INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday!

After so many goodbyes, it’s time for me to start thinking on what to do next… My internship will finish at the end of this month and if I make a balance of all this time… Oh god… Probably these seven months have been the most important months of my whole life, a big challenge to cross the world and start doing something practical and completely different that I used to do at home!

But this is life! If you don’t have goals, challenges, dreams… What kind of life are you living? We are young, ok maybe I’m not that young anymore, but still we are all at the age of our main obligation must be to experiment, travel, falling in love with probably the wrong person, party like there is no tomorrow, meet people from all over the world, laugh loud, learn professional skills, learn about the world, learn about the kind of person that you are and of course learn about the people you want to become someday!

I don’t know you, but all that kind of feelings that’s what I call life! And all that kind of feeling just happen to me here, so… apart of living in one of the best places all over the world, Vancouver will be always special for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks in that way.

You’ll have time to settle down…right now the only thing that I want, the only thing that probably all of us should do is just LIVE!

Enjoy your day,



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Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Get out your Dancing shoes and learn how to dance!!

All throughout the Summer you can enjoy Saturday Dance lessons and Sunday concerts at SummerFest. SummerFest is a community festival featuring children’s entertainment and activities, dance classes and demonstrations, farmers market, and live concerts. The festival started at June 25 and has lasts until September 5th.

Dance Saturdays – Waterfront Plaza 2-4pm

Cultural dance lessons and social dancing for all skill levels. Salsa, Swing, Ramba, Cha-Cha, Bachata, Hustle, Tango, & Merengue.

Date Entertainment
August 21 Salsa & Bachata
August 28 Cha-cha & Merenque
September 4 Merenque & Salsa

Concert Series Sundays – Waterfront Plaza 1-3pm

Every Sunday there is a different concert for you to enjoy!

Date Entertainment
August 22 Dr. Strangelove (Classic Covers)
August 29 Familia (Rock/pop)
September 5 Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner with the Hotlegz Dancers

Summerfest is located at Lonsdale Quay, adjacent to the SeasBus terminal in North Vancouver. To get there simply go to the North Vancouver’s terminal of the Seabus.

Also, don’t miss the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Londale Quay Market! Shop for local fruits and vegetables, have lunch at a food stall and take a ‘sightseeing’ ride on the Seabus!

So take advantage of this amazing festival and learn some new dance moves!

– Manouk