INTERNeX Canada: PuB NIGHT Announcement

Go Canucks Go!
Hey there!It’s my first week being here in Vancouver, and for that I want to invite you to my first pub night this Wednesday (tomorrow!) @ The Metropole, a cheap pub in Gastown!

Additonally, the Vancouver Canucks have a pre-season game against the Edmonton Oilers at 7 pm.!
For information: they hate each other!! So we have the chance to watch this exciting game together!

If you join us right after work, there are plenty of cheap meals! Tomorrow’s special menu is the $ 6’49 Burger & Beer! And if you are thirsty they offer cheap drinks – $ 3’25 + tax – as well (original 16 draught, wine select shots & highballs).

@ The Metropole there is a pool and soccer table and also video/pinball games.

In conclusion, if you are new in Vancouver (like I am), joining us at our weekly pub night is the best way to meet other people like you and me!

  • Where: The Metropole. 320 Abbott St.(MAP)
  • When: Wednesday, 18th September at 6:00 pm.! (Please be on time, because the game starts at 7:00 pm. and the pub probably will be full of people. For that we have to make sure we get a good place to watch it all together! )

I’m really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! And join us in our Facebook event here !



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Picture of the week

Today is Wednesday, so everyone was already waiting for the picture of the week of course! Well, here it is! This week we have a picture from Franziska, one of the lovely PR-team members! She got a week off from work, because her boyfriend was visiting her here in Vancouver. Together with him she went to the Rockies!

“Last week I went on a roadtrip to the Rocky Mountains for 4 days. One of my wishes was to see bears of course! The drive via Salmon Arm to Lake Louise and back to Vancouver via Kelowna was awesome! The weather was great, the mountains gigantic, the woods lushly green and the caribous, mountain goats and American Eagles just stunning! Canada is soooo beautiful! On my way back from Lake Louise to Kelowna the time had come…. On a frozen riverbed, not far from the road I was driving, I saw two bears who just finished breakfast ;-). I assume it was an adult with her cub. The scene reminded me so much of the movie “The Bear” from 1988 ( I was so excited that I jumped out of the car, headed towards the riverfront and took some beautiful shots of the two. Phenomenal experience!! :-D”

If you think your picture is worth being the picture of the week, just send an email to


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INTERNeX PuB NiGHT @ The Cambie!

Oh yes, it’s time for another INTERNeX PuB NiGHT! This time, we’re heading over the Cambie Bar in Gastown!

The Cambie bar is part of the Cambie Hostel, which all began in 1887, when a new saloon on the bustling Cordova Street quickly established itself as a happening social centre for locals and travelers alike. When the Prohibition of the 1920’s was in full swing, bootleggers floated their forbidden wares through False Creek and delivered them straight to the Cambie storeroom through an extensive network of underground tunnels. The General Store & Bakery adjacent to the pub saw its share of excitement too, as a boxing ring where five cents would buy you hours of ringside entertainment. Although the hotel got a major facelift in 1997 to camouflage a century of drunken debauchery, the spirit of excitement and fun is still very much alive.
So join INTERNeX at the Cambie on Wednesday, July 7 at 300 Cambie Street in Gastown! 8 p.m. is our usual meeting time, so come around then! This time we’ll have a little trivia quiz so we can dish out some prizes. Make sure to be on time or miss out on some good stuff!
See you next week!

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