Another week is nearly over aaaand it’s time to get out and enjoy the weekend. Still haven’t decided what to do? Don’t panic I have some suggestions for you:

My weekend is already fully booked and according to the forecast it seems like we will all have awesome weather for some outdoor activity. Since it’s supposed to be very nice on Saturday I’m going to see a horse race at the Hastings Racecourse. You also would like to see a horse race during your time here? So than you have to be very quick! It will be the last horserace weekend for this year. The season ends in October and first starts in April 2016 again. I’m actually really excited because it’s obviously something you don’t do that often.IMG_1827

For those who haven’t done the “standard-tourist-activities-stuff” yet you should definitely make use of the weather by going to Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain,
Queen Elizabeth Park or Granville Island. These are amazing places where you have a gorgeous view on the skyline of Vancouver.

To get into the Halloween mood you should absolutely join the walking tours organized by Forbidden Vancouver. On Friday “The Lost Souls of Gastown”-walking tour is only available at 7:00pm; the other departure times are already full booked. 6511936281_baaf4f47d0_bThe tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. For Sunday you still have the opportunity to choose between the 7:00pm and 8:00pm tour. The tickets are around $22. You are transported back to the 1800s when Vancouver was a frontier town with lots of violence. Do not expect a conventional walking tour! You get to know Vancouver,
especially surroundings in Gastown, a little better with some of its dramatic, terrible and forgotten plagues.

Don’t miss our Aquarium event on Sunday! The Aquarium is located in the beautiful Stanley Park.If you’re a student, above 18 years of age and have a student card, you’ll be able to enter the aquarium for ~ $20. 12463370883_aefdac5219_bIf you do not have a student card it’s ~ $29. The aquarium hosts a huge number of different animals ranging from colorful fish to penguins, and there’s always various activities going on at the aquarium. Currently there is a special offer: You save $2 on admission when you display a valid transit pass, such as a FareCard (monthly pass).


We will meet up at 1:30pm at the bus stop WB w Pender St NS Granville St.


For the Total Lunar Eclipse, sometimes also called Blood Moon, you don’t require any special equipment and that’s why we watched the Lunar Eclipse with the naked eye the day before yesterday. We met very early at Waterfront Station and walked all the way down to Stanley Park. I actually hadn’t expected that it’s such a long way but it took us more than half an hour to get there.IMG_1935
However the weather this past Sunday was just incredible and so we could enjoy the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Even though in my opinion the skyline and the harbour were much more spectacular or beautiful than the moon, we actually came together to watch this really rare phenomenon. Luckily we had a clear sky and from Stanley Park also a perfect view to the east horizon where the moon rose. It was pretty cold (at least for the girls) but that didn’t deter us from taking a lot of pictures. It was really a great chance because the combination of the Lunar Eclipse and the Supermoon doesn’t happen very often. IMG_1953The last one occurred in 1982 and the next one will be in 2033. A Supermoon is actually nothing more than a full moon except the fact that it’s only called Supermoon when the moon makes its closest approach to the earth. In addition to that the sun, the earth and the moon were “perfectly” lined up for the Blood Moon. But I think that was enough information for you concerning this highlight.

Hope you enjoined it!

See ya!

Review: PuB Night at Darby’s & Celebration of Light

Yesterday we went for our PuB Night to the Darby’s. We were really lucky and got a big table outside at their roof patio and so we could enjoy the sun for some more time while we had some cool beers. Also their food was pretty good, everything was really fresh and tasted delicious. We also ordered something like a beer tasting, where they gave us 8 small glasses filled with different beers from their menu, domestic and imported.  So we had a nice overview about what they’re offering and were able to find out which tasted best for us.

We stayed in there until about 9.30 at then made our way to the beach and found a really good spot to watch the fireworks of the Celebration of Light. We just got there on time to see the nice sunset and the we had an awesome view on the firework and the downtown skyline.

So for all of you who have seen the last firework too, I think USA had a better show than the French yesterday, but let’s see what France is showing us on saturday. Please remember that our office will be closed tomorrow and monday, so tuesday morning will be your last chance to sign up for that awesome Rockies trip!!! Hope may of you want to join us for that and also for our weekly activity on sunday where we’ll watch the pride parade together.


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INTERNeX Canada: New Fun Facts !

It’s not the first time, I walk across the streets of Vancouver and I find a situation like this:

Cameras, spotlights, decoration, a “don’t cross” line, lots of people working, another ones responsible for the security of the assembly area, and so….Yeah guys, I’m talking about shoots in Van !!

This picture was more than a month ago, for those interested it was the movie Godzilla, but I didn’t write because of this movie.

It’s amazing how many shootings we can find in Van City. They are everywhere…In Gastown they use to shoot a lot for example.

Yesterday, they were shooting in front of the police station next to the Science World, and it’s very usual to find a shot in Downtown.

A few days ago, it was revealed that the world famous 50 shadows of Grey will be filmed in Vancouver too.

And it’s normal, because Vancouver is a beautiful city which offers every kind of environments: from the perfect skyline of Downtown and its modern buildings…to the wilderness; amazing mountains and the relaxing Pacific Ocean. For that reason is not hard to believe that BC is one of the  largest North American film and TV production centres.

Here are some examples of TV Series filmed in Vancouver:

  • Supernatural
  • Once upon a time
  • Smallville
  • Psych

And here a few examples of movies:

  • Juno
  • X-Men: The last Stand
  • Scooby Doo 2
  • Fantastic 4

This movies and TV Series have some scenes filmed in the Great Area of Vancouver ! If you want to know more in detail, in this link you can see where.

For the curious ones, in the BC Film Commission you can find the information of the current film list. Take a look here.

Now guys, we can say at home that we’ve been in some places where movies and tv series were filmed :p, and please, if you have a nice picture of some shooting don´t be shy and share it with us !!



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Smart Saver Vancouver

This week I would like to mention some beautiful places in Vancouver that you can visit for free! You have amazing photography opportunities since the views are stunning, no matter if it is day or night! Just go out with your camera and enjoy the beauty of the city!

  • Lonsdale Quay

Lonsdale Quay is located in North-Vancouver just next  to the sea bus. From this point you can see the skyline of Vancouver and Stanley park! When you are there then you definitely should visit the market, with lots of nice shops,  fresh fruit, fish, and vegetables. Or just drink a coffee at one of the many coffee shops located on Lonsdale Quay.

  • Granville Island

Granville Island is located under the Granville bridge. On this Island you can see and do a lot. You can visit the Public Market, buy souvenirs, watch the street artists,  and of course enjoy the beautiful view! You can even take the water taxi to Vanier Park or to the sunset beach. This is a great way of transportation since you save a lot of time and the view from the water is gorgeous!

  • Vanier park

Vanier park is very close to Granville Island, end from here you can see Vancouver from another side. Vanier park is home of Maritime museum and the H.R Mac millen Space Centre. You can make a beautiful walk though Vanier park, you can walk to Kitsilano beach, from there you will have another great view!

I really enjoy going to all these beautiful places! But what are your favorite places in Vancouver? Share it with us by leaving a comment below! Or send your pictures to us 🙂 You can win amazing prizes!!

Cheers, Lydia

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