some administration to do to get ready for next year.

– Nicholas

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My weekend was pretty cool! Saturday we went to CandyTown organized by the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.IMG_3035 It was a pretty small Christmas Market with local vendors where we got some inspiration about what to buy our loved ones for Christmas.

Yesterday a bunch of INTERNeX people went to Seattle for a sightseeing trip hosted by WestTrek. Once again I have to thank you for the awesome organization. Our tour guide did a great job and we could feel special since the weather was amazing too. And as you might know the rain probability in Seattle is even higher than in Vancouver, which is really unbelievable.

Furthermore all the border process went in a perfect way! We all could enter in less than hour and all of us came back even faster because we didn’t have any waiting time at all!! Anyways, let’s talk about what we have seen and experienced:

Our first stop in Seattle was probably the most popular attraction: the Space Needle. It’s a famous landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an icon for Seattle. It is built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour (89m/s) and earthquakes.IMG_3065

Afterwards we headed to downtown Seattle where our guide showed us the Pike Place Market, which is the oldest farmer market in the States. You can find almost every kind of vegetables and fruits there. Other than that you can buy oils, gifts, flowers, vintage clothing and of course the super fresh fish. We almost had three hours to explore Seattle on ourselves. First of all we went to a fish restaurant and tried the super fresh fish because we were starving! It was really delicious! After lunch we went shopping, walked around in tIMG_3024he streets of Seattle and took some pictures. The streets were already decorated for the Christmas holidays and in front of Nordstrom there just set up a big Christmas tree. Lee, our tour guide, asked us to make comparisons between the behavior of Americans and Canadians. Much to our surprise we found out that the folks in Seattle are pretty much the same: friendly, helpful, open, honest, interested, cosmopolitan, …

Visiting Seattle during your stay in Vancouver is a must-do!

You can check out our flickr profile for more pictures.


Here we go again! Unbelievable time flies so fast. Not only that the next weekend is right around the corner but also Christmas is approaching very fast and I’m done with my practicum in three weeks already . . . Anyways, any plans for the weekend?
Christmas Market season 8250708126_6331343ffa_oalready starts this weekend!!
For sure you shouldn’t miss the Vancouver Christmas Market where you can have typical German “Glühwein” and “Bratwurst’’. That one is located at Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, West Georgia Street and Hamilton and transforms the heart of downtown into a festive wonderland for the holiday season.

Not every Christmas market in town is for free, so the Vancouver Christmas Market (admission: ~ $8) but the one in Yaletown is definitely for free! The Yaletown holiday festival, called CandyTown, is just once a year. This year, on November 21, a lot of street vendors will again sell their candies, waffles, Christmas presents and much more.
Additionally dressed up characters will participate in Christmas parades. Downtown Yaletown will be transformed into a winter/Christmas wonderland. If you’re not yet in the Christmas mood you’ll definitely have the chance to get into the mood at this market. The outdoor Christmas festival opens from 12pm to 7pm, local artisans and street performers will secure that you don’t getting bored.

On Sunday it’s time for us to go to Seattle just for a day. We are going with WestTrek, which means a lot of fun is guaranteed. Besides having fun we will do some sightseeing and of course you will also have some time to do some shopping. Possibly even buying some Christmas presents already since shopping in the States is much cheaper than in Vancouver. But it’s not all about shopping quite the contrary we are going to downtown Seattle and along the way we will stop at the Space Needle, which was designed as a futuristic spaceship in 1962. We will also go to the Pike Place Market! It’s one of the most visited places in Seattle because the seafood there is supposed to be amazing. This is also where the first Starbucks was built in 1971 and still exists!

To check our Seattle itinerary, please click here.

DEPARTURE is at 8:00am so make sure you are in front of the Waterfront Station 15 minutes prior (7:45am).

Have a nice weekend and see you on Sunday!



Review: Portland trip

Aaand we’re back from our fantastic Portland trip. Here’s a little review of the trip. We went off from Vancouver bright and early at around 7:15am, Friday, November 14th. It didn’t take long before we reached the US/Canadian border where we had to go through the security control. Our bags were scanned, the border control officers needed to scan our fingerprints, and we had to fill in a slip including personal information. Luckily we got through the control pretty fast. On our way to Portland we also got a quick glimpse of Seattle.

At around 4pm we arrived at the shopping mall Woodburn Premium Outlets just outside Portland. Five hours at a shopping mall sounds like a lot but actually the hours past by very fast. This mall is just massive, and perhaps there were a bit too many shops for the girls to handle 😉 Most of the shops had very good offers, so when we had to leave the mall at 9pm a lot of us arrived back to the bus with our hands full of shopping bags. Sometimes the selection was just overwhelming… just look at all the colourful shoes at the picture. Hmmm, what to chose?

