PuB NiGHT Review

Laser Tag: SO MUCH FUN!!

Yesterday we headed down to Richmond to play a couple of games in the largest Laser Tag arena of North America: Planet Lazer.

They offered a nice weekly special, which was two games for the price of one.

The general rules, that applied to all games we played, were simple: Every player starts with a certain amount of points and once you shoot someone you obtain more points, but when you get shot yourself, you lose points. Once you get shot, your ‘shield’ goes up for three seconds, which makes you unable of shooting someone or get shot yourself. Every game lasts 20 minutes.

The first game we played was ‘Free for All’. Everyone played against everyone. The one player to finish with the highest amount of points won.

We entered the enormous arena and after a few moments the game started. The people playing were only our INTERNeX people and another family. Not so many people in the arena, which made it hard to find people quickly. It was not allowed to run, but it sure was more fun, and more exhausting!! Everyone was shooting each other. We were hiding behind objects and walls, walking through small hallways and running upstairs to the other two levels. The whole arena was super dark, but lit up with UV lighted objects. The music was pumping. Adrenaline rush for sure, and everyone was super keen to win! Our winner this round was Chris and Laura followed closely after.

For our second game we were split up into two teams: the Red Team and the Green Team. Easy: shoot people on the other team. Also, during this round we were given strengths: invincibility, bonus points and rapid fire. These strengths could be given to you at any moment. After 20 minutes, the Red Team won! It was a close call though.

After the second game, some die hards who were not exhausted enough and who fancied another game, played another round! Thereafter we got on the bus. We still had a long way back home and some of us grabbed a beer in a nice pub in Gastown.

Thanks for all of you who showed up and hopefully we will all see you for our trip to Victoria on Sunday!

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your Weekend? Paintball for Charity!

It’s getting cold in Vancouver! So what do I do to check the weather on Sunday? No, not the logical way of going to the weather channel or looking outside, but on Facebook of course!

From the few statuses that popped up, my friends who live near me said it was snowing. I live on somewhat of a hill so sometimes it snows where I am, but not in other areas of Vancouver. Indeed Facebook was right and it was snowing. Mind you, it was only wet snow, but that’s a good start!

Despite the wet and dreary weather, 7 of us made it to North Shore Paintball to battle it out!  This was no ordinary paintball game. We raised $100 to go towards Children’s Hunger Fund to help children who are in need. Thank you to those who came out for this event!

The stage at for paintball seriously looked like a zombie apocalypse had taken over. There were hills, car tires, bushes and tree house-like fortresses for you to hide in. Astrid commented that it was like playing Counter Strike so just imagine that, but in real life!

Other than the INTERNeX crew, there were other groups of teenage boys playing with and against us. Definitely don’t underestimate the little ones because they know what they are doing. We were split into two teams and played a series of 15-minute games such as straight elimination or capture-the-flag where one team is defending their bomb and the other is trying to find it.

To win, you definitely have to get down and dirty. It was raining and everything was covered in mud, but after a while you just don’t care whether your shoes are now soaked.

I’ll admit that this wouldn’t have been my idea of fun on a rainy Sunday, but sometimes you just got to try new things and do things even if you don’t want to. It was like being a kid again and I really, really had a great time!

Looking forward to the next weekend already! Who is excited to come to Seattle



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INTERNeX Canada: Paintball for Children in Need!

What are you doing on Sunday December 9th? Nothing? Then, let’s go paintballing! If you’ve never tried playing, you must join us in experiencing this exciting game!

Why? There is nothing quite like getting dressed up in military gear and running around in the mud shooting your friends with paintballs. The paintball field we are going to will have a mix of different terrains, fortified hills and bushes to hide from. You’ll have so much fun, I promise!

Paintball is much more than just shooting each other, it requires strategy, endurance and speed. Each game is 15 minutes each and will be based on childhood games like Zombie tag, capture the flag and war! We will be split into two teams with a mix of new and old players so don’t worry if it’s your first time.  An interesting fact: military and security organizations often use paintball to train their forces in instances such as riot response.

More than just paintball, we are donating  your rental fee and entrance fee ($20/person) to Children’s Hunger Fund, a charity that deliver food and resources to hungry children. As you may remember, this was one of the charities that Mario supported when he fought in the 2012 Karate BC Championship earlier this month. He placed second in his category and will have a chance to represent the province of British Columbia at the Canadian nationals next year. Congratulations Mario!

Coming to this event will help more children who really needs our help, especially since its so close to Christmas and its getting really cold.

Helping children in need and running around and shooting each other? What can you lose? 

You don’t want to miss this. Sign up on our Facebook event HERE!



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Let’s Go Paintballing!

Ready to gear up? Join other INTERNeX candidates for an adrenaline-rushing game of Paintball on Thursday July 8, 2010. Shoot or get shot as we run, crawl and hide over a span of three-acre terrain!  You don’t want to miss this event – and girls – you need to come out too!

We will be playing from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. at NorthShore Paintball, which is located just minutes from downtown Vancouver. Let’s get a big group of us, because although July 8 is already Half Price Thursdays, if we get a group of 12 or more, then we pay $28.00 for entry, rentals and 200 paintballs! This is an awesome deal!

Laura and I will be heading over to a thrift store to pick out some outrageous outfits (maybe even some comfortable dresses) to wear while we pulverize the boys! Make sure to wear comfortable, old clothing because this is going to be a highly active couple of hours! Grab some friends, some coworkers, even your boss and open fire at INTERNeX Paintball! We guarantee you’ll relieve some stress and leave with tons of fun memories (and maybe a few bruises).

If we don’t get a group of 12 or more, here are the prices. Please note that NorthShore Paintball only accepts cash payments, so please come prepared.


Pay only $10 for rentals and entry! Not including paintball prices.

Rentals include:

Paintball marker
C02 Tank
Barell Sack
Overalls (If available)

Paint Prices:

100 Rounds $10
500 Rounds $45
1000 Rounds $80
2000 Rounds $150

Don’t wait – sign-up today by calling Manouk or Laura at 604-662-8149! You can also e-mail or drop by the INTERNeX office. For more information on NorthShore paintball, visit their website.

Directions by public transit can be found here.

Please arrive at least a half hour early in time to pay and to gear up!

– Manouk

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