What to do on the weekend

Are you looking forward to another nice and sunny weekend in Vancouver but not sure yet how
to spend your time outside in the nice weather? Don’t dispair. Here’s a few suggestions..

The Powel Street Festival
Take advantage of the Multicultural life that Vancouver has to offer and experience the Powel Street Festival. This special Japanese-Canadian festival celebrates Japanese arts, culture and heritage. You’ll have the chance to experience everything from delicious Japanese food to martial arts performances. The festival starts at 11:30am, at Alexander Street. Click here for a map and overview of the festival.

SaturdaySONY DSC
Celebration of Light
As you know the Celebration of Light is finished off with a great final delivered by Japan. It will be another year before you’ll have the chance to experience this amazing event again so don’t miss it! As usual the fireworks starts at 10:00pm but you won’t have to wait till evening. Already at 2:00pm there will be lots of activities in downtown Vancouver including various cultural performances. Click here for more information on the different performances. As a final warm-up to the fireworks you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Canadian music performances at the free community concert Shorefest. This Saturday the Shorefest starts at 7:30pm at Sunset Beach and 7:15pm at English Bay.

World championship in karaoke
Enjoy an evening filled with music and fun as the world championships in kareoke is kicked off this Sunday at 5:00pm. Singers from all over the world are participating in this event, where they have the opportunity to stars of tomorrow. The event takes place at 1050 Granville Street, and there’s free admission! Click here for more information.


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