INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming trip and events.

October is almost here guys !! And it means two huge things in Canada, yeah yeah….you know what I’m talking about??

Thanksgiving and HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEN !! and in INTERNeX we are already organizing a few events that I’m sure you will enjoy as if you were a child !!

Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada the second Monday of October, being this year October 14th , so keep tuned because we will announce soon our plan for that day !! We also accept suggestions, so if you want to do something special you can send us an email or write us on Facebook telling us what would you like to do !!

For halloween we also have a few nice plans:

One of them is the Fright Nights at Playland !! and the other one is the famous Dunbar Haunted House !!

Keep tuned because we’ll publish soon the details for paying the Fright Nights ! ( The tickets are around $30, but they sell them out really fast, so we’ll let you know in advance about paying so we all be able to go together to Playland and have a terroriiiiiiiific afternoon).

If you are interested on these events, just write us to know  you want to participate and also if you have more things in mind !!

We’ll be glad to go there with all of you and have a fantastic time !

Keep tuned for our month of October, and enjoy it with us !!



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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday Pre-Thanksgiving!

Monday is Thanksgiving and of course we are going to celebrate together with a typical thanksgiving dinner! We know how to celebrate it, but…. Do you know the history behind this festivity?

The origin of the first Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to Martin Frobisher, an explorer who celebrated  for surviving after a long and difficult trip from England… years after this celebration continue when new immigrants were arriving to Canada

Thanksgiving in North America in general has its origins in a mixture of European traditions and aborigines. In Europe, festivals were held before and after the harvest cycles to give thanks for a good harvest and to celebrate the hard work along, with the rest of the community .At the same time, Native Americans were also celebrated the end of the harvest, so the actual Thanksgiving is a mixture between aboriginal tradition and the own tradition that the Europeans brought to Canada. But the main objective was basically the same, to say thank you after a good harvest and to finish a hard work.

In Canada is always celebrated on the second Monday of October and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

So now you know a little bit more, now we are ready to eat our great turkey dinner!

Join us in celebrating a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving at The Irish Heather in Gastown with our INTERNeX family! It´s just $25 (excluding tax and gratuity) and we will be eating Roasted turkey with cherry relish, mashed potatoes, maple glazed yams, stuffing, and brussel sprouts; and pumpkin pie with bourbon cream for dessert!

Don´t miss out!


Where? The Irish Heather, 210 Carrall Street Vancouver

When? Monday, October 8th at 7:30

See you there!



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