Orientation Week with the Scandinavians

img_5661This week was a busy and great week with all the Scandinavians in Vancouver. They were here for only 3 days; right now they are heading to their work in a ski resort. Most of them arrived on Tuesday evening and already met each other at the airport and went straight to their hostel.

On Wednesday we had a long day full with orientations. We picked them up at 8 AM, went to the SIN office and after that to the bank to get them a bank account. When all of that was sorted out we walked to the INTERNeX office and ate pizza. After the lunch break we did the INTERNeX orientation, sorted them out for PhoneBox monthly plans and gave them an introduction about TaxBack. Finally all parts of the orientation were done and we went to the Bismarck Bar for a PuB NiGHT where the other candidates from INTERNeX also came along to enjoy a great PuB NiGHT.

On Thursday we did a Stanley Park Tour which was a long walk, but lots of fun. We first walked to the Waterfront, from there IMG_5654.JPGon we walked to Stanley Park where we started of with seeing the Totem Poles, afterwards we walked into the actual Stanley Park. We saw a lot of beautiful things, a really big tree where we could stand in and the Lost Lagoon. We also saw squirrels and even a raccoon!! Then it was already the end of the tour and went back to the hostel to get ready for the Canucks game. We gathered around 6 PM at the INTERNeX office to get the tickets and went to see the game. The Canucks lost, but it was still a great experience to see a hockey game!

On Friday we planned another PuB NiGHT at Blarney Stone to end the great time with the Scandinavian candidates before they leave to the ski resort. We had lots of fun!

We hope you all will have a great time working at the ski resort!!

– Janel

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AMAZING how many people showed up for last night’s PUB NIGHT and turned it into a real XXL PUB NiGHT! Thank you guys.6218233822_8203e53227_o

First of all, back to the beginning: On Monday a bunch of candidates arrived here in Vancouver. Most of them are from Sweden; some are from Norway and Finland. Unfortunately they won’t stay in Vancouver that long (just for a couple of days) because they are heading to several ski resorts where they are starting to work during the winter season.

For that reason we had a XXL PUB NiGHT last night. We went to the Cinema Public House, located on Granville and just a block away from the hostel they stayed. 23 of our interns showed up to give the Scandinavians a warm welcome here in Canada. That means we were around 35 people in total which is truly amazing. We had a lot to talk and funny conversations about so many different topics.

The Cinema Public House provides pretty cool beer specials on Tuesdays so you could get a beer for just $2 dollars and a burger plus a beer for just $16. 6218311182_e86360c333_o

Sadly we had to say goodbye not only to the Scandinavians but also to Tobi. He stayed here for 4 month and now it’s time for him to go back home. As he told me he really enjoyed his stay here and for him Vancouver already started feeling like home.

Thank you all for coming!

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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the Week

The picture of the last week of 2011 is taken in the Lake Louise Ski Resort. two weeks ago I went to a trip to the Rocky Mountains, and during one of these days I did some snowboarding in Lake Louise. On the picture you can see that it was not busy at all. Sometimes I was the only person on a run, just like on the picture below. That was amazing, I really enjoyed this day!

Do you have an awesome picture for the first week of 2012? Send it to us! Because you can win fantastic prizes!

Enjoy your week!

Cheers, Lydia

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