Smart Saver Vancouver

Next week is our Chirstmas party! Secret Santa is also a part of this evening. No idea what to buy for the game? Here are some places where you can find cheap but fun gifts.


Dollorama and Dollartree are cheap shops where they have everything! You can collect a lot of small things to make a nice, big gift. Or look in one of the many souvenir shops. They also have a lot of fun stuff with a Canadian flag on it. Who doesn’t want that?

Maybe you have a nice restaurant of bar who have gift cards. Everybody will be happy with food and drinks, especially with discounts. Christmas decorations are not expensive, but also a fun thing to get. Or prepare somebody else for the cold and rain that is still waiting for us this winter.

Wherever you go and whatever you go to buy, I can’t wait to see all the gifts. Good luck hunting for some fun gifts. We hope to see you all at PuB NiGHT tomorrow night!

– Bart

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

INTERNeX Canada: Last day in the old office!

It’s Friday 19th, and it’s the last day we are working in this office. It’s time to say goodbye  and move to a better and nicer one.

We are glad to inform you that on Monday 22nd we are moving to a new location, a better location. As you can see in this map our new office is very close to our old one.

It’s at Tinseltown- International Village Mall (a ten minute walk from our present location).

A bigger, nicer and better location with all the amenities of the mall including a food court, cell companies, coffee shops, clothing stores, discount stores, pharmacies, cinemas, convenience stores and much more all next to the Stadium Skytrain station and literally steps from the middle of Downtown and Gastown.

Our new address is:

International Village

Suite 2077, 2079

88 West Pender Street

Vancouver, Canada V6B 9N9

In the following map you can see how to arrive from the Chinatown Skytrain Station.

I hope you can visit us in our office, and please, if you have any doubt how to arrive or so just let us know by email or facebook.

I also wish u a great weekend, and don’t forget to join us in our event to the amazing Deep Cove.



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Why are the Canadians so friendly and polite? I can’t understand!

I already knew before arrive in Canada that they are kind people, but, when the first day I arrived at the airport, and there wasn’t any barrier to enter into the skytrain… I was surprised that everybody paid for their ticket and there wasn’t people trying to pass for free…

Well, they have a strong sense of citizenship but they have a strong sense of punishment too. The police can fine you for crossing the street in red or eating inside the skytrain. So, be careful!

Other thing that suprised me is the fact that all the sellers smile to you and say:”How are you?” and “Have a nice day” all the time! And no one gets off the bus without saying first to the driver “Thank you so much”. And they are SO comprehensive if you don’t understand something… Vancouver have a lot of diferents cultures, so they are very accustomed to listen diferent accents.

Of course, you can also find some rude people, specially in big cities like Vancouver but…  not in general, so smile and reply: “fine, thank you, and you?”


INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

INTERNeX Canada: News /Fun Facts

Today I just want to share my personal opinion about this amazing city! Vancouver it´s the third best place to live in the world! Of course no one of us is stupid at all choosing Vancouver for doing our internship, working or improving our English here!

But why is Vancouver on the top ten?

I don´t know how is in your cities, but in Madrid it´s no possible at all sailing and in the same day skiing! But here you can do both or even change the skiing for a beach day! Awesome!

The first days that you are in Vancouver you think: Oh what a big city with all these skyscrapers but then once you have been living for a while, you realize how small Vancouver is! It looks like a big city but is like a village! It has the best things of the big cities: a lot of shops, cinemas, theaters, everything you can imagine… but also the best thing of living in a “village”: everything is near, you can walk everywhere and in a short period of time you will know the most of the people around you, your bus driver will be YOUR bus driver, you will know the most of your neighbors and you will find them everywhere! If you love the party you will see that the most of the people, even the international people like us that just stay for a while, are always the same! So this city is perfect to make friends! (And maybe not that good if you have enemies)

So apart of being a great city with a lot of beaches, mountains, it is also SO green! There are parks everywhere what are especially nice on this time of the year! Stanley Park is simply amazing! Every time I ´ve been there I think the same: it is not fair that not everybody can see it! I would love that all my friends to have the possibility of seeing and enjoying it!

Vancouver as you all can see, it is so international! There are a lot of Asiatic people, European, Latin Americans… A city plenty of international and young people, it´s like impossible don´t have fun!

And what do you think about Canadian people? Can be they been more polite? They have always nice words and they always try to help you!

Maybe it´s a personal opinion, but I find Vancouver one of the most interesting cities I´ve never been!  I understand that tons of people that just come here for a little period of time then fall in love with this city and want to stay forever. Absolutely comprehensible!!

If you have never been here and you have the possibility, come to Vancouver! If you are already here, enjoy every day like there is no tomorrow!

Let´s enjoy Vancouver!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Café Crêpe

I think I’m in love. With crêpes. This weekend, I went for another stroll down Robson Street, however I didn’t get very far. The sweet, sweet aroma of chocolate drizzle, strawberry and nutella made me stop dead in my tracks. Could it be? Love at first bite…

I had always seen the red lights that hovered above this little restaurant on Robson street, but had never stopped to order anything. Usually I eat lunch before heading out for some shopping, but on Saturday all I could think about was food! As soon as the smell of melting chocolate and fresh cut strawberries reached my nostrils, I was running towards the express window at Café Crêpe.

Importing the tradition of the classic European café to North America, Café Crêpe specializes in Parisian sweet & savoury crêpes. There are so many different types of crêpes to try at this hub, it can drive a hungry person mad! In addition to crêpes, they also specialize in french baguette sandwiches, and grilled Italian panini.  As an international café, Café Crêpe also offers world classics like half-pound certified Angus burgers, pommes frites (french fries),thin crust pizza, and a full traditional breakfast menu that includes Eggs Benedict and an exciting variety of omelettes, among other specialties. In addition to serving exceptional Italian roasted coffee, Café Crêpe is fully licensed, offering a vast selection of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, along with select beers and wines.

Everyone NEEDS to try something from this restaurant. Although a little pricey (depending on what you order), you will not be let down! I still dream about this crêpe.

Enjoy your eats!

– Laura

The Vancouver Staffhouse

We have a very nice staff house in Vancouver. The house is full right now but please contact if you are interested to move in later on. There are around 11 people living in the house from all over the world. There is always something fun going on but the house is big enough if you want to have some time to relax on your own.

Everyone helps out with the cleaning and you buy your own food.

It’s a good location. Just a few minutes on the bus away from busy Broadway with shops and coffee places.