How was the weekend?

What a packed weekend! We did lots of things from Thursday until Sunday!

Let’s start with Thursday. I went to a Hockey game with some friends of mine, which was so great! It was the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena against the Seattle Kraken. The whole vibe and the experience there was amazing! You definitely know that this sport is a national sport for the Canadians. Some shows in the break and an exciting game with some fist fights made that event super special. There were also some representatives from the indigenous peoples showing a cultural music performance, in special regards to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the day that  honours the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Unfortunately the Canucks lost in the overtime against the Kraken 3-4. But overall, it was such a great experience!

On Friday, I was thinking about spending time in nature. So therefore I met with a friend of mine to go to Lynn Canyon Park with its suspension bridge. The park with its nature was so amazing! The weather was nice, so I even needed to cool myself with the fresh spring water from Lynn Canyon. In the evening, nearly 30 people from INTERNeX got together to go to the Richmond Night Market, which was also a great event. So many colourful lights and lamps illuminating the night sky, and even a live-band was playing there! We got to try so much food like flower-onions, Takoyaki (fried squid balls), grilled meat on a stick and finally the best thing for me: Beaver Tails! It’s like a long fried dough with some cinnamon and sugar, but you can also try some other flavours. I was waiting so long to try those and I got the chance on Friday. It was so yummy, you need to try it! The night market is going to be open until this Sunday, so if you don’t want to miss this special experience, go there on the weekend!

Since you never get enough of Vancouver’s Nature, I went to the UBC Campus on Saturday to visit the Botanical Gardens with a friend. The quiet place of Nitobe Memorial Garden is a true masterpiece in the ever busy town of Vancouver. With the head full of the experiences of the Hockey game, the night market and the gardens, I met another friend group to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps this time at BC Place. This was also a special experience because I can compare the soccer situation here pretty well to the situation in my home country Germany due to the fact that I’m supporting a club there. The quality of the soccer is not comparable to the soccer in Europe, but then again you also can’t compare the hockey quality in Europe to the quality here. =) I guess both Europe and North America have their own national sports. In the end, the Whitecaps scored two goals and won 2:0. That’s what you call a successful evening!

On Sunday we went to Whistler Village. This village is about 2 hours north of Vancouver and we went there by bus. I did find it very easy to hop on the bus and then 2 hours later you are there, voila! Whistler is known for its nature where hiking and mountain biking are the highlights during the summer season and during winter you can go skiing and snowboarding. 

We started the day in Whistler with a short coffee break and then we headed to one of the bike rentals to get some mountain bikes for our activity – biking to Lost lake and Green Lake. We were so lucky with the weather, the sun was shining as we were biking along the trail in the forest. When we reached Green Lake, we totally understood how the lake got its name. The lake is fed by glacial streams and the water was freezing cold but so refreshing. Definitely worth a swim if you are up for it on a sunny day! The location of both lakes had such a stunning view, a big recommendation when you are going to Whistler in summer!

After a great time by the lakes, we went back to the village to return the bikes as we were exploring the village in search of lunch. We bought some classic poutine, salad, a lot of water and some soft drinks to keep us hydrated in the warm weather. In the centre of the village we found a park table with a parasol so we took the chance to have our lunch there enjoying Whistler Village. 

For the next activity we went up to the mountain with the Black Comb gondola. It took us about 25 minutes to go up with the gondola, and hey; what a view! We stopped at the first mountaintop taking in the beautiful view before we went to the next gondola, the Peak 2 Peak with a 360 degrees experience which provided a perspective of British Columbia’s rooftop with views of Whistler Village, volcano peaks, coastal rainforests and glaciers. The Peak 2 Peak gondola is 4,4km long which is the world’s longest unsupported span for a lift of this kind at 3.025km height. It’s the world’s highest lift at 436m above the valley floor. So cool!! When we reached the other top we saw the Olympic Games statue shining in the background so we were totally in for another group photo in front of that statue. On the mountain they had a lodge serving coffee, food and other beverages. They even had a game in the centre of that patio which was a lot of fun for us and other visitors. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go up to the face of the mountain where they had a suspension bridge because of preparations for the upcoming winter season, so let’s go to Whistler as soon as the winter season starts!

