How was your weekend?

The weekend is behind us, so let’s take a look at what we did this weekend.


On Sunday we went on a trip to Joffre Lakes. We left Vancouver at around 8 in the morning in our own bus, which was great as we could listen to our own music. On our way, we stopped at Shannon Falls, which is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia. Thus, you can imagine, that it was quite impressive. On our way to Joffre Lakes, our guide, Corey, pointed out some interesting facts along the way. For example, did you know, that the McDonald’s in Squamish is the busiest McDonald’s in British Columbia?


It was a sunny day, so we had the perfect hiking conditions when we arrived at Joffre Lakes. The Lower Joffre Lake, was close to the parking lot, so we were able to get there within 5 minutes. It was nice and peaceful. After a few minutes we headed towards the Middle Joffre Lake, which was 3 km away. I think, I can speak for most of us, that this was the hardest part of the hike. Not only was the hike 3 km long, but it was difficult due to the extreme incline. So by the time we reached the Middle Joffre Lake, we were a bit exhausted. At this lake, we had our lunch break and enjoyed the amazing view of the blue water of the lake.


Afterwards, we headed to the Upper Joffre Lake, which thankfully wasn’t too far away. On the way there we saw an amazing waterfall from up close. At the Upper Joffre Lake, we were happy to see that it wasn’t frozen. Again, we had a spectacular view and we seized the opportunity to take more amazing pictures. The hike back down was a lot easier.


On our drive back from Joffre Lakes, we stopped at Whistler for a dinner break. It was cool that we were able to see Whistler Village on this trip as well. After our delicious dinner we headed back to Vancouver. But we had to make one quick stop on the side of the highway for the scenic view. By 8:15 pm we were back in Vancouver.


Overall it was a great trip, even though it was a little exhausting at times. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who joined!

Have a good day and see you on Wednesday at Pub NiGHT!


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Stop, Squamish time!

Only one… two… three more days until we are on our way to Squamish! Although you already know what we are going to do, let me provide you with some more details.

We will meet at 7:45AM at the Pacific Central Station (1150 Station St) in Vancouver. We will arrive in Squamish at approximately 10:00AM. Then, we will walk for an hour to the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we will start our hike. The hike will last three hours and is filled with beautiful nature, amazing views and there will be time to enjoy a little picnic. At the end of the hike, we will be on the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola where we can find the Summit Lodge. The perfect place to treat ourselves to a drink and celebrate we made it! 21062859398_0c95352186_n

After that, it is time to go to the next activity: the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge! The suspension bridge is 100 metres long and gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Sky Pilot Mountain and Howe Sound. When we have had enough of enjoying the sun (although honestly, could we ever?), it is time to take the gondola down again. But no worries, the trip is not over yet! When we are back at the base of the gondola, we will walk for about 20 minutes to have a look at Shannon Falls Provincial Park. Fun fact: Shannon Falls is the third tallest waterfall in British Colombia!

After visiting the waterfall, you will have the opportunity to have a Subway/A&W/McDonald’s (or bring your own) dinner before we head back on the bus. We will arrive in Vancouver at approximately 10pm. The day will consist of a lot of walking, however, it will all be worth it! According to the weather forecast it will be 26 degrees that day so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen! Also, make sure to bring enough food for the picnic and water to make sure you will not get dehydrated.

I hope you are just as excited as I am! See you tonight at the Beaver Bar!

– Angy

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Review: Whistler trip

IMG_1729This weekend we went on our monthly trip to Whistler! We met up at Tim Horton’s at 7:45 AM, which was super early so luckily we could get our breakfast and coffee there. Since we are a big group Tess could check us all in at the same time and we didn’t have to stand in line, so we could all sit next to each other which is always way more fun than being divided. The Sea to Sky Highway was truly a beautiful view and our tour guide Gabrielle told us a lot of things about our surroundings which was a great addition. We had a stop at Shannon Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Squamish where some Twilight scenes were filmed.

IMG_1816.JPGAfter the stop we continued our journey to Whistler and we arrived there around 10:45 AM. We got a walking tour around the village and our tour guide told us where we needed to be for each activity. After that everybody went their own way. Zack, Iris, Tess, Kristina, Larissa and I went for a little walk around a frozen river, where we had some adventures in the snow. We ended up losing Tess, Kristina and Larissa, so we were having a little photoshoot with the three of us. After that we decided to have lunch at The Furniture Warehouse, one of those amazing $5 dollar for a meal places, and apparently we all had the same thought, because everyone had lunch there apart from each other.

