INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

One of the most common conversations is around how fast the time goes! Time flies, isn’t it? But there are so many countless and unforgettable moments that you’ll keep on mind forever…

When something important finishes in a way that you didn’t expect, no matter if it is about your professional or your personal life, people usually blame themselves for wasting their time doing that…

I can totally understand that posture but I just can’t think like that. If something happens must be for a reason, and there is no better way to learn that learning or your own mistakes.

If you spent your time doing a job that you didn’t like, it’s OK. You realize and probably understand more about what you want or you don’t want in your future.

If you started one degree that you didn’t like, you didn’t waste one year of your life. You win the chance to know what you want to become one day and what certainly not.

If you spent your time with someone that was special for you and you were special for that person as well but in some point that changes… Forget about the hate; just try to stay positive and happy for enjoying that special time. Feel proud of yourself for being able to trust that person, sometimes and more after bad experiences is not that easy, and you have to be really brave to open up yourself once again. But it doesn’t make any sense to try to hate someone that you just love (d). It’s not really sincere, and lie is always an option, for sure, but there is just one person who you would never be able to lie. Yourself.  So always follow what you think, and what you feel, no matter what the rest of the world tell you.

So forget the word mistake, just call it experience.

Enjoy this Friday doing something or with someone that makes you smile! That should be the only rule of this life!



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