Cypress Skiing Day

Saturday was an amazing day! The weather was perfect to go skiing or snowboarding. Thank you all for joining us!

Cypress Mountain is one of the mountains near Vancouver. It has 53 runs and many of them are accessible at night too. In 2010 it hosted the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding events for the Winter Olympics.

We met on the right side of the ticket windows, some people came by car and some took IMG_6018.jpgthe shuttle bus up the mountain. After renting some skis and buying our tickets we took the first lift around 10:30 AM in the morning. The sun was shining the whole day, at one point we weren’t even wearing our scarfs because it was so warm. Some tried the jumps on the slopes, some succeeded in it and some fell. And after a few hours of skiing we had lunch with some live music, but quickly went back to our skies again to make most of our day. It became a lot busier on the runs and after a few hours we decided to have a little break again and do some night skiing when it was less busy. We had an amazing dinner and amazing coffees with baileys in the Crazy Raven Bar. In the evening we took a few more runs before going back home. The view in the evening was beautiful; you could see all the lights from Vancouver and even Vancouver Island. After 9 hours of skiing we decided to go back home. Some of us even went to the Bourbon after that for some more drinks and meet the other part of the INTERNeX Family.

Thank you all for an amazing day! I hope you had as much fun as I did and I will see you at the coming PuB NiGHT at Malones!

– Janel

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