17572128_1596970726997289_1157462316_oAfter lunch we went to The Brewhouse, where we had a hot drink in front of the fireplace. Then Zack went off to have fun at the tube park and Iris and I went to go bungee jumping. It’s was so scary but also the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. Sarah, Merle, Sol, Pablo and Niclas went for ziplining and they had a great time too. They even got to rent a GoPro and took some amazing shots. Tess, Kristina and Larissa decided to go to the Ice Bar for a vodka tasting where they were put in $1.500 jackets to survive the cold. They weren’t allowed to lick the walls because their tongues would get stuck on there, which disappointed them a little. But luckily you can actually taste the real flavour of vodka in -32˚, so they got a whole new experience as well.

After all the activities it was time to get on the bus back to Vancouver and everybody got to exchange their stories. We had a lot of fun and judging by your stories you did too, so thank you all for joining us!

– Danielle

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Only 2 more weeks till our Whistler trip!

Our Whistler trip is coming closer and closer. Only a bit more than 2 weeks to go and then we are finally going to this beautiful city! Here is a small update on the schedule of our day trip.

We start our new adventure at 8 AM outside of Waterfront Station. From there we will travel on the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. The Sea to Sky Highway is famous for its great view along the way. So the perfect chance to make some pictures of BC’s scenery. On our way to Whistler, you will also get the chance to see Shannon Falls. We will make a short stop for some pictures at this amazing waterfall. Shannon Falls is the third highest wat20285704702_445c01f230_oerfall in British Columbia, so you definitely should not miss out on this opportunity! Get amazed by the beautiful view and remember, this is only just on the way to Whistler. There is so much yet to come after Shannon Falls!

At 11 AM we arrive in Whistler Village and will first get a nice sightseeing tour. This way we get the full sightseeing experience of Whistler for sure! After that we will have some free time for optional activities such as snow tubing, ziplining and the peak 2 peak gondola. At 5 PM we will be heading back to Vancouver. Even though our time in Whistler will be done, our trip is not over yet! As we will be driving through beautiful scenery again, you get the chance to make beautiful pictures, but this time in the evening. So make sure to bring your camera along, as you will definitely need it on this trip. Our journey ends at 7 PM when we drive back into our amazing city.

You only got this week left to sign up for the Whistler trip, so come by the office soon to ensure your spot for this amazing trip!

– Iris

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Whistler Day Trip Review

Back from the long weekend! Did everyone have an amazing time and do fun stuff? We sure did!

Past Sunday, August 2nd we went on a day trip to Whistler Village with West Trek. Our tour guide Madison did an awesome job!
After meeting up early in the morning our first destination took us to Shannon Falls which is located right before Squamish. There we spent 20-30 minutes checking out the waterfall before jumping back onto the bus for our real goal.
Arriving in Whistler Madison first showed us the top spots and highlights of the village before letting everyone roam free.
In our group we had 3 brave girls doing some zip-lining while the rest of us checked out the highest and longest lift in the world. The Peak 2 Peak Gondola spans over 3km between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain with the highest point being 436 meters. Up there we were able to glimpse amazing views!
After this though we were looking forward to another point on our itinerary and that was jumping into the waters of Lost Lake. It was just perfect on a day when we had +30°C! Too bad we couldn’t stick around the lake for too long since it was already time to leave soon after.

Following our departure from Whistler we made another stop but this time at Brandywine Falls. The sight of the waterfall there was even more spectacular than Shannon Falls.

We finally returned to Downtown Vancouver in the evening where everybody said their farewells and went on their own ways.
It was definitely a day well spent! Thank you to everyone joining this trip and of course a big thanks to West Trek.




Your PR Team
Natasja & Amiel


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INTERNeX Camping Trip Review

We survived the camping trip and have returned as real men and women! After 3 hellish days of running through the wilderness, foraging for food and fighting bears we….Alright, alright of course I’m kidding!

We had tons of fun though!


Day 1. We arrived at our camping site at around 4:30pm without a hitch – or so I would like to say. Actually, it took us a while to find the hidden passage to our site. But eventually we found it and the place looked amazing! We were also lucky to have a couple of friends bring our sleeping bags and set up the tents. Thank you Michael and Steve!