After a few hours our visit on the mountain reached an end and we decided to go back to the Village with the two gondolas to meet the rest of the group and do some shopping before going back home to Vancouver. I can tell that Whistler is such a beautiful village that offers a lot of sightseeing and activities, so if you are going to Whistler in the near future, I’m sure you will enjoy every second of it, like I did!

We hope you had a great weekend and we hope to see many of you on Pub Night this Wednesday 😀


Ida & Tino =)

Candidate Exposé – Lukas Hug

New week, new candidate – rather a new “old” candidate.

I am happy to present the story of Lukas, our previous INTERNeXer 🙂 glad he shared all his special memories with us.

Today it’s all about Lukas, a 25-year old student from Germany. During his time in Canada he did his bachelor degree in economics but now he’s already finishing his master’s degree in Finance and Accounting in Munich. Originally, he’s from the Black Forest. Additional fact 😉 – in his free time he likes to play soccer by the sea.

First things first, he enjoyed his time abroad very much. Since he wanted to work and live abroad for his entire life, the day Timothy visited his university and did a presentation about the programs INTERNeX has to offer, made Lukas’ decision. In this context a huge thank you to the INTERNeX team for making this opportunity possible for him. He did a practicum with a wealth management company which is a common company especially in Canada and the US. Primarily his tasks were to organize and taking part in networking events mostly to get new clients as well as recruiting and consulting tasks. He also did some office organization jobs which definitely sounds like an interesting and varied workday.

Furthermore, he enjoyed being in a multicultural department with 4 guys from France, England, Poland, and Russia helping people to invest and save money with e.g., retirement plans or providing support in insurance tasks. There’s not only one thing that was the best about his stay in Canada, it’s a collection of memories. He really enjoyed being surrounded by friendly open-minded people who are always polite and tolerant. Because of this it was always easy to get to know new people from all over the world. For him it was not only about improving his language skills, but also getting work experiences in an international atmosphere. Another interesting fact he pointed out is the difference in financial planning between Germany and Canada as well as the different processes being used. This practicum helped him a lot to see finance from another point of view.

From the first moment on, Vancouver was a big adventure for Lukas. It all started with waiting for 5 hours at the immigration office because they were so busy. After that, he was able start to enjoy his stay with a BBQ at Kitsilano Beach organized by his host family. It was a great chance to get to know each other.

He enjoyed many of the INTERNeX events such as almost every pubnight on Wednesday. Additionally, he participated in a soccer club which is a funny story…. On his way to a hiking trip to grouse mountain he just spotted some guys playing soccer. He watched them until one of them asked him to join. He didn’t wait to be asked twice. From this moment on he was part of the team and participated in the training and games every week. He also enjoyed all the hiking trails like Garibaldi Lake or Grouse Mountain where he enthusiastically enjoyed the amazing view. However, for him, the Rocky Mountains trip was next to his trip to Victoria to meet some friends, for sure the best experience.

In his words he gave 5 out of 5 stars to the INTERNeX Team, his experiences, and the whole stay in Canada!!
Thanks Lukas

Have a great week 🙂


– Tatjana

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How was your weekend?

Another Monday, another week ahead of us. But before we dive into the new week, let’s take a look at what happened on the weekend.

IMG_soccer group

On Friday we went to see the Whitecaps game against the Portland Timbers. We met at the Library Square Public House at around 5:30. That’s also the meeting spot of the Southsiders, the loyal fans of the Whitecaps. So we’ve already experienced some cheering there. At the Pub we had a few beers until 6:45, when we headed towards the stadium. We had pretty nice seats, as our view was great, and we sat next to the Southsiders, so we had good energy around us during the whole game. Before the game, both the American and the Canadian national anthems were played. When the game started the stadium wasn’t too full, but it filled up over time. The Whitecaps were able score a goal in the 9th minute. Even though the Timbers also had some good opportunities to score goals, they weren’t able to score one, leading to the Whitecaps win.

When leaving the stadium, there was a marching band outside performing. Part of our group went home afterwards, while some still went for some drinks. Thanks to everyone who joined and hopefully you enjoyed the game as much as I did.

IMG_soccer field

The rest of the weekend was a rather chill one for me. I hung out with some friends and enjoyed the weather by the water. I hope you guys had a great weekend as well.

See you at the Yale Saloon on Wednesday for PuB NiGHT!

Have a good day!


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How was your weekend?