The next day we headed to downtown Portland where we had a little sightseeing tour. The slogan for this city is “Keep Portland weird”, and the weirdness of this city was something we quickly noticed… the citizens of Portland definitely want their city to be like no other. After our little tour around the city, we had some free time to walk around and discover what this city has to offer. Most of us went to the Voodoo Doughnut store. We were lucky to arrive a bit early. It’s not unusual that people wait in line for a least 1 hour! And of course there’s a reason for the long line… the doughnuts here are amazing and comes in all kinds of shapes and colours. Some people just couldn’t get enough, so they bought several boxes filled with doughnuts.

After a great time at the Voodoo Doughnut place, we continued shopping around Portland. Most of us also went to a big Apple store. There’s no sales tax in Portland, so everything is just sooo much cheaper compared to Vancouver and Canada in general.

In the evening we went to watch a great NBA match. It was the Portland Trail Blazers against Brooklyn Nets, and of course Portland won 🙂 The match was very entertaining but the energetic crowd and the entertainment during the breaks just made this match an awesome experience! There really was no limit to the craziness… There was a trampoline show, a big inflated car was flying around the stadium and dropped off coupons, small kids cycled around the basket court in a competition to win a weekly Happy Meal for one year at McDonald’s… No wonder why there are so many big Americans, hahaha! After the match some went downtown to party. Others stayed at the hotel to try out the hot tub and the warmed up swimming pool, niiiice 🙂

Sunday morning we headed off from our hotel at around 9am. We didn’t have to drive for long before we arrived in front of the 2nd tallest year-round waterfall in the US, the Multnomah Waterfalls. It was very cold and windy but the view of the waterfall was just incredible! We had some time to walk around the trails around the waterfall… it was a bit icy, so you can imagine that we had lots of fun trying to keep the balance.

After visiting the waterfall we hit the road back towards the US/Canadian border, got a bit to eat and did a bit of tax free shopping… of course,  and then went back to Vancouver.

Thanks to everyone for a great trip, and thanks to our driver Bruno and our tour guide Adam for making this a superb trip. What an amazing tour!

Check out all of the pictures from this awesome trip here.

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Expose of the week: Laura, Germany

This weeks client for our expose is Laura. Laura is 21 and from Germany.  She set out to find a beautiful, impressing, fun, and polite place to connect to the aim of an internship for her studies. And she thinks she found exactly what she bargained for…

How long did you stay in Canada?

I stayed in Canada for 3 months.

1…..Why did you choose Canada/Vancouver to do an internship?

I chose Canada as I heard a lot about its friendly people and about the beautiful landscape. I thought that this country and Vancouver with its cultural and natural diversity would be the best place for going abroad on my own. And I was totally right!

2…..How did you like your internship?

I really liked my internship. I had a lot of different tasks and my colleagues I worked with were very friendly and helpful.

3…..What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?

On daily basis, I was responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable and the inventory of the company.

4…..Is it related to the study you are doing back home?

Yes, the tasks I did during my internship are related to my study as accounting is part of my major taxation and auditing.

5…..Where have you been in and around Vancouver?

I have been many times in Downtown Vancouver and at Canada Place.  Especially, I have been at the Seawall in Stanley Park with its awesome view overlooking of the skyline and the mountains. Other places I went to are Grouse & Crown Mountain, Deep Cove, the Rockies, Victoria, Whistler,Sundance Guest Ranch in Cache Creek, Tofino and Seattle.              

6…..What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?

There are so many things I will remember.  My whole time in Canada was amazing. But in my opinion, the Rockies trip was the most impressive thing! And of course, I won’t forget all the nice people from Canada and all over the world I met in these three months!

7…..Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange to other students?

I would highly recommend INTERNeX as I got a lot of help before and during my time in Vancouver. It couldn’t have been better.

Cheers Laura!

INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver !

In this side of the world, flights are not precisely cheap. If you compare with Europe, where we all can flight with those low cost companies which you can take a flight for just 30 Euros round trip, in Canada and USA we don’t have such a deals !

For that reason, I’m gonna try to give you a few advices to travel with a reasonable price while you are here in Canada!

One of your options if you wanna travel a little bit in the  States West Coast  if you are in Vancouver is going to Seattle or Bellingham. You can check  Boltbus out; they have bus tickets from $1! A plus of the boltbuses is that all of them have power outlets and wifi available, so the trip is more enjoyable for all of us !! Another bus company with reasonable fares is Greyhound. If you book in advance you can get a round ticket for less than $40 !!

These companies also travel to Portland, if you are interested !!

If you wanna travel further, you can travel to the amazing Las Vegas. Sin City is always one of the most affordable options (well, if you don´t like to gamble a lot of course). You can find always good deals of flight + hotel in Expedia, to visit one of the most famous and visited cities in USA !! You can get as good deals as $400 dollars for a flight and 3 or 4 days of accommodation ! Is good, isn’t it ??

If you wanna relax, and you don´t like to gamble or you just don´t like the heat of SinCity, you can always take a flight to San Francisco ! With Lufthansa or Air Canada, you can get a round trip flight for less than $300 ! For that, you can check Skyscanner out. I find this website very useful when I just wanna look for a flight !

I hope you liked this post, and don’t be shy to comment if you found also a good deal that you want to share with all of us !

Have a nice day, and ENJOY TRAVELING !



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