Finally arriving at our destination we immediately opened our first beer which was long overdue. Then we stowed away our bags and took another look at our location with the view on the ocean. Interestingly enough there was an island right across from us with smoke constantly rising from its forested area. There was even a helicopter or two flying into it. Pretty scary huh? According to our campground ranger, we were safe though – as long as we didn’t start a fire ourselves. Because of the fire ban in place all across BC, we sadly couldn’t have any campfires.

Oh well, we made due with a portable gas grill. We fired it up and made hamburgers and sausages for everyone, eating it together with lettuce, tomatoes, chips and beer. Now that’s what I call a great camping dinner!

Afterwards we kept the alcohol flowing, chatted to get to know each other better (there were some new faces) and played lots of fun games, one of which was called Jungle Speed. That one got really intense! With people falling over each other and a couple of scratches here and there.

We played several more games long past dark until sleep finally claimed us one after the other.

Day 2. We all got up feeling kind of groggy, debating if we should take showers. But who cares? It’s a camping trip! Instead we made an excellent breakfast with bacon and eggs. Oh yes, it’s not a typo we actually had bacon and eggs! Followed by this was making sandwiches in preparation for our hike.

We took off around 12:30, excited to begin hiking and of course that’s when it started raining. Unperturbed, we soldiered on, wanting to complete our goal. What awaited us turned out to be no easy hike. It was set at intermediate level and beginning was really steep!

Still, we moved on and after about 2 hours of rigorous hiking we were rewarded with our first of many amazing views right under the gondola towers. We even had tourist waving down to us from their passing cabins.

Moving on we found the next view further up which was even better because there weren’t any gondola towers and lines obstructing our sight.

And finally! We reached our initial goal of getting to the Upper Shannon Falls. It only took 3 hours! The scene before us was absolutely incredible and definitely worth all our effort up to this point.

So what now? We had 2 options: Go back down the way we came or continue on the Sea to Summit Trail where the gondola rides end. Although already pretty exhausted we had tasted blood. There was no other alternative than keep going up!

During the next 2 hours of hiking (and the occasional climb) we were able to enjoy a couple more breathtaking views down onto the ocean before we reached the top, at last. Mission accomplished!

We rewarded ourselves with coffees and hot chocolates before returning to the camp. This time we took the gondola though.

Back at camp what we needed was beer, a shower and food. In exactly that order!

We fired up the grill once more to finish most off the food we had left, but leaving enough for breakfast the following day.

We had also stocked up on more alcohol earlier since we had been running low.

Now all set we were ready to party again! After a little while it seemed the rain really had it out for us because it began pouring once more. In defiance, we quickly decided to move to one of our 4-person-tents and managed a squeeze 9 people in there!

When the clock struck 12 we had yet another reason to party. That night we celebrated into Laura’s birthday. We had a hilarious time!

Eventually, we ran out of booze and sleep took us again soon after. We also had to get up quite early in order to catch our bus at 11am.

Day 3. The next morning we packed, fired up the grill one last time for bacon and our leftovers and made our way back home to Vancouver.

We left no trace of this amazing camping trip except for what was etched into our memories.
Thanks to everyone who came along. It was truly awesome!




Your PR Team

Camping Trip to Shannon Falls

Alright it’s on! We’ve confirmed the campground for our trip on the second weekend of July (10th-12th).

We’re going to Klahanie Campground at Shannon Falls!

Shannon Falls Provincial Park is located about an hour drive north from Downtown Vancouver. There are hiking trails, chances to view wildlife and extremely beautiful sceneries.

Currently, we are preparing the equipment needed for our camping trip. As it stands, our calculations will put the 2-night trip at:
130$ per person for all INTERNeXers
135$ per person for all Non-INTERNeXers


The price includes:

• Campground reservations
• Transportation
• Tents
• Sleeping bags
• Foam mattresses
• Food (burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, etc)
• Water
• Snacks


So, no worries. We’ve got you covered!
All you have to bring is:

• Your passport (for transportation with Greyhound)
• A copy of your passport (just in case)
• Clothes
• Toiletries
• Your happy camper face
• And most importantly anticipation for fun


Let us know if you’re interested in coming along by joining the event on Facebook here

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on the trip.