Monday morning: I’m crawling to the office. No, it’s not because it’s a burden to be here, but rather because of the activities from the weekend that really overstrained my legs.

Well, let’s start with Friday: Thanks to several incidents, I could finish work early. So, happy-me leaving the office at 3pm thought it would be a great idea to do some workouts. Well, not the greatest idea if “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” aka the Grouse Grind is scheduled for Sunday. But everybody makes mistakes and at least I didn’t think of it during my easy Netflix and chill evening at home.

37245582_1863586617036026_1984390210623897600_nSaturday morning, I woke up with a smile on my face because a beach-day promised a great time. Clever-me put on some sunscreen and headed off to Sunset Beach to meet some of you guys. When I arrived, a few of the Vargas-Gang were already enjoying the sun, playing some beach games and just had some easy and fun conversations. It was a really nice and relaxing day, I definitely enjoyed it. Despite burning my back and neck. 😦 At home I tried to bake some small flatbreads. Yes, “tried”. They turned out to be buns rather than flatbread, but oh well. They’re still edible. 😉

Of course, after Saturday, there is Sunday. This day I woke up quite early to watch the FIFA World Cup final. We met at Malone’s to see France conquer Croatia. It was an exciting match. At 11am it was time to meet at Waterfront for our big hike. I was really happy to see so many of you showing up. So, the 13 of us fought our way up to the summit.

2,830 stairs to take. 853m to gain. 2.9km to leave behind. And we made it! At the Top
It was quite exhausting, but the feeling we had when we arrived at the top was just amazing – not to forget the view, of course! We spend some hours on top of Grouse Mountain, saw some bears, had a good lunch (some schnäcks😂), took amazing pictures and had some fun talks. While waiting for the gondola to take us down, we met Cleo, the resident barn owl from Grouse Mountain. Half an hour plus a Gondola ride later, we all collapsed in the Shuttle-Bus heading to Waterfront Station. It was an exhausting day, but it was totally worth it. Thanks for joining our day trip and I hope to see you all soon!

Don’t forget – we are going to see The Lion King in the OpenAir Cinema at Ceperley Meadow in Stanley Park tomorrow!

See you then!

– Elisabeth

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What to do on the weekend?

Friday, the 13th. This day is mostly associated with bad luck and unfortunate events. But HOW can a Friday be connoted so badly? I am just happy it is the weekend. Finally! 🎉🌞
But now that we arrived at the long-awaited best two days of the week the question “What to do on these sunny days?” is popping up.

So, what’s on this weekend?
Some of you might have already heard about it: The Vancouver Folk Music Festival. It 36299308392_e6dc6c5cdb_ntakes place the entire weekend and is a must-go. More than 40 artists from all over the world will perform in Jericho Beach Park on five different stages. Go ahead, get your friends together and enjoy some good music! 🎶

The music does not really catch you? Maybe a night a Playland is more your taste. Since a few weeks every Friday Playland opens its doors in the evening for 19+ only. You can enjoy all the rides and rollercoasters as at daytime but with just adults. Sounds like fun, eh? And don’t even worry about the price, it is even cheaper than a day pass. 🍻🎢

You don’t feel like spending too much money on activities? I can tell you that Saturday has something on offer for you: At the Roundhouse Community Centre the French National Holiday is celebrated from 10 in the morning until 10 in the night. July 14th, 9599513307_3e5da59ce2_nalso knows as Bastille Day, gives you the opportunity to experience the French culture a little better. Try French wine, cheese and pastries while listening to typical French music and tunes. 🧀🥐🥖
If you are not interested, the Fifth Annual Ultimate Car Show in Coquitlam might catch your attention a little more. From 10am to 3pm you can look at over 300 exhibits and watch awards given away in seven categories: Best Truck, Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Classic, Best Hot Rod, Best Muscle Car and BEST IN SHOW. 🚗

For Sunday morning I can advise you to go to a Pub to watch the Final of the World Cup. France and Croatia fought their way until the final and will compete on Sunday at 8am (PDT).
In case this is to early for you, you can sleep in and just spend a relaxing day at the beach. It’s supposed to get up to 27°C, so get your towels out, don’t forget sunscreen and enjoy this amazing weather! 🌞🏖️

I hope you have a great weekend. See you on Sunday for the Final or afterwards for the hike up Grouse Grind!

– Elisabeth

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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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